Report – Postive Jamaican tests confirmed

KINGSTON — The local media broke the news that a number of athletes from Jamaica have been tested positive and Dr. Herb Elliott confirmed the reports on Friday.

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The names however, were not released to the public, but it is believed that the pair are among those selected to represent Jamaica at the upcoming IAAF World Championships in Berlin next month.

Elliott, a member of the Jamaica Anti-Doping Commission (JADCO), confirmed the reports. He said the athletes have been informed, but they now await the ‘B’ samples before taking any actions.

“The athletes are been informed,” confirmed Dr. Elliott with

“After (they are all inform) they can have a hearing and request for the B sample to be tested."

On Thursday World-Track received confirmation that the names were not those of the country’s premier sprinters – and there is a mixture of both male and female athletes.

In more details, reports said there were five athletes – two were in the men’s 4×100 relay team, two in the men’s 4×400 relay and the woman was a 4×100 relay runner.

The last Jamaican who tested positive for a banned substance on the island was sprinter Julien Dunkley. He was axed from the Jamaican squad that was successful at the Olympic Games in Beijing last summer.


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  1. ain mac says

    Good Job Jamaica continue to expose drug cheats, no cover up like your nemisis up North, even if they are big names expose them

  2. Onelove says

    The names are not Usain nor Asafa.

  3. jamestoney says

    What idiots now they are only going to make it hard for Jamaica’s top sprinters . If you aint good just leave it to the big guns to represent instead of tarnishing the image of one of the only countries with clean premier athletes (shakeshead)

  4. Arthur says

    The local media said 3 persons tested positive, now this website says 5….which is correct 3 or 5 ?

  5. MICKEY says

    nemisis?????? lol

  6. Mike says

    This is old news. these people failed the test long time ago. We will never know who are the real cheaters or what was the real substants they tested positive for.

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