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  • All-Time Lists:
    • After her 5.06m in Zürich, Yelena Isinbayeva has 24 of the best 28 results (4.85m or more) in women’s Pole Vault
    • Vlašić 2.08m in Zagreb is 2nd best All-Time in women’s High Jump
    • So far 11 women have jumped 2.05m or more;52 times (41 outdoor + 11 indoor):

      Stefka Kostadinova (BUL) 22 times (18+4)

      Blanka Vlašić (CRO) 14 times (11+3)

      Kajsa Bergqvist (SWE) 4 times (3+1)

      Hestrie Cloete (RSA) 2 times (2+0)

      Ariane Friedrich (GER) 2 times (1+1)

      Heike Henkel (GER) 2 times (1+1)

      Tia Hellebaut (BEL) 2 times (1+1)

      Lyudmila Andonova (BUL) 1 time (1+0)

      Yelena Slesarenko (RUS) 1 time (1+0)

      Tamara Bykova (URS) 1 time (1+0)

      Inga Babakova (UKR) 1 time (1+0)

  • World Rankings:
    • The latest All-Athletics Rankings were published on 2 September.
    • Overall leaders: Usain Bolt (men) and Sanya Richards (women)
    • Deep World and Area Rankings are available in all events
  • Countries Rankings:
    Overall Men: Overall Women:
    1. USA 1. USA
    2. Kenya 2. Russia
    3. Russia 3. Germany
    4. Great Britain 4. Great Britain
    5. France 5. Jamaica
    Countries Rankings are available in all events
  • Competition Rankings:
    • 2009 Top 5 in the Invitational/One-day competitions category, before Brussels:
    • 1. Zürich Weltklasse

      2. Roma Golden Gala

      3. Monaco Herculis

      4. Eugene Prefontaine Classic

      5. Lausanne Athletissima

      The Competition Rankings are published in 12 categories

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  1. USA still on top!!!!!

  2. a couple of off years and we’re still number 1.

  3. b is for balco b-a-l-c-o

  4. look man, you can,t follow this compute ranking, because to me it makes no sense…or in other words…i can,t make sense of it….for example…the NCAA basketball tournament…here you have two team…one 10 – 0 and the other is 8 – 2..and you find the the 8-2 team rank higher than the 10-0….maybe the study is a-bit too high for me…i just can,t figure it out….maybe Waynef or Walter can help us on this computer ranking…NOT MICKEY OR MICKEY NOT…whichever one is your first or last name…please don,t meddle in this question…because all your gonna say is NOT..and that will NOT be a relevant answer…this is for the bigwigs.

  5. Well Tony, I saw this and immediately disregarded it and did not bother to respond to it. I suggest we all do the same. In what world does Jamaica not place in the top 5 countries for overall men? On what planet would France place in the top 5 and not Jamaica? Obviously something is wrong with the list. Or maybe more importantly, in what decade does this apply to? I expect to see Kenya in both categories, after all, they rule long distance. But seriously, when was the last time Great Britain solely dominated any athletic event. Certainly, no time recently. If GB made the list then Canada should as well. It’s BS pure and simple.

  6. true considering neither francis nor mills were considered on their votes for coach of the year

  7. Coach of the Year? I wouldn’t consider Stephen Francis for Dog Catcher. He is a jerk.

  8. Dreeny, why do you feel he’s a jerk?

  9. Stephen Francis may not conform to everyone’s ideal of how one should act but that does not make him a jerk. You sound rather silly making such a sweeping statement…

  10. “In what world does Jamaica not place in the top 5 countries for overall men? On what planet would France place in the top 5 and not Jamaica? ”
    i think it’s a ranking based on top 50 athletes
    only 3 for 100 meters for example.
    there is not only sprint in athletics
    anyway, in this ranking, there is a lot of cheaters (french steeplechaser, jamaican sprinter)

  11. a few cars have just blown their motors. I guess they Need to change to new fule.

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