Shelly-Ann Fraser's rise from poverty to one of the world's best sprinters is remarkable

KINGSTON — The biggest-ever Olympic 100 metres champion was on the dancefloor, with Jamaica’s high society fluttering around him like moths to neon while the tiniest-ever 100m champion Shelly-Ann Fraser was happy to sit in a dark corner to chat to an old schoolfriend. Wasn’t Shelly-Ann Fraser, all 5ft 1in of her, remotely peeved at […]

Usain Bolt To Be Ambassador For ‘The Long Run’ Charity

MUNICH — Usain Bolt has teamed up with former UK sprinter, Colin Jackson to be a Charity Ambassador for ‘The Long Run’  charity, an initiative of the Zeitz Foundation. The foundation is the brain child of the PUMA’s Chairman, Jochen Zeitz. The foundation seeks to support the hostgator review development for safeguarding the earth’s ecosphere. […]

Simeon Williamson joins Usain Bolt's champ

By Gary Smith, World-Track KINGSTON — Despite enjoying some success last season, Great Britain’s Simeon Williamson and Barbadian Andrew Hinds have decided to join a new training camp to prepare for the 2010 track and field season. Both sprinters were members of the MVP Track Club for which world renowned sprint coach Stephen Francis is […]