Christine Ohuruogu Joins Usain Bolt's Training Camp

Great Britain’s 400m star Christine Ohuruogu PHOTO/ PACE Sports Management

Britain’s Olympic, World & Commonwealth 400m champion Christine Ohuruogu left the cold London winter weather today to sample the sunnier climate of Kingston, Jamaica where she will spent the next three weeks training with Racers Track Club.

The 25 year old will forego the indoor season to concentrate on the outdoor competition and in particular the European Athletics Championships in Barcelona in July where a gold medal would make her only the fifth British athlete to win the ‘Athletics Grand Slam’ of Olympic, World, Commonwealth and European titles.

“I have never been to Jamaica before and am very excited about the trip.  Jamaican athletics is very strong at the moment and I want to go and experience their passion and excitement first hand.

“Coach Glen Mills kindly offered me the opportunity to train with the Racers TC group which includes many top 400m runners like Olympic finalist Rosemarie Whyte, Jamaican Champion Ricardo Chambers and Commonwealth medallist Jermaine Gonzales.”

Despite being many miles away Ohuruogu will feel at home as long time training partner British 100m Champion Simeon Williamson has been training in Jamaica over the winter and coach Lloyd Cowan will join the pair next week.

“Simeon has been training in Jamaica since October and Lloyd will come out for 10 days.  I am already close to many of the top Jamaican athletes as we share the same management company PACE Sports Management.  It will be great to see Usain again and do some training together.”

Ohuruogu plans to open her season with some low key meets in the US in April and then the IAAF Diamond League where she will face the top 400m runners on a regular basis.

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  1. Excellent move. A great coach. a step up from Linford christie’s Nuff Respect Track Club, even if it’s just for three weeks. British athletes often spend small portions of their training season in Jamaican Training Camps.

  2. former world champion

  3. She has had her brushes with WADA in the past. It might be a good move for her. She didn’t seem to be in good condition the last couple of years.

  4. former world champion and reigning Olympic champion Matt C. I haer You too Bunny. I hope she is on a clean right now. for the sake of track and field.

  5. How much teeth this girl have ina fi her mouth. I count 20 on one side. So you looking at 40?

  6. a want she byte u missa Bunny!!!! LOL

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  8. by the way oonu see the news that c-bar not in gibson relays but a what the backside a gwaan without calabar the main rival of kc what sense does it make to even view the games it will be sooo boring not to say i dont consider jc (who came third at champs ) my sons school competition but i mean wtf is going on (see track alerts) oonu dont bother get boring unu march out stacy roots bunny cvivinne waynef angela march out man!!!

  9. well Minnie, you know how the saying goes…the rule is the rule is the rule is the rule…and there should’nt be anyway around it…what i think the Calabar Executive body did… was very honorable…seeing the fact that no one had picked up on the error….but was pointed out by them themselves…i know that Gibson Relays this year…will be like watching Tom & Jerry…..minus one of them… know…that exciting rivalry over the years that drewed everyone out…will be missing….and although it might dampened the spirits of the real hard core track & field enthusiast….the support will still be great…for me personally….my interest will be mostly on the times that they will be doing…rather than the medals that they are going to win.

  10. yes my dear i got the full hundred that was really transparent and honourable of him my step son is not too happy as he was looking forward to participating at gibson and the constant rivalry with his younger brother who attends jamaica college but you know rules are rules i hope they move forward but to b honest it wont b the same

  11. my friend Minnie, your sounding a little bit down….but all that will soon be over…when you read about the blistering times these kids are doing to put down at Gibson….then you gonna smile and say…dam….the future of our T&F is getting brighter every day.

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