Justin Gatlin Learns How To Sprint Again

Justin Gatlin is learning how to sprint again, a fact that has little to do with the American’s four-year absence from athletics under a doping ban.

With a new coach and a new philosophy on running, the former Olympic and world champion is working hard to get back to top speed.

“Everything I learned I had to throw it out the window and learn a whole new technique,” Gatlin told Reuters in a telephone interview from Naples, Florida.

Maximum velocity is now his aim.

“Maximum velocity is your top end running speed, the maximum speed you can generate down the track,” said Gatlin’s new coach, Loren Seagrave…..Read More


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  1. BunnyG says


    The healine should read “Justin Gatlin Learning How to Sprint”. Because if he knew how to sprint, he wouldn’t be taking roids. From reports, he has been doing since college.

  2. JamFlBoi says

    BuunyG I second dat motion sir. Totally agree with you on dat one.

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