Maurice Greene Calls For Life Ban For Drug Offenders

Maurice Greene runs in the men's 100 metres qualifiers during the US 2004 Olympic Track and Field Trials PHOTO/ Mark Mais/Sportingking

Former World and Olympic champion Maurice Greene wants even first time drug offenders banned for life from athletics

Greene, a former World record holder over the 100 metres who is in Jamaica as a special guess for Saturday’s Douglas Forrest Invitational at the National Stadium in Kingston, said it hurts him when drug cheats enter the sport.

“I always have a stance where drugs does not belongs in our sport and if you get busted once I think it should be a life time ban,” Greene said on

The American added: “That is my opinion, that’s how I feel and that’s how I always feel … so every time drugs is brought into our sport it is very detrimental, it hurts our sport a lot … tremendously.

“The sport is something that I love and like if anything messing with something that I love and if I love something, you hurt, I think you should be gone from it.”

By Gary Smith, World-Track

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  1. tony roots // January 15, 2010 at 11:30 am //

    i endorse that statement mr green, i,m with you 100% on that.

  2. I strongly agree with the lifetime ban, but comming from Mo. Green…………Gimme a f%ckin break! I Strongly dissagree with the pot that calls the kettle black.

  3. tony roots // January 16, 2010 at 10:15 am //

    lol… waynef u no play ease-up a-tall.

  4. Hey Tony This dude should just lay low. He got away with one yet every minute this dude is back in the sports news advocating against Drugs. today he’s in Jamaica as guest at a local Track meet. Jamaica should know about this guy by now. how on Earth does a guy get away with purchasing many thousnds of dollars worth of steroids and when he’s asked about it he says it was for someone else. so what it’s okay to buy drugs with your own money and give it to ohter athletes? and why would someone do that and then turn around and say drug cheats should be banned for life. why would a notorious dope dealer have several of your blood profile and results from blood tests that you’ve done if you’re not in business with him? why would you have several meetings with a dope dealer, wher-in he teaches you how to use the drugs and then say you’ve never taken the stuff. this guy should be locked up like Marion jones. and tim Montgomery. he’s committed every crime they’ve commited. He says drug cheats should be banned for life, yet I saw him at Berli world champs in 2009 hanging with dwian chaimbers, laughing his head off and chattin up a storm. He can’t talk to Chaimbers cause Chaimbers Knows all his dirty little secrets. dwain said in his book that he could look at an athlete and associate them with all the drugs thay were taking. thats how well they all knew each other.

  5. And by this dude I mean Maurice Greene. the greatest Drug cheat every. they should give him a medal for that.

  6. say what? what the>>>>

  7. by the way, is it just me i was just thinking of how coincidental that gatlin comes out of the woodworks & greene is here making his one cents comment hmmm

  8. Some people need to keep their mouth shut and stop judging others. as I was following the Trevor Graham trial a while back, Angle Hernadize a supplyer of different types of eligal stuff had a check made out for 10,000.00 for HGH and epo, guess who’s name they say was on the check. Just because you don’t get caught cheating, dosen’t mean you are clean! If you really want to know who’s on the stuff. Just watch and see how many kids theses male and female runners can produce after their days of running is over!

  9. Hey Michael we’re on the internet! Nobody needs to keep their mouths shut. The voices that you hear are all in your head.
    please do not fabricate junk. the documents showing money wired to Angel Guillermo Heredia for the amount of 10, thousand dollars had Maurice Greene’s name on it. If you were somehow trying to implicate the great Raymond stewart. he was the most respectful of them all. Stewart barely even remembered who Angel Guillermo was by the time that the Trevor Graham Trial came around.
    Guillermo approached Stewart during Stewarts coaching days, long after his (Stewart’s) athletics career was over. In an attempt to gain stewart as a client, he (Guillermo) reccomended drugs for stewart to purchase for his athletes. Stewart turned him down. End of Story. There is no claim by Heredia that Stewart ever purchased PEDs from him (Heredia), and there is no evedence to suggest or support anything of that sort. and you are right. just watch and see. Jeter’s cheatin’ days are numbered.

  10. Waynef, I was just about to take on Mr Dillard with his guacamole but you’ve said it all. Some people just don’t read with any understanding, they are not well read so they spew garbage. One love!

  11. As I said before, just because you don’t get caught, dosen’t mean you are clean.
    I’m not pointing the finger at anyone, Just watch and see how many kids all these sprinters produce. Look at when their times begin to drop. Go back and look at the sprinter of the past.

  12. like what’s her name, oh yes carmelita cheater

  13. Carmelita Jeter is not a drug cheat!!!!

    • Irunfast400 // January 20, 2011 at 6:05 am //

      Yeah ok! She is clean and just running great times with no PED’s… Santa Clause is real too!

  14. Yeah, and Chinese folks don’t eat rice.

  15. Mickey- I guarantee you she will be caught very soon.

  16. Mickey lets not forget that john Smith (Carmelita’s Coach as of 2009) himself has admitted to having Ties with Victor Conte, that Smith’s most successful pupil to date has been undoubtedly linked to dealings with Another Notoroius Steroid dealer. Angel Guillermo. Documents Many Documents support this. Maurice Green Purchased and used Steroids Documents also support this fact.
    All Of a sudden, Carmelita cheater decides to have a change in coach. and she is The world number 1 sprinter, after less than a year? After being ranked outside of the top 10 just 1 year earlier. I attempted to find you a link that compares her 2008 physique to that of her 2009 physique, but I just don’t have the time. this link shows her 2007/ 2009 comparison. Notice the dramatic changes. Loss of Facial fat etc.? that is a dead giveaway with steroids users, especially women. She is up to something and people know it. It’s a matter of time before she gets caught.

  17. All I see and hear on this web page is people filled with envy and hate for other countries athletes or someone bashing another person on this web page to disprove information given. Are we getting paid for anything so whats the big deal? Bragging rights mean nothing! Stars shine and fall everyday, records come and go! There will always be a new fastest man or woman as long as this earth is here. There is always a new drug being worked on 24-7 to give an athlete the edge so why trip? Let’s not talk about who said what or who’s beating who or who’s on what. This is about Mr Green, its not about carmelita Jeter or anyone else.

  18. Hey Michael.
    This is probably the best link that I can find with comparison Photos of Cheater Jeter. 2007 vs 2009. keep in mind there were no noticable changes from 2007 to 2008. the change occured during the 2009 season. after 10 years of bustingf her butt, see the sudden change for yourself Michael Dillard.

  19. I’ve seen a sudden change in a lot of athletes performances in the last 2-3 years, so why you triping with this thing about who’s cheating and who you think is using drugs? All male and female body types don’t remain the same over the years. Stop triping and let it go!

  20. name one……..not many, just one.
    I hardly Call it trippin.I’m quite okay with it. I just don’t want anyone to try to convince of anything contrary to what is the obvious. the greatest thing about this is that she still will not be able to beat any of the Top 4 jamaicans on a consistent basis. maybe on a one off race. not on a consistent basis.

  21. and by the way Michael, You’ve just touched on my point. athletes bodies change over the years, not over the months.

  22. What is the obvious to you? this is your opinion for you and maybe others, its about usa vs america. until Carmelita fails a test its all good! your opinion or my opinion means nothing until proven guilty.

  23. I’m okay with that.

  24. Oh one other thing……… May I express my opinion?

  25. Wouldn’t it be nice to have something positive to say about the track and field athletes instead of saying who’s using what or who’s going to beat who? I could give my opinion about who I believe is using drugs, what good is it going to do because of no facts! or no failed test results. You and I know beside many others that there have been some things that have been done wrong. Lets enjoy the sport of track and field reguardless of who wins. I don’t walk around with an american flag or go running through my neighborhood telling everyone how many medals the american team won. I don’t sit with a crowd of people yelling go america!, I just like to enjoy the sport reguardless of who wins. As I said before some people have no right to yell wolf if they have been a wolf. Everyone should be given another chance.

  26. I love Track and field. so I’m deeply offended by those that seek to destroy the sport. They don’t love the sport like I do. they seek selfish gains. they are paranoid in their thinking that “If I cannot win then my competitors must be cheating”. says Tim Montgomery. I have nice things to say about many track and field athletes, I just refuse to be fooled by the antics of those that do not play fair. If you called out a Jamaican runner that was associating his or herself with a coach that was aleged in steroid scandal in the past. or coached athletes that were implicated in a steroid scandal in the past, I would not defend that athlete. because if you as an athlete want credibility, you should distance yourslef from those without credibility.

  27. To Michael…I see your point. If someone doesn’t fail a drug test, it is wrong for anyone to automatically conclude that they are on drugs. There were so many Americans who had never heard of Usain Bolt prior to 2008 and were (and still are) convinced he is on drugs.

    But making blatant assumptions and having suspicions are 2 different things. I think true fans of track and field are suspicious about Carmelita Jeter, not just because of her fast times but how they happened, because they know that in championship years, sprinters train to peak at the championships. Jeter, who is an older athlete somehow managed to have a tremendous peak months after the championship. She had a huge PR jump in a very short period of time at the end of the season and (in sprinting years) she is not a young person. In addition, she had never even run below 10.8 before, and yet she was posting 10.6 times when younger athletes who had PRs better than hers were tired after a long season.

    As much as you hate it, it is suspicious.

    However, suspicious or not, her times are having a positive effect on other sprinters and pushing them to do better. So kudos for that. I expect to see some really fast times at the next championships and in London. Shelly-Ann and Kerron have stepped up to the challenge, and I am sure Sherry-Ann will as well.

  28. To Waynef…I totally agree.

    To Michael…just because you don’t yell go America, doesn’t mean others don’t do it.

    Don’t NFL, MLB, NHL, and NBA fans do the same for their teams? Don’t they know how many championship trophies their teams have won and if they have the best players? Do you think Bulls fans never showed off when they had Michael Jordan?

    Your own USATF is trying to use this national pride to push a Jamaica vs USA track match up so that in the event that they win, they can yell that they beat the Jamaicans. They are counting on and cultivating this rivalry. It is delusional to believe that the majority of sports fans don’t do this.

    I lived in Tampa when the Buccaneers won the Lombardi Trophy (which I’d never even heard of) and they shut down streets, blocked off roads, and had a multi-mile parade and all night celebration for them. The Lombardi trophy is nowhere near as important as an Olympic gold medal, so stop downgrading the revelry Jamaica had for their track stars who won multiple medals, and don’t criticize their celebrations. Americans do exactly the same things.

    • Stacy I loved everything you said in both post. The only difference is Americans could care less about Track & Field that’s why they didn’t know who Bolt was. In Europe, and other countries T&F athletes are like rock stars and we know some will do anything to keep that rock star popularity. I love the sport and I hate what the drugs have done to the sport, but on a lighter note…Can’t we all just get along?

      • I would have to say that another reason Americans didn’t know Bolt is that in 2006-07 he was still coming 3rd to Tyson Gay and Wallace Spearmon in the 200(PR 19.75) and had a PR of only 10.03 in the 100. Then in 08 he dropped to a 200PR of 19.30 and 100PR of 9.69. I dont believe all athletes dope. I dont beleive Bolt does but to earlier comments (Stacy,minne,Irunfast40,Angela,waynef) you cant say Carmeilta’s progress was suspicious but Bolt’s is not. Even if he’s young, those are still some big drops.

  29. waynef, we can easily go on you tube & compare how she looked from 2007 to now my 12 year old is very girl crazy when he say cheater he could not help himself he exclaimed mom is that carmelita jeter oh my god she looks like a man why arent they checking her mom she used 2b so pretty. now if a 12 year old can see such a remarkable change who are we kidding

  30. Should I supect Kerron Stewart to be a cheater because she looks like a dude? Should we have her tested to see if she is really a woman? And that other Jamaican chick who got busted last summer before the world championships, she was so masculine she makes Bolt look like a lady! LOL we can on and on and on…. it’s so ridiculous!

  31. Im not here to answer for all of america! I don’t know what they do. who ever it is you have a beef with, you need to go to them yourself. Im sure glad that every time we stumble or fall because of temptation god dosen’t bring up what we did. Some of the people on this web page think they are so self righteous!

  32. You can suspect anyone of anything that you want. so long as you hav reason(s) and can validate your reason(s). I happen to think Kerron Stewart is Beautiful the way she is. I asked you to show me an athlete who’s body has drastically changed over a few months. The athlete(s) that You’ve alleged to have gotten busted for traces of a mild stimulant, a stimulant that was never banned? the athletes have all bee cleared the female that you make reference to is a little 100 lb girl named sheri ann brooks. how can an athlete be as skinny as she and not be muscular? the same can be said about Kerron Stewart. they are not overnight sensations.

  33. Mickey, they are not suspicious just because of her current looks, they are suspicious because of the change in appearance. The difference is noticeable. However, while I don’t think she looks any more bulky than some of the other athletes, they haven’t gone thru a drastic physical change. But all this matters not, until and unless she tests positive these arguments are moot and pointless.

    Also, get your facts straight. Sherry Ann Brooks never got “busted” because the stimulant she took was in an otc cold medicine and was NOT a banned substance. If it’s not a banned substance, nor is it a PED, she can’t be “busted”. The JAAA gave the others a 3 month suspension, because unlike USATF, they come down hard on even the faintest whiff of impropriety. The US might want to take a leaf out of that book, since their great Carl Lewis tested positive for a BANNED substance prior to the Olympics and it was covered up.

    Don’t use your prejudices to distort the facts.

    Also, to each his own. I think Kerron is very pretty as is Sherry Ann.

  34. So wait Michael, you are “not here to answer for all of America” but you appear to be here to put down and a finger point at all Jamaicans. How hilarious and hypocritical. It seems that you are the one with the problems. Not them and not us. Nobody has time to have “beefs”, but certainly in a country that advocates freedom of speech, these people have a right to express their opinions.


  36. Mickey. you’re expressions are consistent with that of a person who’s hurtung inside. If your feelings are hurt, and I in any way contributed to your pain. I would like to Appolagize. your pain has you confused. how can they be “dudes” and “women” at the same time. I think you are the one that’s sounding Ugly right now. did Usain, shelly ann, Kerron Foster-Hylton or Melaine Walker do that to you? I think they did.
    Should they appolagize for making you jelous. Get over it. your Envy is making you Ugly. fight your jelousy B4 it consumes you.

  37. tony roots // January 20, 2010 at 8:09 am //


  38. mickey i was right about you you are a an undercover batty boy on the down low how can you say kerron is ugly? or even ugly dont even go there about ugly my sister who lives in miami says she never knew ugly till she went abroad so dont go there. i think you are a petty sissy

  39. and by the way, since we are talking about being so called busted what about other athletes apart from carl (aka) drag queen lewis what about gail devers who stated she was using medication 4 athsma ever1 including was willing 2 give her the benefit of the doubt personally speaking devers was one of my favourites & was hoping she would be cleared so why the contempt & accusation against brooks? get your facts straight

  40. We don’t need to be bashing anyone on this web page. There were other athletes beside americans that failed drug test also. Lets stop fighting and enjoy the sport. In a way, I wish they did allow drugs to be used, then we would really see some faster times. Lets have some fun.

  41. Minne you know what you’re talking about. devers is cheat. even her own teamate, American Gwen Torrence faught with her over an entire season, accusing her publicly of taking roids. but I won’t stress gail. even though she stold medals from merlene ottey.

  42. the thing is with gail as you said you wont stress her i feel the same one of the reasons why i had liked her was that she was fabulous and she tended 2 defend ottey and cuthbert from torrence the queen bitch that girl was talented beautiful but ever so bitchy even some persons on her own team disliked her. she never thought that one day she would get her ass spanked. with regards 2 gail im also of the view that she stole medals from ottey.
    oh waynef correct me if im wrong what about that girl jackie joyner kersee, flo jo’s sister in law (decathlte ) she was also afflicted with athma as well & it couldnt be proven that she was on steriods. we are not bashing any1 but when one’s integrity is being put on the line and accusations start to fly then the memory has to be jagged a little & to also show that we are more openminded with regards to some persons who have had banned substance in their urine & that we are big enough to be open minded & give those persons the benefit of the doubt

  43. tony roots // January 20, 2010 at 5:48 pm //

    yow minnie check this out…..personally i think these women world records are very questionable…100m 10.49 flo jo1988,…. 200m 21.34 flo jo 1988,…. 400m 47.60 marita koch 1985,…. 800m 1.53.28 jermila kratochvilova 1983,…..100mh 12.21 yordanka donkova 1988…..long jump 7.52m or 24f 7ins galina chistyakova 1988….triple jump 15.50m or 50f 9ins inessa kravets 1995……… shot putt 22.63m or 74f 3ins natalia lisovskaya 1987….discus 76.80m or 251f 10ins gabriele reinsch 1988……heptathlon 7,291 points jackie joyner kersee 1988…. 4x100m 41.37 GDR 1985….4x400m 3.15.17 solviet union 1988…. 4x800m 7.50.17 solviet union 1984. certainly you cannot and i repeat..CANNOT be drinking no regular florida orange JUUUUUUUICE. and performed like this, maybe now or in the near future…but certainly not in those era.

  44. Minnie, when you see these athletes that associate themselves with coaches that are also coaches of other athletes that are convicted or heavily implicated in doping allegations, it’s hard to defend them. There is such a spider’s web-like association between most of these athletes and coaches that it’s hard to believe that their athletes might be doping without the coaches knowledge, or that coaches allow some of their “elite” athletes to to dope and withhold the dope from others. ie. Maurice Green and Atto Boldon,…. Flo-Jo, Jackie Joyner-Kersee and Gail Devers. In those days before the previously undectable HGH, the big things were diuretics and masking agents such as stimulants. We now know that over 100 US olympians failed Doping tests from 1988 to 2000. the USATF has yet to disclose all the names of all the athletes but I think there is a chance that Flo-Jo and Jacky Joyner Kersee is on that list. USATF needs to release the list and stop leaking small amounts of info at a time. like MLB baseball is doing. every so often you hear of one more name that was on that list of Baseball players that failed Doping tests a few years back.
    Now that stimulants have been bannedsince the 80’s we have HGT (the clear), HGH and many other drugs that we, nor WADA have ever even heard of. Dwian chaimbers said in his book “Race Against Me”, he could look at most of the athletes around him and identify them by what they were on. he states in an interview that when the drug testers showed up, athletes would scale fences, hide inside of Garbage Bin’s, anything to escape the out of season tests if they were not ready for it. Doping is just a huge part of some cultures right now. when you talk about it some people want to say you’re hateful. too bad for them. this thing is widespread from NFL foot-ball to MLB Baseball, Hockey, and now NBA basket-ball. Even in boxing there was an issue recently. Manny Pacquiao refusing to fight Floyd Maywether Jr. because Floyd demands a blood test for roids, within 14 days before the fight. The righting is on the wall. why would you not sign a 50 million dollar contract to fight a guy just because he wants testing involved. Manny is obvoiusly doping. there is no explanation for that, other than Manny is hiding something. Floyd has exposed him without even fighting him.

  45. Hey Tony Roots. I don’t even pay much attention to many of those records. the IAAF is too reluctant to take action against many of the athletes that comit these offences. thats what some of these numbers are offences, not records. take Flo-jo’s record for example. all of the sprint races ran on that day were deemed wind-aided as the anemometer readings were at times more than 3 times the legal limit. on Flo Jo’s so-called 100m race the official anemometer was broken, and did not record a reading. that is why there is no wind reading beside that record if you notice on the IAAF website. after the race, their was a 25 minute delay to try and ascertain the wind speed. their was one other wind metre in the stadium that recorded the race as having a tailwind of over 5 m/s. but this was deemed to be invalid because it was not the official wind metre. a near-by Airport also reported wind gusts of over 6 m/s at the time of the race. the Iaaf dropped the ball on this one again. they ratified the record even in spite of all the evidence that suggested that it was not legal. at the time of the race both Flo-Jo and her coach were adement that the record was legal because the wind had let up. years later Bob Kersee admitted that he believed that there was a strong tailwind. the East german 4X100m and the Russian $x4x400m records were done at a time when the were doping heavily. many of the east german athletes are now dead. some severely sick and unable to bare children because of years of doping. if you notice, these countries are almost non exhistant among the elite sprinting Nations of today. Here is a link to a site that i like. this site lists the top 100m female times of all time. it also has a column (Adj) for the adjuted times if the race was run in zero wind conditions at sea level. notice that on this page Flo-Jo’s world record has an astrix beside it, as it should. once you eliminate that record, the next record in line is Jeter’s 10.67, not the 10.64 this would make Jeter the world record holder. what i’ve alo noticed is that of all the listed times, their is no athlete listed with abetter time than Shelly ann, Kerron, sherone Simpson,or juliet Cuthbert that has not been banned for doping or has been the subject of many doping Allegations. another thing that I appreciate is that there are more athletes of Jamaican heritage on that list than of any other country. Here is the Link:'s%20100m%20Times%20Adjusted.pdf

  46. roots what records? look have you ever gone on to u tube & watched those 2 so called record holders run? jarmelia runs the 800m as if she is running at most a quarter mile & koch runs the 400 as if she is running a 200meter sprint. if we were 2 really point fingers we could say that bob kersee is the common factor in both flo jo & jackie joyner’s life so what about that? as 4u waynef did you read the interview with tim montgomery & mr. fish where he stated that hid out in hotels, kept a low profile in the day & trained at nights? i thought that was so scary to live one’s life like that in total fear. the article also states that he would at some point meet angel, get tested, take the drug the have angel test him again 2 see whether the drug could be detected based on the spike in his testosterone level. this is scary stuff i think marion was really lucky 2 have been able to have kids after this because she was also taking steriods via her stomach

  47. by the way is payback a bitch or what ottey still looks fresher than the whole of them if them still alive

  48. I will have to watch that Montgomery interview at some time Minnie. as for the Marion Jones having Kids. Marion was mainly on TGH and HGH, (Low dosage but still very potent Types of Steroids.) HGH is actually sinthetic human growth hormones. unlike the high dosage stuff that the Russians and East Germans were feeding off of back in the 70’s and 80’s. that suff destroyed womens Gonadal (sex) organs. Angel Guillermo said the same thing about Maurice Green. He would Dissappear to Mexico to get tested sometimes. then retuirned to compete once he was cleared. One of the big issues back then was the issue of Athletes signing up for Meets and pulling out at the last minute without Notice. all because they are not cleared to run by there dope dealers. that’s not a common theme amongst Jamaican athletes. thats why I respect Asafa. he shows up to run even when he’s injured. as he did so many times during 2009 season. even when he was having his worst season on the circuit in over six years, due to Injury.

  49. thanks 4 the link waynef i will defn eyeball it & tell u what i think

  50. by the way gatlin suspect unu its hard 2 believe that his training partner gatlin got caught but he escape he @ one point was training with horses i wonder what hes training with now probably turtles

  51. forgive the error crawford (my hands r moving 2 fast)

  52. I’ll go out on a limb here and say that I think Crawford was/is clean.

    He gave his Olympic silver medal to Churandy Martina after Martina got disqualified for stepping out of his lane. To me that says he has character and is a man of honor and morality. Walter Dix kept his bronze medal after he came in 5th. Him I have no respect for.

    Crawford said his medal rightfully belonged to Churandy, so I personally don’t think he would steal another athlete’s place by cheating. Just my opinion.

  53. Stacy I felt the same way that you do now, when I heard that Crawford gave the medal to martina. I was very impressed and He Gained my respect immediately. I certainly do not think that Crawford of today is competing dirty. That said, I also do not think that the Sean Crawford of today is the same Sean Crawford of 2004. the 2004 Sean Crawford could run under 10 seconds with ease. This one cannot, and has not since the entire crew got busted back in 2005/06. That says a lot. Lisa Barber also has not run anywhere near what she used to back then. Marion Jones and Tim Montgomery were the fastest men and women on the planet at the time of the big bust. They were allowed to compete for a spot on the 2004 American Olympic team, but both were unable to run anywhere near the time that it took to make that team, even as an alternate. Thats in itself is a heavy statement about the kind of advantage that they were enjoying as a result of their proven drug use. Tito Ortiz in MLB baseball suffered the same fate when he tried to compete cleanly. It doesn’t take a genius to see what the common denominater amongst this athletes are. I have no doubt that many of these athletes have hearts of gold. I just think that they happen to compete in a dirty Climate, and that is what i’ve always stated, even if it sounds like I bash Americans sometimes. I actually like Americans and people in general. I just try to live as close to honesty as I can. Once USATF and WADA and Victor Conte fix what they have broken, or Allowed to become broken (The American athletics competitive field) then the can begin to regain their Credibility. The need to start by not worrying about little jamaica and whats in our diet, or what we’re smokin to make us run so fast and focus on why they need to do to get back on track. one love!

  54. Waynef, I wondered about Crawford’s times as well.He really appears to be struggling in the last 2 years or so. But then, I also factored in his age. At his age, this kind of decline is not unexpected.

    That said, he could also be a more honorable person now than he was back then. Maybe he just never got caught. I don’t know. They say if you lay down with dogs you will get fleas, so if your friends and training partners use PEDs then the stigma will attach itself to you even if you’re clean.

    Also, don’t allow Michael Dillard to attempt to twist the argument. Telling the truth about the athletes caught is not America bashing. USATF, WADA, and the IAAF are not going to fix the credibility of the sport by allowing drug cheats back into competition. Until Gatlin is banned for life, Carl Lewis has his medals stripped, and Flo Jo’s WR is cancelled, there will always be a credibility issue.

  55. & that is why iv said he is suspect which is the operative word his credibility would b questionable based on all the above factors mentioned but i also give him props 4the fact that he returned his medal. my thing is this the shawn crawford that we saw in ’04 was an extremely different person we see now so that is why i said SUSPECT which is not saying he is dirty

  56. what about mr. greene or should i call him mr. clean? this guy is an advocate for a drug free sport but i have serious doubts about his credibility. one poster mentioned angel heredia who testified that he supplied maurice with drugs but nothing ever came out of it. his coach john smith who is the highly respected coach of the u.c.l.a track team was also mentioned, i guess this is another cover up. finally mr. tyson gay said last year he was running on one leg yet posted the fastest time ever by an american sprinter over 100 metres? whats going on here? miss jeter is also flying, are there still loopholesin the drug testing proceedure? any views on this subject?

  57. Hey Walter Fitzpatrick. We’ve already commented extensively on on “Mr. Green”….. To see some of those comments just click on the words “Older Comments” high lighted inblue, at the bottom of the last comments. As for Tyson Gay. I realy like this guy. I think he’s for real and I happen to think he’s clean. the reason why I think he’s clean is because he is a finess runner and not a power runner. He’s aslo not an overnight sensation or as we say in Jamaica a “Hurry-come-up”. Tyson’s running philosophy depends heavily on technique, much like Bolt baily and Yohan Blake, not on overpowering his opponents. Guys that are doping are USUALLY POWER RUNNERS THAT OVERPOWER THEIR OPPONENTS. finess runners use technique to achieve superior leg turn-over. Power runners Can blast out of the blocks and be ahead within a few strides because they usually have strong thighs and Gkuteal (Ass) muscles. they usually reach their max speed at about 50 meters and try try to cruise to the finish line. Tyson is not that type of a runner. Tyson starts very slow compared to most world class sprinters at or close to his level. that is because his thighs are not as explosively powerful as some elite world class sprinters. Where Tyson has an advantage is at about 60 or 70 metres into the race, where he is semmingly able to find another gear, long after his competitors have reached their maximum speed. that is not power. that is effeciency. it comes from god blessed tallent, an exceptionally long stride for a man of his height. all of this plus the propper training plan to achieve superior leg turnover. This is why I think this dude is the real deal, there is a new headline about Justin Gatlin that reads “Justin Gatlin Learns How To Sprint Again” I think this is quite an interesting article and of coincidental timing considering that I’m writing on this type of topic today. because JG is a good example of a former power runner. Great out of the blocks and powers his way right through the race. he is now talking about achieving Maximum Velocity. something that he never quite achieved as a world champion.
    somewhat like JG is Asafa Powell. The best in the world out of the blocks but also has crazy top end speed and leg turnover. Asafa’s problem has been psychological. he has a tendency to get tied-up so top speak, at the 60 or 70 meter mark in big races. thats in part, why he was able to run only 9.95 in the beijing finals when he seemed to be running full-out, yet he ran 9.72 in Lausanne, Switserland just 1 week later against basically the same guys that beat him in the olympics, Minus Bolt of course. That race has Asafa recognized by “Track And Field News” online magazine as the fastest race every by anyone not named Lightning Bolt. I really believed that if Asafa had not gotten Injured he would have done what he’s been doing for the pas 7 years in a row. run a new personal best that would have brought him below the 9.7 barrier. I guess i will have to wait till next year for that.

  58. thanks waynef i read the comments on maurice greene , i was wondering whats your take on ato boldon, ? you made some interesting comments on the physical appearance and running style of drug cheats, but i hate to mention his name, carl lewis who i know is well loved on this site, lol. mr lewis did not fit that profile

  59. hey waynef a serious note what are you a physiotherapist, someone who has studied kinesology or a coach or none of the above (no seh mi fast) im just curious how you know about this type information this strikes me as some1 in herb elliot or paul wright’s field mayb u do sports medicine

  60. Hey Walter, You just couldn’t help yourself, could you? You just had to put me on the spot. well I will answer your question in a very circumstantial way. first of all, let me say I used to be a huge fan of Ato Boldon. I rooted for him in 1996 and 2000 Olympics. That said, he and Maurice Green are were not just training partners but best of friends. Ato Boldon described their relationship as a brotherly relationship. he used the words “love” and “my brother” to describe his relationship with Green many times. Maurice was clearly not an advocate against Roids in those days. He has clearly admitted to paying many thousands of dollars for steroids. Admitted that he has bought roids. Had many meetings with a notorious steroids dealer. Many other evidence support his involvement in the steroids trade. His Coach, John Smith, also the coach of Carmelita Jeter and Formerly coach of Ato Boldon has also had dealings with steroids dealers. though he claimed he only purchased legal stuff. Clearly coaches monitor and almost control everything that their top athletes put into their bodies. all coaches do. I remember it being exactly that way when I used to compete as an amature. Keep in mind, steroids are usually reserved for “elite athletes”, because they are very costly and “elite athletes”usually the ones that can afford them. I refuse to believe that John Smith allowed Green to have his fill of roids and at the same time deny Ato Boldon the same advantage. likewise I don’t believe Green would allow Ato Boldon (his so called brother) to be left out of the loop. so yes I think that Ato Boldon was in on the scheme. As for Carl Lewis It is irrelevant what I think now. we now know for a fact that Carl Lewis was doping. He failed a test for three seperate types of stimuli in 1988 prior to the 88 olympics. these tests Would have barred Carl from competing in Soul Olympics 1988, had it not been for the fact that the USATF hid the truth from the public and from the IAAF, untill over 10 years after the fact. Some people might say that a stimulus is not roids. but take into consideration the fact that it was three different types, and several other athletes from Lewis’s camp tested positive for the same combination of stimuli at that same time. all had to be cleared to avoid a double standard. over 50 US athletes failed drug tests in 1984, prior to the olympics. Later on , Over 100 US Athletes failed drug test from 1988 to 2000. these failed tests ranged from stimuli to hardcore roids. USATF kept it their own little secret. Untill this day nobody knows all the names of who failed and who didn’t. they only release pieces of the information at a time. If the entire list of Cheaters were released, today we would find names like Flo-Jo or Edwin Moses on that list. Obviously it would be unwise to release such a list now, because many of these athletes are probably no longer alive and would not be able to defend themselves against charges from 10 t0 30 years ago even if they were alive and well. Because of this knowledge, I find it reasonable for anyone to be skeptical of many of these US records and medals that they have accumulated over the years, same for the East Germans, Russians and even the Chineese in certain disciplines. another note worthy point on the Carl Lewis failed tests is that the Stimuli found are commonly used to Mask Steroids. Carl says, “so what, they were just stimuli, …everyone was doing it at the time, that was the type of environment that I competed in”. I’m not saying that Carl or any other cheat is a terrible person, but that attitude is not good enough. I just believe that the truth should not be ignored. especially when I think of all those that were cheated out of their potential destiny. I also want to note that I don’t believe that All power runners are Doping or all finess runners are clean. Many runners are Power runners because of Genetics. I have a 15 year son and a nephew that are 6’5″ and 6’7″ and very Strong and Athletic. they play Basketball and some other sports. and other children look like children among men when they compete with these kids. that is genetics. Carl may not have been Bulky but that may not have been fitting for his running style. His trainers must have been well aware of that. when you add mass, you want to keep it effecient. if you don’t, it will slow you down. Steroids do not necessarily make you bulk up. they just help your muscles rebuild faster after the trauma of vigerous exercise. the types of exercises a person does, in combination with diet will determine wether a person packs on mass or not. usually when athletes gain mass it is deliberate. Roids can help a person gain mass, but it can just as effectively help a perso loose mass, if it is used in the appropriate program to achieve such an effect. Minnie, to answer your question without getting too personal, I do have a medical background, I am just a former gifted Athlete from Clarks Town Trelawny. The home Town of Usain, Veronica Campbell-Brown, M. Frater (my dear cousin) , Ben Johnson, Samardo Samuels, Sanya Richards the parents of Lennox Lewis, and so many, many more players on the world stage. I’ve been around athletics all my life. but on a low profile scale. sorry if the type-O’s are many. I just came off of a long night of work from ER unit. was quite a bussy night. chow.

  61. so i was right then well i hope like myself u have continued 2 not only be a track fan but 2 continue 2 maintain good physical fitness. im a little taken aback about ato and edwin moses. edwin moses? no sah please refer me 2 info on that im a serious fan of moses wow!

  62. oh by the way do those weight loss pills & supplements contain steroids im convinced that they do most of them enable extreme weight loss enabling you 2 recover after doing extreme reps & spike your metabolism

  63. waynef i thank you very much for sharing your knowledge with me and the other readers as well, my reason for asking about boldon is because i had some communication with him via email and was very disappointed in his general attitude and arrogance, when usain bolt ran 9.76 i emailed him, his response was that he was not impressed, words to that effect, i told him that jamaica would finish one, two in the hundred in the olympics, he called me insane. and that i knew nothing about sports and i was waving a caribbean flag, i could have sworn he was from the caribbean, but he was backing the u.s all the way. well we all know it was bolt, jamaica first and thompson , trinidad second.

  64. Hey Minnie I was not trying to say or suggest that Edwin Moses competed clean or dirty. I was just saying, with the hundreds of failed doping tests that USATF has admitted to having, and have kept quiet over the period from 1984 to 2000. a person would have to be senile to think that some of these unreleased names aren’t legends of the sport. just like when MLB Baseball tested a few hundred of It’s Elite athletes under conditions of anonymity. they had such a high failure rate amongst their athletes that they had to take swift action to impliment a system for doping control b4 the Feds did it for them. Nobody was supposed to know the names associated with individual tests, but every so often someone’s name is leaked out as having failed the said test. David Ortiz for example.
    I believe that their are folks out there that have a lot of information about doping athletes, but are sworn to secrecy. ake Flo-jo for example,In 1989 a sprinter named Darrell Robinson told a German magazine, Stern, that Flo-Jo paid him $2,000 for 10 cubic centimeters of human growth hormone. Flo-Jo never admitted to it, but people know things. Edwin Moses is still one of my favourite athletes to date. I’m only suggesting that if all the names and results were leaked today we would all be in shock at who is on the list. Numerous names have been revaeled by USATF because of Due process in the justice system, but no more than what was necessary. USATF still hold many secrets. As for Walter Fitzderalds comments about Ato Boldon. I am not surprised about anything that you’ve said regarding Ato Boldon and his attitude about bolt’s 9.76 record in early 2008. I watched Nike’s “Prefontaine Classic 2009″ last year and watched him (Ato) declare Carmelita Jeter as the hands down favourite to win the gold in Beijing based on the fact that Jeter narrowly beat Kerron Stewart and Shelly-ann Fraser in the 100m final at the Classic. This was surprising to me because at the time Jeter had still never ran under the 10.9 barrier, something that both Fraser and Stewart had already done numerous times during the previous season, as well as beat the pants off of Jeter. The time for the Prefontaine womens 100m race was wind aided, so I paid little attention to it. however I became convinced that Ato boldon must know something that we don’t know. I realize that he was woking for an American TV station (NBC) at the time of his comments but to me, that was going out on a limb. he may have had her as his sentimental favourite because of their John Smith Connection but he should have known better. considering how early in the season it was and the fact that Fraser had not done any strength leading up to the race because of a recent abdomenal surgery to remove her appendex. This dude is so spellbound by America, that I’m personally surprised that he even represented Trinidad Internationally during his Career. I Even got the sense that he showed very little respect to caribean Athletes when they line up against Americans. As the season wore on the caribean athletes obviously earned his respect. I even saw him (Ato) at Gracekennedy’s Highschool boys and girls champs in 2009. he had such high Praises for Jamaica’s high schoolers, saying there is “no other competition like this in the world at the high school level”. I think he knows about the type of pedigree that comes out of the caribean, but he does not want to face it. he’s being forced to recognize. I must close this Comment by saying that I predicted Jamaica’s success in the Beijing Olympics almost in the exact way that it unfolded, with the exception of the men’s 100m final. I actually had Bolt, Asafa and Tyson Gay in a 1,2,3 finish. for the women I predicted a 1,2,3 finish as well. I predicted 2 world records in the 4x100m relays men’s and women’s. the women obviously did not finish the race. but My point is that most of my friends doubted. said that The US would find a way. I said they were spellbound. I was right.

  65. Walter, I’ll tell you this much…Ato Boldon is singing a much different tune these days. Before and even during the Olympics it was very clear that he had no respect for Bolt and the other Jamaican runners. His comments were disrepectful and offhanded and dismissive, and it used to irk me so much. After the Olympics he somehow became Jamaica’s biggest cheerleader and Bolt’s biggest fan. Suddenly Bolt can do no wrong.

    After reading your last post, it is clear to me that I was right about him. You would think that someone who used to run under the flag of Trinidad would have a bit more allegiance and not be so obviously opportunistic. But to be fair, I suppose I should point out that he was not the only one who had a 180 degree about face. Jacque Roggue is now in love with Bolt as is the entire BBC sports room.

  66. wayne and stacy keep up the good work, yes i concur with both of your comments, i didnt tell you his comments about asafa , he called him a choker and that he couldnt deal with pressure, but wait ,lets back up years before that when asafa was balzing maurice greene and others i asked his opinion of asafa, first he didnt answer . a few years after that he jumped on asafa’s band wagon only to jump off again., he also put down the barbadian hurdler ryan braithwaite prior to the world championship ,he finished second to the cuban world record holder robles, his comments during the race was that the bajan runner had no business running alongside robles. that same bajan won the gold medal soon after. i guess both waynef and stacy know boldon ‘s mother is jamaican and his father trinidadian., caribbean one, two. lol

  67. I must say that I have to give props to Asafa. I don’t know if he has a thick skin or if he just doesn’t listen to the commentators, but if I were he and listened to the things Boldon has said about him over the years, I wouldn’t be able to keep racing. Boldon is down right cruel to him. If I didn’t know Asafa was injured last year (since Boldon never mentioned it until later in the year) and just went by what Boldon had to say, I would think that he was a no-good runner who should just retire. I know that they are hired for their expertise and opinions, but aren’t these people supposed to have a degree of impartiality?

  68. Walter, I’m not surprised about what any of these guys have to say about Asafa. It’s clear to all that Asafa underachieves sometimesand at key moments in his career. Everyone wants to think that they know why, but anything we say is pure speculation. even Asafa himself is trying to figure out what makes him tic. I’ve heard Maurice Green refer to Asafa as a choker even though Asafa has done more than he or Boldon has in the sport. Derrick atkins has also said that some guys fold under pressure, in an interview at the beijing Olympics, even though he himself had 1 descent year of international competition ever (2007). they all fail to appreciate the fact that Asafa is the only man in history that has equalled or bettered the world record 4 times Bolt has done it three times in the 100m and twice in the 200m. Of all the Haters Green is the only one that has ever tasted what it feels like to break a world record, thanks to Angel Guillermo Heredia. It’s true that asafa has had a some of his worst races in some of his biggest moments, but I see every indication that he will overcome his demons and win an individual Gold medal in international competition. They can hate all they want. It won’t change anything.

  69. walter, waynef & stacy i must agree with what you are saying & add my 2c worth you see that same arrogant ato when competing in his heydeys he did not behave as if he is from the caribbean he behaved as is he was an american competing for trinidad. stacy it makes me wonder if the reason why he competed for trinidad at the time was that it was easier to make the trinidadian team than the us team. listen to the negative things he said about how asafa wants 2b anywhere but at the starting line it is so ironic & unfair. there are athletes that fold @ the starting line especially when that lactic acid build up and all those months of hard training goes lilterally 2 shit .but there is another factor according to waynef thanks 2 the angel who put some of them on the map and allow them to even see a podium and therefore gained the unfair advantage over asafa. i remembered at bejing how he targeted bolt & then all of a sudden change his mouth. that guy has a lot of contempt or should i call it badmind walter so im not surprised. wait walter are you serous that was what he said about brathwaite he really has no caribbean allegiance whatsoever.

  70. yes minnie i heard him say in his comentary on that race just before the worlds, i watched it on you tube that braithwaite had no business running alongside robles and that the americans are home watching and training. right also on the reason why he represented trinidad in track , easier competition no pressure of running at the u.s. trials. wayne i agree no one knows what the problem is with asafa, if i were him i would switch to glen mills , he seems like a winner. i felt asafa was having trouble running the four rounds of the hundred, he would not have the legs in the finals, i dont see him as a choker, losing so many races to tyson gay is not good for him psychologically. .training with bolt should help him get back his confidence.

  71. I think that Asafa’a issue are more than within himself. Asafa said himself, prior to the 100m finals at Beijing that he would not be 100% for the 100m finals. He complained of the obscene amount of blood being taken from him for doping control. before the 100m semi-finals Asafa had already had blood taken from him a total of four times. Tyson had just one blood test to that point. by the end of sprints Asafa had 7 blood tests, to Tyson Gay’s 1. Some peoples bodies are very sensitive to that sort of thing. I’ve often seen people faint just from giving 500 ml of blood at blood banks. I know that 2-4 10ml vials don’t add up to 500ml, but if common folks are advised to rest and recouperate after giving 500ml of blood. How can anyone expect that a human being with a much more demanding lifestyly can compete the highest level having lost a significant amount of blood. thats like having two racecars line up at a starting line, one fueled up with 99% octane, the other with 96% octane. they will both run fast, but by the end of the rest we will notice a difference. Every system in the body is effected by blood loss. our bodies are more fine tuned to respond to these changes than we think. if I drink one cup of water before bedtime I am guaranteed to make a trip to the bathroom during the night. because my body will notice that my total blood volume has increased slightly as a result and respond by excreting some fluids. My point is that even when a person can loose some blod and look normal, behave normal, we may not quite no the full effects untill they are put to a test. so I believe that their was a double standard in targeting Jamaican Athletes in Beijing. and that had a lot to do with Asafa’s performance both physically and psychologically. Asafa had 5 days to rest and recouperate b4 the 4x100m relay finals in beijing and as a result of that rest, the entire world witnessed as he ran the fastest anchor leg ever in history, with a split time of 9.7. Asafa had his blood levels back to normal. that is why Asafa does not like running rounds. they take too much blood in an unfair way. the system should be designed in such a way that all the athletes undergoe the same amounts of blood tests. The WADA organisation argue that such a move would remove the element of surprise if athletes were counting the amount of tests they had between races.
    These are small details but they matter.

  72. You’re right waynef, I remember the complaints about the numbe of drug tests. Not just on Asafa, it seems like they were particularly targeting the Jamaicans. I remember one of the coaches saying that it seems the testers were only conducting the tests either during practice or when the athletes were sleeping to purposely disrupt them it seems. I remember thinking when I heard about the amount of tests and when they were being conducted that there was no way they were going to be at their peak. There were too many blood draws.

  73. the americans cant stand losing especially to a caribbean island but they just have to deal with it, no one is beating usain bolt. all the drug tests on the jamaicans are very unfair, but wayne you know money pass, they have plenty cash and they want that fastest man alive title, its like heavyweight champ of the world in boxing they feel it belongs to them. i just read that asafa wants to take a page out of bolt’s book , good move it wil make him a more relaxed sprinter. yes he ranthe fastest split in the relay 8,70. faster than the great bob hayes and he has the most sub tens than any sprinter ever, he is capable of going sub 9.70 and even lower if he puts it all together.

  74. True dat, true dat!
    The worst thing about it for the Americans is that as bad as it got , it could have been worst. I’m waiting to see our top[ females run the relay and not drop the baton, I’m waiting to see our top 400m hurdles females run in the 4x400m relay, waiting to see Asafa improve on his PB, waiting to see Yohan Blake get into the mix, Nesta Carter, Sherone simpson, Isa Phillips. so much more. 2010 will be nice. I’m going to Jamaica in March for Boys and Girls Champs. Can’t wait.

  75. Did anybody see the news that Crystal Cox just admitted that she used steroids prior to the 2004 Olympics? She ran in the US 4×400 relay team which got gold.

    I remember watching this woman on Survivor Gabon and wondering how she could ever had been an Olympic athlete. She lost every challenge, couldn’t climb a hill, was the physically weakest person at everything and I kept wondering, “Really? This woman has a gold medal?” Now I know why she had that medal. She is now another person who got caught in the Balco net and now has admitted she used steroids from 2001-2004. These people have no honor. She was so proud of herself on Survivor telling everyone that she was an Olympic gold medallist, all the while knowing that she had cheated to get that medal. What the hell?

    USATF is arguing that though she should be stripped of her medal, the others in the relay team should get to keep theirs. This is another reason there needs to be stricter punishment against drug cheats. If a doped up person helps you to win a medal, there should be no leeway for the others in the relay to argue to keep their medals. Russia should automatically be bumped up to gold and Jamaica to silver. End of story.

  76. Wow Stacy! Thanks for the heads up. Ifound one of the many links to that story:
    I can’t say that I’m surprised and I’m sure that there are many more where she came from. I managed to catch a glimpse of her on Survivor, courtesy of youtube. she is was the weakest link! what a difference a world of roids make. I mentioned it before in response to a comment made by someone on this site. many of these athletes are just some average or below average joes that cheat to get ahead. the athletics climate in the USA is a mess right now. Athletes are so paranoid that their competitors are cheating, that they succumb to the temptation. maybe when debbie Dunn and Sanya Richards begin to loose their medals because of someone elses drug use, they will begin to think twice about running for a country other than Jamaica.

  77. Stacy to respond to your previous comment about Asafa. I distinctly recall Asafa’s forst words after the race in Beijing. the BBC commentator asked him to describe what just happened his words were, I don’t know, My legs just died on me. I thought it was a bit strange at the time untill I heard his remarks about how these vampires just took a set on him. enough to weaken him just enought to underperform. I will never blame Asafa or his coach for Beijing. the blood suckers are the real reason why Asafa does not perform well with rounds. both in 2004 and 2008.

  78. thanks Stacy for the heads up on that site…i also found a site……with video footage of crystal cox…but after watching it for a couple of minutes…i start feeling a bit sorry for her. Stacy….Waynef…why these naturally beautiful people continue to mess themselves up….they know what they are doing is wrong, they know it’s gonna be short lived and yet they still continue. Waynef…Stacy…Walter…you know what i think ? i think there,s more to these athlete doping than what catches the eyes. you want to tell me that American athletes have no morals…no dignity? can,t they say no to the people who introduced then to these zombie potions?..hey Waynef and walter…you guy’s i think have the expertise to dig deep and find out why these American athletes continue to used drugs.

  79. Tony, I don’t know if this answers your question but below is what the USADA had to say on this matter:
    “Ms. Cox clearly competed under the pressures of her sport… to her credit, when confronted by USADA with evidence of her violation of sports anti-doping rules Ms. Cox promptly admitted her involvement in doping and accepted responsibility.”
    Can anyone tell me why she should be credited with anything? Should we forget that she was doping for 4 years? USADA seems to be ignoring the fact that she only came forward when proof of her guilt was shown to her. She never once accepted responsiblity prior to that moment. They gave a four year ban to someone who has already retired from the sport. How is that a punishment?

    If cheaters get only a slap on the wrist for things like this then of course they’ll keep cheating. We live in a society where hard work is losing it’s value. The goal is to achieve as much as possible with as little work/effort as possible. And why should they have to learn things like honor, morals, or scruples when cheaters like Crystal are given “credit” for just admitting that they cheated.

    Johan Blake who has never even competed at an international championship event had to go into hiding for a while because he received death threats, actual death threats for accidentally taking a substance which wasn’t even banned. Crystal Cox is receiving praise and understanding for admitting she knowingly cheated for four years. Obviously there is a huge difference in societal values here.

  80. Why would anyone want to kill young Johan Blake even if he did it intentionally???? Huge difference in values!!!

  81. MICKEY, I know you may find this hard to believe, being from a country like the USA, but Jamaicans do not take it lightly when anyone does anything to put a negative light on their homeland. not even from other other Jamaicans. we are not tollerant of that type of thing. If Justin Gatling or Marion Jones were Jamaicans, they would not be able to live out the remainder of their lives in Jamaica. that is how I see it. I’m not saying that they couldn’t visit and lay low. they would just find it a huge challenge to live there.

  82. Mickey,am i hearig or reading correctly, did you just used the word VALUES ?

  83. waynef you are right about the point with persons bodies are sensitive 2 having blood drawn from them in large quantities. some1 close 2 me went 2 the blood bank 2 donate blood 4 a friend dying of cancer needless 2 say i had 2 go and pick him up as he passed out and could not drive so persons may look at asafas complaint as frivilous it is not this thing really happens

  84. by the way waynef its serious business. when bolt was interviewed & was asked what he thought about persons who didnt think he was real he stated that the we are unforgiving when it comes to those things he actually stated 2 the effect that the jamaicans would hang him out to dry im not quoting verbatim but he said something similar

  85. stacy that cox story is a similar one to marion who nearly call down heaven & earth in denial of her guilt 2b frank though this girl really does not stand out in my mind at all

  86. Minnie, I would not have known who Crystal Cox was either unless I had watched Survivor where she was always professing her honor and concept of team because she was a member of a gold winning Olympic team and then the Survivor producers showed her running in the Olympics at the Survivor finale. She made this part of her identity fully knowing that she had been using steroids for 4 years in order to get that medal.

    She knew she was risking the medals of the other members and yet could glibly talk about the importance of honor and team as if she knew what it meant.

  87. it seems to be part of the american culture take a pill for everything. it also has something to do with them always wanting to control and rule the world, but to me sports cannot be dominated by any one country forever . Every country has great sportsmen and women, but for some reason certain countries are blessed with certain skills ,brazil is a country that has always produced great soccer players, cricket used to be ruled by big countries such as australia and to a lesser extent england but the little caribbean islands dominated for 15 years and always had great fast bowlers and great batsmen. jamaica has always produced phenominal athletes such as herb mckinley, arhur wint, george rhoden and now the greatest sprinter of all time usain bolt. america has always had the fastest sprinters, now we are finding out it how they did it. dont trust people like maurice green coming to your country , he is just a spy trying to snoop around and see what he can take back home.

  88. walter my exact sentiments remember in his heydey how he regarded us as ants & now all of a sudden he is here mek him tek way himself

  89. America Still Rules!!!!!!

  90. LOL!!!

  91. Yes Mickey, when it comes to cheaters and doped up athletes, America still rules. No argument here.

  92. lol oh yes stacey quiet so. green knows there is something he wants here make him go way

  93. tony roots // February 3, 2010 at 6:50 pm //

    Minnie….Stacy let me tell you whats up with maurice green….he,s curious to know to know how at these tender age and so raw…these kids can produce these remarkable times…..and every year there getting better…he {maurice green} wants to know how and why these kids are so darn good…he also wants to view them….to look them over carefully….reason being…he know,s from personal experience how athletes look when they are feeding on dirty stuff….he knows that most american high school athletes cannot produce those kind of times that the jamaican high school athletes produces….unless there diet,s are like that of justin gatlin…marion jones…and you too maurice green… maurice green and all who is behind him will continue to be marveled at the times these kids are going to run…and as time goes by so too will be there chances of winning clean gold medals.

  94. guess what roots i wanted 2 respond 2 u from last night 2 get my facts str8 but i still havent confirmed yet but i will say it anyways do you realise that a lot of our track stars had migrated to colleges abroad & get lost by the wayside let me throw out a few names 2u inez turner, janet burke, jackie pusey, ethlyn tate, veronica findley, elva goulbourne, mclaughlyn, daphne fearon, euginie beason. the last 2 were middle distance runner and girls champs these 2 girls always provided exitement because they were rivals now i think if my memory serves me correct is daphne fearon collapsed during a race abroad. the point im making is that im not saying that some of our athletes have not benefitted from attending the colleges abroad but so much more have benefitted from staying home & training why is this so? my opinion is that part of the fact that apart from excellent coaching these athletes receive support from family, friends & sponsors when you go on scholarship you cant accept some forms of financial assistance if any. (2) you are not under constant pressure 2 represent the college or university so by the time you are ready 2 represent your country you are burnt out or injured because you have 2 honour the covenant of that institution meaning if they have track meet on weekends ect when you are 2b studying you have to maintain the college reputation. iv on many occasions watch for example marcia tate represent her institution back in the days but when time came for representing us at major meets no marcia. this is just an example of how many talented athletes weve seen just fade what about donovan asafa’s brother? that boy was a giant. looke at mclaughlin she is making a final at the world games this girl was unstoppable she went away 2 college & kept getting injured she returned home and is strarting over under francis wings. now as i said dont get me wrong persons have benefitted both academically & in athletics but the majority have fallen by the wayside or are struggling. has any1 forgetten about a recent plea by a shot put or discus thrower that he needs financial assistance from us?
    in closing im just saying that we have a wealth of talent here and that is why green wants 2 see what we are doing.
    The us still rules what? did any1 remember at the end of the 4×400 mens relay & one of the us runners said yeah we are number one and the commentator said yes you came first but with all the facilities in the united states you still was unable perform as well as jamaica which has a way smaller population & limited facilites now i cannot quote verbatim but something to that effect was said. keep it real we own world records ect

  95. ketch me up if im wrong waynef stacy or roots, was i correct was it daphne fearon that died in that race i think so but correct me if im wrong.

  96. tony roots // February 4, 2010 at 7:10 pm //

    Minnie, i vividly remember Daphne Fearon…however i don,t remember the unfortunate fate that she had suffered….MAY HER SOLE R.I.P….however..i saw were you,ve mention some unfortunate talents who have gotten scholarships and fell by the way side….there are some more notable ones {athletes} that i,d like to mention….reason being…i believe they would have made great contributions to the accolades jamaica has won in track & field. male…DANIEL ENGLAND…EARL LEING, TESFA LATTY, RUDOLPH MIGHTY…female…MERLENE FRAZER, NIKOLE MITCHELL, REVOLI CAMPBELL, CLAUDINE WILLIAMS AND CAMILLE COATES whom i think, could not bother with the work load and just call-it-a-day…and i,m very proud of her…for she,s now DR. CAMILLE COATS. so you see…even when we are off the track…WE ARE STILL CHAMPION.

  97. Minnie, EVERYTHING!!!!!

  98. Another one bites the dust. Yet another US athlete (hurdler Duane Ross) has just been banned for 2 years for PEDs and is another fallout from Balco.

  99. tony roots // February 7, 2010 at 6:51 pm //

    yes stacy i saw that too….but thats just little crumbs them breaking off and feeding us…you know….like wetting the appetite…..what they need to do is…break out the list of top guns….you know the ones them that win 4 n 5 n 6 gold medals….those are the ones we-r intrested in…they need to stop acting like we have no sense.

  100. Another one bites the dust. Here is yet another drug suspension handed down by USATF on Friday. I agree with The words of Maurice Green. Ban them all for life. including yourself. It’s just a matter of time now :

  101. well Tony, considering they still haven’t negated Carl Lewis’ medals yet and they knew he for a fact that he had taken an illegal substance, I won’t my breath that they will come clean on any of their major athletes, just the nobodies, so that it “looks” like they are trying to clean up the sport without actually doing it.

  102. oonu no easy unu lol but is true what about the queen they are just using these little ones as an example and protecting the others who really have the medals im embarassed 2 say a who name so? who him? ban others including yourself 4 real what a nerve eeh

  103. funny maurice green says this when he himself is under a cloud of suspicion for illegal possesion of a steroid…claims it was for a mate …how funny

  104. R Taylor // June 30, 2010 at 8:02 am //

    Isn’t it ironic or should I say hypocritical that Maurice Green is calling for lifetime ban for PEDs. There is proof that he paid for PEDs while he was an athlete, yet he is now calling for lifetime ban. I guess he who speak the loudest tends to have the most guilt (speaking about Carl Lewis, lol).

  105. Jimmy Jack Funk // July 16, 2010 at 2:04 pm //

    Maurice Greene calls for a lifetime ban for drug offenders? The same guy that gave a $10,000 money order to Angel Heredia, the convicted steriod dealer, claiming “he didn’t know what it was for” and it was for “his teammates”? Maurice Greene is about as clean as any other 100 metre champion- not very, and I don’t mean that as an insult. Everyone uses, but it’s pretty frustrating when you hear this kind of hypocrisy coming from someone with his paper trail.

  106. It sucks to see mo greene, ato, and such being labeled as cheaters. I used to watch them in amazement wishing to be them. I am sure Asafa is clean. I don’t know about Bolt. I hope Tyson Gay is clean. He seems modest but he’s vengeful right now. They are the icons of today. I would seriously not watch sports ever again if any one of those guys ended up being cheaters.

  107. dazegoneby // January 1, 2011 at 4:42 pm //

    I find this thread very dishearting.I am a track fan not an American nor Jamaican track fan just a track fan.

    There are many intersting points and thoughts posed here but with out definitive proof of some of the claims here we are really only dragging the sport we love so very much down.

    How can we encoursge our youth to pursue a sport that will ultimately by virtue of the sports reputation call them cheaters and they are only 7-17?

    My hope that thr USATF as well as the Jamaican and other countries powers that be are taking serious the sport of track and field and are getting thier act together for the good of the sport not just for the sport of gold medals and National Pride. That is not taking pride in our future…

    Namely youth track athletes around the world. I hate to see just because a young girl looks more masculine or super fast they call her a cheat. Or a young boy that is a early bloomer called a cheat because he rises head and shoulders above the pack and the year before her was not first but top 3? It is a scarey climate out there.Integrity needs to be infused in the sport. Based on the comments made here obviously many of those WR just might be tainted I believe that.

    WE have to move passed that and make a way for women in particular to break the barrier more consistanly of sub 11.

    I beleive in part this is a mental block due to the uber fast time of FLO-JO many believing there isn’t a chance to break a WR in the 100 when only a handful of women can even break 11 consistanly.

    It must be tough being a track athlete knowing your greatness is always questioned. I hope that these more recent stories of claping down on drug use will help deter our Youth Track Athletes yo beieve in and have faith in there God given talent coupled with hard work and determination.

    I know that sounds Polly Ann-ish but what else can we hope for? the alternative is much more sinister. Drugs for all- all the time?

    I beleive for now anyway youth track is th most exciting because it doesn’t have thr taint and it is pure fun and excitment to watch. a 9 year old can blaze a trail win a medal and have hope to take some chocolate milk when he is finished if he likes.

  108. Guesswhat // May 11, 2011 at 11:15 am //

    It is a shame to read these types of comments, even though I don’t get into things of this nature. I just want to commend Dazegoneby and MichaelD. for their positive prospectives. These athletes are tested regularly. As in law, “You are innocent until proven guilty.” So, why fuss about it. Just enjoy the sport.

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