Photos from IAAF World Indoor Championships

See Photos from the just concluded IAAF World Indoor Championships three day meeting in Doha, Qatar. Teddy Tamgho placed the exclamation point at the end of the final day of the 13th IAAF World Indoor Championships here in Doha, Qatar when he reached 17.90m in the Triple Jump to shatter the World Indoor record.

Abubaker Kaki, who reprised his impressive wire-to-wire race by sprinting to the front of the men’s 800m and simply holding off all challengers to win in 1:46.23.Terrence Trammell lost the title to Dayron Robles in one of the fastest 60m Hurdles, Yelena Isinbayeva misses out again and Veronica Campbell-Brown delivered the women’s 60m title to Jamaica.

There were several other top class performance at the meeting that saw the United States dominating once again while it was a good feeling for likes of Bernard Lagat, Laverne Jones-Ferrette, among others.

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  1. Big up Veronica and Chris Brown you brought the goods

  2. LOLO!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Gezahegne of Ethiopia is a trooper. In the 1500m semifinal, she got tripped, fell, was relegated to last place, trailed by a good 5 meters and STILL managed to edge out everyone for the qualifier. That’s real tenacity right there.

    But Mickey, lol, LOLO killed it out there. Did you see the poise on her face? She looked at not one hurdle during the race. I can see her getting the indoor WR eventually. I’m hoping this will bode well for her outdoor season. Could we see some 12.3s???

    Clearly Robles is back in action. How does someone run a 7.34 with a reaction time of .196??? That boggles my mind. Imagine a near perfect start, let alone an average one. Could we see him break his WR yet again?. Terrence Trammell is in top form now, but he’s gonna have to be cleaner over those hurdles if he wants to really challenge Robles. I’m hoping he can PR this year in the 110H….

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