Bolt, Powell And Gay will clash over 100m in Brussels

Usain Bolt (R) Tyson Gay (C) and Asafa Powell in the 100m in Berlin

This clash is no mythical fantasy, this clash is no April Fool’s Day joke! The three fastest names in sprinting Usain Bolt, Tyson Gay and Asafa Powell will line up in the Men’s 100m at the Brussels IAAF Diamond League on 27 August 2010.

Usain Bolt (R) Tyson Gay (C) and Asafa Powell in the 100m in Berlin

Today Bolt has confirmed that he will be present at the Belgacom Memorial Van Damme for what will become one of the most exciting track races in the world in 2010.

In the 2009 World Championship final in Berlin, Bolt, Gay and Powell won gold, silver and bronze in the fastest 100m in history. Bolt set a new World record, while Gay became the fastest ever American athlete at the distance. All three are IAAF Diamond League Ambassadors and they will gather in Brussels for a rerun of this magic final.

Bolt set the meeting record of 9.77 in Brussels in a duel against Powell (9.88) in 2008. The Jamaicans faced a headwind of -1,3m in that race. In 2009 Bolt ran an astonishing 200m in 19.57 in Brussels, the fourth fastest time in history. Against Gay and Powell the fastest human being on earth faces the toughest imaginable threat in the King Baudouin Stadium.

Powell competes at one of his most favourite meetings. Powell is the most victorious sprinter on the Brussels track after winning the event no less than five times. His personal best of 9.84 in Brussels dates back from 2007. Asafa Powell has a huge fan base in Brussels and he will be very keen not to disappoint them.

Gay ran his lifetime best 100m races at the end of 2009. His 9.71 in Berlin was followed by yet another American record of 9.69 in Shanghai. Gay has come surprisingly near Bolt in doing so. Gay made his debut in Brussels in 2006 in winning the 200m in a blistering 19.79. In 2009 he was beaten in the 100m by Powell. It is time for Gay now to perform at his best on his third occasion.

Meeting Director Wilfried Meert is very proud to announce this “clash of the 100m titans” as he called it. “To have these three world class athletes on our 100m starting list is one of the highlights in the history of the Belgacom Memorial Van Damme. There is no doubt that the athletic fans will respond to that and we expect the stadium to be sold out faster than ever before.”



  1. Ok Asafa, you have runing off at the mouth all winter. This is the only race I want from you this year. Save the rest for next year. Tell the world Asafa is not “washed up”

  2. Bayreuth Leiws April 1, 2010 at 7:23 pm

    I see Asafa running a sub 9.7 this season. I think he will give gay a more competitive run…….. . this season

  3. Bunny General, i don,t think i would describe an athlete who, can only be beaten by two other athletes in the entire world, washed up….once they are medal competitive and can always make the podium, they should always be respected…i,m not having a go at you Bunny, because you are my General. Nuff respect goes out to one of our {Jamaica} many champion and patriot, Mrs, Lasena Golden Clark… who has hanged up her spikes a few days ago, Lasena, you had promised to SERV WITH HUMBLE PRIDE….and you did, with great distinction…a wonderful human bean you are…you will forever be in our hearts and mind, as we Reminise how you glowed…how proud you look, whenever you dawns the black green and gold…you have given so much to your Country {Jamaica} and got back so little…and for that, we will always LOVE AND HONOR you….because you Lasena Golden Clark, is a true testament of what PATRIOTISM is all about…long live Lasena Golden Clark.

  4. Well, my Asafa beef is that if you are a marquee player, you can’t be runing 3rd after 3rd. You must admit Asafa hadn’t been performing up to his billing. Mind you Asafa lost some races last year he should have easily won. On top last season he finish 3rd in a race to a noname athlete. Last season Asafa did not run any of his races with “marquee authority or billing”. What is the reason? Was he hurting or is he washed up? All I am asking for is one good race from him this season, and this is the race I think he should use to show his billing. At his age he should be at the top of his game.

  5. Bunny, don’t forget that Asafa had a bad ankle injury for most of the season that finally healed right before WC and then he injured himself in the semis at the WC. I think for him to go out there event after event while pretty much running on one ankle just to try to get himself race fit for the WC and getting beat in the process, should not be a knock on him. If you want, you should berate him for coming in 5th in Beijing when Jamaica should have been 1,2, but I think considering the physical hurdles he had to overcome last year just to get to WC, he should be applauded for mounting that podium twice.

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