Tyson Gay To Attack 200m Record in Manchester

Sprint ace Tyson Gay will bid to smash the long standing world best for the 200metres on a straight track at the Manchester CityGames on May 16.

The 28-year-old world 100m silver medallist will be watched by current holder Tommie Smith, whose record of 19.5seconds was achieved 44 years ago on a cinder track in San Jose, Texas.

“Given the advantage of no bend and the surface is a vast improvement on the cinder track Smith achieved his mark, I’m almost certain Tyson, unless the weather or wind spoils the attempt, will surpass the performance,” said Andy Caine, the meeting’s elite athlete manager.

Gay last summer ran the 200m around a turn in New York in a time of 19.58sec which has only been surpassed by Usain Bolt and Michael Johnson.

The Great CityGames programme will also see Olympic 400m gold medallist Christine Ohuruogu competing over 150m, while Sanya Richards-Ross, who succeeded her as world champion last summer, will run in the 200m.

Ohuruogu, runner-up a year ago when setting the first of her two UK records for the distance, will go head to head with fellow Briton Jessica Ennis, the world heptathlon and pentathlon title holder.

The Sunday morning Bupa Great Manchester Run will feature Haile Gebrselassie and Derartu Tulu, arguably the world’s two greatest ever distance runners.



  1. Alright now Tyson! This is gonna be a treat. I wish I could be there. Just the thought of seeing a sprinter run in the streets. Man! lol
    I really hope he gets under a 19.50 in Manchester.

    But Tommy Smith is the man! He was a giant of a sprinter like Bolt. I think he was 6’4 and change.
    Now that man had some top end speed!!! The Tommy Jets as they would call em.
    But it’s cool that the older and newer generation of sprinting will be there. MAybe it’ll be an extra incentive for Tyson to do really do it up, although Tyson always puts in his best effort

  2. Nathaniel: Tyson Gay is a dogger and a whiner….he dogged Usain Bolt on numerous occasion and whined about a mysterious groin injury that never hampered or hindered him from achieving his life time best, how remarkable…now that his “Groin Injury” has bean corrected, lets just see how superor his times are gonna be, as against when he was injured… your right Nathaniel, it should be a treat.

  3. By the way Brother Nathaniel: i haven,t heard from you on the LaShawn Merritt Saga, your a very good Blogger on these issues and so i await your comments.

  4. LOL Tony. Presha bus pipe!!! 😀 I’m on to you.

    I mean, I was shocked by the news report, but I would hope that Merritt simply erred(recklessly that is) in taking this male enhancement, and not that he will be implicated in a doping scandal. All I’s say is that he should let the chips fall where they may, and let the whole truth and nothin but the truth come out so as to not make things so complicated. If that requires him to dig deep within himself and to put aside the pride, then so be it. Of all people, as some of the bloggers put it, he has to not only “Win with Integrity” but lose with integrity as well. It’ll be unfortunate that he will be away from the track for 2 years possibly(or is that a definite?).

    I do think Tyson spoke about his injury a bit too much last year, until John Smith basically shut him up about it in Shanghai . Basically, Tyson was complaining about it to Smith. And Smith told him something to the effect of “Just go out there and run and don’t worry about your groin. And he ran an American record. Tony, I do think part of the injury was in Tyson’s mind, and the other part was for real.
    Because I’m sure we’ve all been there when it has come to some debilitating or limiting factor. We overestimate it in our mind so much that we begin to believe that we can’t achieve(oh snap that rhymes!)

    But Usain did dog on him a bit too, ya gotta admit, with reason some may think lol
    However, one thing I’ve learned from Bolt and Gay is that you never say they’ll never do something, because more than likely, they’ll do it sooner or later and will silence the nay sayers.

    That’s all I’ve got for now. Take care

  5. Now lets see what everyone says now. When Bolt ran well in the streets last year he came under quite a bit of criticism about the 150M record. If T.Gay runs well I am just waiting to read what ppl will be saying. Come to think of it why the double standard? I am sure last year he was invited to run against Bolt and he turned it down. Now he is in the lime light lets see what he will say and do. Hopefully no mo’ excuse about sore groin. Yes Tony Roots I do believe he dodged Bolt on quite a few meets and kept trying to rain on Bolts parade after he was well beaten talking about he had an injury but still he ran an AR. Strange things are happening.

  6. you know tony roots if tyson gay was the one that took the male enhancement i would have believed him because he is always complaining that something is wrong with him. so maybe he has problems getting up for a big race. lol

  7. Lol, Walter that’s so true…this Gay always find something to complain about…is a good thing he doesn,t have a 9 to 5…the supervisors would be tired of him.

  8. Gay, am sure you witnessed Usain ran 19.56 at the JII and relegated your time to number 5. Words of advice Stop talking about records and just learn to relax when you are running. Has anyone ever seen Tyson’s neck and face in comparison to Bolts face when running?

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