Javon Francis of Jamaica

Respective splits from the men’s 4x400m relay at the 2015 IAAF World Championships in Beijing, China, on Sunday (30).

The teams winning the medals were the United States, which won gold with a world-leading time of 2:57.82, Trinidad and Tobago, the silver medallist with a national record performance of 2:58.20 and Great Britain, which held off Jamaica for the bronze with both teams running 2:58.51.

Jamaica’s Javon Francis, a hero two-years-ago in Moscow, when he ran stunning a 44.00 on the anchor leg to guide his country to silver medal, returned with another stunning performance, but fell short this time round.

On the last leg again in Beijing, Francis ran a 43.52 seconds split, which was the fastest of the championships, but got his timing off and faded down the home stretch.

Belgium’s Kevin Borlee ran a very fast 43.58 seconds on the third leg for his country, the second quickest split at these championships, while Great Britain anchor leg runner, Martyn Rooney paced himself to the third fastest split on the day, at 43.97 secs.

Lalonde Gordon of Trinidad and Tobago was timed at 44.10 seconds on the second leg for his country, while LaShawn Merritt ran 44.14 secs for the United States when leading them to the gold medal running the anchor leg.

Three athletes ran slower than 45 seconds on their respective legs.

They were Russia’s Artyom Denmukhametov (46.8), Cubans Adrián Chacón (46.63) and William Collazo (46.2).

4x400M Relay MenFinal
LaneCountryPhoto Times
Leg 100:46.800:46.22
Leg 200:45.901:32.69
Leg 300:45.9502:18.64
Leg 400:44.4103:03.05
Leg 100:46.200:45.01
Leg 200:45.401:31.49
Leg 300:46.6302:18.12
Leg 400:44.9303:03.05
Trinidad and Tobago
Leg 100:44.900:43.22
Leg 200:44.101:28.88
Leg 300:44.8502:13.73
Leg 400:44.4702:58.20 SILVER
Leg 100:45.500:43.29
Leg 200:45.301:30.71
 Kevin BorléeLeg 300:43.5802:14.29
Leg 400:45.9503:00.24
Great Britain and NI
Leg 100:45.100:42.40
Leg 200:44.601:29.56
Leg 300:44.9802:14.54
 Martyn RooneyLeg 400:43.9702:58.51 BRONZE
United States
Leg 100:45.200:41.98
Leg 200:44.201:29.26
Leg 300:44.3802:13.64
Leg 400:44.1802:57.82 GOLD
8 France
Leg 100:45.400:41.68
Leg 200:44.401:29.72
Leg 300:45.6202:15.34
Leg 400:45.3103:00.65
Leg 100:45.300:41.11
Leg 200:45.301:30.43
Leg 300:44.5602:14.99
 Javon FrancisLeg 400:43.52 Fastest Leg02:58.51

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