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Day 1 Results: 2016 Jamaica Olympic Trials

KINSTON, Sporting Alert – Selected results from Day 1 of the 2016 Jamaica Olympic Games Trials on Thursday night at the National Stadium in Kingston.

Among the athletes advancing to the next round in their respective events were Usain Bolt, Nickel Ashmeade,  Asafa Powell, Jevaughn Minzie and Yohan Blake on the men’s side, as well as Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, Elaine Thompson, Veronica Campbell-Brown and Christania Williams on the women’s side.

Men’s Triple Jump Final
OLYMPIC QUAL: 16.85m #
1 Pullen, Clive 16.90m#, 2 Mclean, Damon 16.46m, 3 Walker, Wilbert 16.42m, 4 Scott, Jordan 16.13m

Heat 1 Wind: -1.1: Minzie, Jevaughn  10.15Q, Givans, Senoj-Jay 10.16Q, Powell, Asafa 10.17Q, Lee, Dexter 10.28q

Heat 2 Wind: -1.0: Blake, Yohan 10.26Q, Bailey-Cole, Kemar 10.26, Tracey, Tyquendo 10.29, Bailey, Oshane 10.39q

Heat 3 Wind: +0.0: Ashmeade, Nickel 10.07Q, Weir, Warren 10.17Q, Hinds, Chadic 10.25Q, Livermore, Jason 10.25q

Heat 4 Wind: 0.3: Bolt, Usain 10.15Q, Clarke, Everton 10.16Q, Frater, Michael 10.31, Hamilton, Jermaine 10.34q

400m Hurdles

Heat 1: Cato, Roxroy 49.83Q, Rowe, Shawn 50.27Q

Heat 2: Phillips, Isa 49.31Q, Hyde, Jaheel 49.31Q, Williams, Marvin 49.85q, Cunningham, Ricardo 49.86q

Heat 3: Whyte, Annsert 49.37Q, Lewis, Romel 49.66Q

Men’s Javelin Throw Final

1 Thomas, Orlando 69.98m, 2 Richards, Zaavan 64.02m, 3 4Mitchell, Adrian 63.94m, 4 Spencer, Devon 62.56m, 5 Brown, Rhajhel 61.18m

Women’s Results

Heat 1 Wind: -3.0: Williams, Christania 11.20Q; Segree, Audra 11.36Q; Calvert, Schillonie 11.45Q, Livingston, Ornella  11.64Q, Pusey, Vanesha 11.87q, Hyde, Shian 12.14q

Heat 2 Wind: -2.1: Facey, Simone 11.31Q, Stewart, Kerron 11.44Q, Palmer, Seidatha 11.87Q, Baker, Venicha 11.93Q

Heat 3 Wind: -1.3: Fraser- Pryce, Shelly Ann 11.38Q, Burchell, Remona 11.59Q, Morrison, Natasha 11.61Q, Williams, Jodean 11.77Q

Heat 5 Wind: -0.2: Campbell Brown, Veronica  11.39Q, Forbes, Shashalee 11.41Q, Evans, Gayon 11.45Q, Stephens, Kenesha 11.80Q, Russell, Carrie 11.87q

Heat 5 Wind: -0.4: Thompson, Elaine 11.38Q, Davis-White, Kali 11.38Q, Henry-Robinson, Samantha 11.41Q, Levy, Jura 11.52Q, Hemmings, Shereca 12.10q

400m Hurdles

Heat 1: Nugent, Leah 55.52Q, Tracey, Nikita 56.58Q, Whyte, Ronda 56.79q

Heat 2: Spencer, Kaliese 56.13Q, Haye-Smith, Yanique 57.69Q, Mckenzie, Ranae 57.80q

Heat 3: Tracey, Ristananna 55.96Q, Clayton, Rushell 56.81Q

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