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Featured Upcoming Meets

Thank you for visiting our website. On this page you will be able to see the schedule for the upcoming meeting that we will have result links for throughout the season.

You can also visit our Cross Country Result Page and Our Digital Result Page for for. To Stay updated please visit RESULTS PAGE

Upcoming Meets


06/01/2012 55 Campaccio-International Cross Country
07/01/2012 Xiamen International Marathon
07/01/2012 BUPA Great Edinburgh Cross Country – International Challenge
15/01/2012 XXX Cross Internacional de Italica
15/01/2012 Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon
21/01/2012 IAAF Antrim International Cross Country
27/01/2012 Dubai Marathon
28/01/2012 U.S. Open
29/01/2012 Osaka Women’s Marathon
05/02/2012 Russian Winter
12/02/2012 International Hallen Meeting Karlsruhe
14/02/2012 Meeting Pas de Calais
18/02/2012 AVIVA Grand Prix
23/02/2012 XL Galan

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