By Gary Smith and Media Agencies

Usain Bolt says the target for the 100-metres world record could be set at an unbreakable 9.40 seconds and believes he could be the man to bring his own mark down to that standard.
The Olympic sprint double champion, who sets his eyes on repeating that performance at the World Championships in Berlin, Germany in August, thinks the record will soon reach a point that will never be broken.
"It will stop somewhere near 9.4," Bolt said. "If someone brings the record down to 9.4, that’s got to be it for everybody."
Bolt, who runs his first European race in a 150m street race at the Bupa Games in Manchester Sunday afternoon, cruised to the current world record of 9.69 in Beijing last year and he said his world record onslaughts will likely be next season when there are no majors.
"Anything is possible. I reckon next year is going to be the year for me because it will be a free year and I’ll have nothing to worry about. It will just be all about running.
"So you never know. That would definitely make me a legend."
Bolt, in the meantime has set short term ambitions for himself and the first on the chart, besides winning the double in Berlin, is definitely to lower his current world record in the 100m, which he and his coach Glen Mills this is very possible this season.
"My coach expressed his views in Beijing, saying I could run 9.54, and I can definitely do that," he said.
The 22-year-old, however, says he doesn’t focus on keep breaking his records, he just do the work and let them come to him.
"I don’t really think about (breaking the record again) but I think it’s possible if everything goes well in training."

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