By Steve Campbell, AP

BERLIN — Former drug cheat Dwain Chambers will not be invited to compete at the ISTAF Golden League opening meet in Berlin,

Meet director Gerhard Janetzky, who said he had nothing against Chambers, made the announcement on Monday, stating in the German athletics magazine Leichtathletik that the move was done to match with organizers of other events in Europe who opposed Chambers’ participation and Berlin.

“I still think that in principle it is right to let him run. I don’t know how I should explain to the Berlin public that he can’t run at ISTAF but he can take part in the World Championship,” Janetzky said.

“But at the same time, we declare ourselves in solidarity with the majority of colleagues from other meets and that’s why he won’t be able to compete.”

The ISTAF on June 14 is the first stop in the six-meet Golden League series which offers a 1-million dollar jackpot.

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