By Glen Andrews, World-Track

LONDON — Dwain Chambers says if he is to defeat world record holder Usain Bolt over the 100 metres he will have to improve on his stride length.

After closely accessing the blueprint of the Jamaican who experts say covers the distance win 41 strides, Chambers now thinks there are some technicalities in which he must improve.

"Ill give you a an understanding, Usain Bolt is 6foot 5inches [tall], he runs the 100m in 41 strides, I take 43 [so] in order for me to beat Bolt I will have to improve my stride length," Chambers told BBC Five Live.

“I have a better stride frequency than Bolt, so it’s mainly mechanics that I have to work on."

Chambers, who is yet to run a sub-10 seconds time all season, after a dominating indoor season that saw him running a blistering 6.42seconds, insists that on the right day with the right preparation he can beat the world’s fastest man.

"Anything is possible," he said. "With the right preparation, the right timing…if you get the right track you have to be in the right mind set.

"If you go to the track trying to get the time, then you’re thinking about it wrongly. You have to make things come naturally."


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