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Caribbean Forum hit out at Carl Lewis after comments

American Olympic sprint legend Carl Lewis has been hit by some hard criticism from the Caribbean Track and Field Forum after comments he made during an interview on a British website.

American Olympic sprint legend Carl Lewis has been hit by some hard criticism from the Caribbean Track and Field Forum after comments he made during an interview on a British website.

Lewis questioned the sudden rise to stardom of Usain Bolt, who he argued improved a bit too quickly from 10.00seconds in the 100m to a world record of 9.69seconds in just one year of running the event.

Some of the comments he made were deemed “reckless and off the mark” by Runners World editors who also thought the American was a little unkind to his fellow Americans with comments hinting that they are setting their standards for minor places after Jamaica dominated the sprint events at the Olympic Games in Beijing last summer.

Many also reminded Lewis of the foundation of Bolt, who at the tender age of 15-years-old became the youngest ever World Junior Champion – winning the event at the National Stadium in Kingston.

Is Carl Lewis still pushing for more testing on Usain Bolt?….Um his comments seems so to say very least.

…If you missed the piece Read Lewis Comments | World-Track Excerpts


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30 thoughts on “Caribbean Forum hit out at Carl Lewis after comments”

  1. ok here goes the sprint queen again mouthing off yawn hes so bad mind. eat your heart out carl, usain will b around 4 a long time. ur arrogance has gotten you nowhere

  2. why are people giving this carl lewis clown air space? He’s boring, old hat, self centered and useless to the current world of T&F

  3. Leave him alone he is a sad state. The man is seeking attention and if you listen he will be happy. He knows what he along with others used to do. Its now revealed and so he cant live with it. I wonder if he heard of Usain at the olympics. Anyone with any level of common sense and knowledge of sport will know this guy Bolt is a once in a century gift. Go on Carl chat you are a disgrace to human being

  4. You notice how that one hypocrite not on this thread defending Usain. And then him get upset when I call him a hypocrite. No, the only people him quick to defend on here is Jeter and Gatlin. Bout him want us to encourage Gatlin. encourage him to do what? Drug up some more?

  5. So sad too bad for Carl! He is in an enourmous amount of pain right now. the pain of seeing a non-american hailed as the world fastest man ever. in such A WAY THAT NO MAN BEFORE HAS EVER BEEN HAILED. WHILE HOLDING 4 WORLD RECORDS AT THE SAME TIME. 100M, 150M, 200M, AND 4X100M. I’m just happy that this little Drag queen, Hermaphadite is alive to see this day. the greatest part of all this is that Bolt is just getting started. Carl please don’t commit suicide just yet. just hang in there for another three or four more Olympics.

  6. American Olympic Drug Legend Carl Lewis, is simply ” A Nobody” in is so called glory days, he led people to believed that he was Authentic, pure….you know, the real deal….only to find out that he wasn,t pure…he was just on” PURE SHIT”…so he was a nobody then and he,s a nobody now…Carl Lewis should never, at any time be compared to the Great U B….we all know the statistic already….World records….Olympic Records..xetra xetra….and so, even when Carl Lewis was on “THE SHIT”….he never did ,or, could have posted the these phenomenal times that the great U B is posting….and so i personally think that Carl Lewis should not be allowed to make comments about U B…..he,s just not worthy. plain and simple.

  7. Waynef, Stacy, Minnie and Tony, I stopped reading the newspaper at my desk in the daytime and have now resorted to your postings here…I luv it …keep the comments going.

  8. I agree with Tony Roots in that Carl is a bit hypocritical when it comes to accusing others of being clean or juiced up. However, I do disagree in making the comparison that Bolt is greater simply because Carl never posted those kinds of times during his prime. Jesse Owens obliterated the competition in the 30’s. But his equivalent 100m time is well over 10 seconds. Does that make him any less great? UB and CL are from two different eras and so their “achievements” should be considered in that light. Besides if UB is not clean and gets caught one day, I’m sure everyone will be bashing him as well. Face it folks, people are fickle.

  9. Hey Vince. to weigh in on your query. I am of the opinion that Carl lewis was a greater sprinter than Jesse Owens and Usain is without a doubt the GOAT (greatest of all time). while athletes come and go and many prove themselve to be the geatest of their time. lets not forget that carl Lewis competed in the 100m at a time when track and field had matured somewhat, so to speak. In contrast to Jesse owens who competed at a time when the event of sprinting was still in it’s infancy. Relatively speaking.
    by Infancy I mean that during the 30’s (the days of Jesse Owens), sports were not Big Business the way they are today, and Track and field was no exception. athletes were not paid well enough to be full time athletes. they had a full time jobs most of the time, and trained to be athletes on the side. That said, I still believe that neither Carl nor Mr. Owens would be able to tame the lightning bolt if they competed in todays Sprints. They would have to also contend with the fact that sprinting is a far more competitive discipline these days. Also remember tthat in 1936 when Jesse owens broke the world record he posted at time of 10.2 seconds in a1.2 m/s wind. In the 4 years leading up to Jesse owenses record, no less than 7 men had run 10,3 in the 100m dash. many of them did it in far less favourable wind conditions. so based on that anylsis Jesse owens Never separated himself from his peers the way Bolt has. Owens’s most enduring legacy is his political symbolism of the time. also note worthy is that while Carl and Jessy Owens won three gold medals in one olympics, neither of them followed up with triple gold in the world championships. and non of them ever had triple gold x2, with no less than 6 world records to boot.

  10. Vince, it is pretty hard to compare JO’s times with anything recent. The man did race at a time when tracks were made of dirt and there were no real starting blocks. Not to mention that they started from a standing position almost like the distance runners do. His footwear was subpar and corporate sponsorship nonexistent. I think if he had the same conditions and training as CL he would probably be on par. He earned 4 gold medals and multiple WRs with no money and no respect from his own country. And unlike CL, didn’t have the advantage of high class PEDs. The World Championships were not around in Jesse’s time so the opportunity was not there but I have no doubt he would’ve repeated his success there as well.

    Now, is UB a better sprinter than CL? Without a doubt. Carl had much more opportunities and pretty much the same running conditions as Usain and can’t compare. And what’s more (and most important), Bolt has done it without PEDs. Why is it Mo Greene and the others have no problem saying Bolt is the better sprinter but Carl is still holding on to his stolen medals as his claim to superiority?

  11. Well said Stacy! I would like also to ad that “Yohan blake was able to match jesse owens’s record as a 17 year old high schooler.and went on to run 9.91 by the age of 19. jesse owens was a month short of his 23rd. birthday before ever running 10.2. jazeel murphy is rran 10 .38 at the age of 15. and his athletics Prowess has not even begun yet. Nobody else in history has ever even be close to these sort of times.not Carl, not Tyson Gay. Ub did not start competing at the 100m level untill the age of 21, so it’s difficult to compare him.

  12. Yohan Blake is gonna be a dangerous sprinter soon, but two guys that have been overlooked are Rynell Parson and Jeff Demps. Parson ran a 10.23 as a sophomore in HS. Jeff Demps ran a 10.01 as a senior in HS at the Olympic trials, and then decided to take on college football. In recent times though, Parson has sustained injuries that have kept him from achieving good form. Demps, on the other hand just won the 60m NCAA title with a time of 6.57. I feel Demps will be straddled between football and track like Trindon Holliday was. There’s a strong contingent among the junior athletes, and I can’t wait to see it materialize into a world class field.

  13. True bunny. you definatly have a point. but don’t forget that Jeff demps was a 19 year old high school senior at that time. Blake flirted with that kind of time at age 17. At age 19 Blake is at 9.91. Rynell Parson is a more comparable athlete to Yohan blake when we compare based on age. at 17 yers old blake ran 10.21, and at 17 years old Rynell Parsons ran 10.23. Now he just has to keep bettering his times as Blake has. and for the record Non of these athletes posted Jazeel Murphy type numbers at age 15. Nontheless I am so excited about the future of track and field when I see these young cats posting these ridiculous times. they will all, without a doubt be forces to reckon with in the near future.

  14. Waynef, throw in the 14 year old Kevaughn Rattray from St Jago who last night broke Adam Cummings record in the class(3) 100m finals at champs with a no nonsense time of 10.90. I only hope Carl is busy taking notes that should incase this youngster decides to take tracks seriously he doesn’t come later on and try to malign his character with his antiquated self.

  15. Nathaniel, i,m not trying to be funny right now…but what i,m seeing right now and what will continue to happen over the next…lets say 6-7 years, is a lot of good athletes {Sprinters} will be turning to there next sports, simply because of the Usain Bolt Phenomena .

  16. Tony that’s cowardice you’re speaking of among these great sprinters, and many of these kats are certainly not scared. It’s just that, especially among these American sprinters(and short and long hurdlers), they are always prone to being scouted for football because of their brutal display of speed, agility and speed endurance. It’s part of the American phenomenon. From Primary school and secondary school all the way up to the professional ranks. Robert Griffin, Jacoby ford, demps, Parson, Gatlin, JJ johnson, Crawford, CHambers, Renaldo Nehemiah, Holliday and the list goes on. Even the current sprint king himself Bolt was being eyed by the NFL. It’s a matter of these athletes being offered or seeking a different realm of athleticism. And many of these athletes then have the “Track or football?” dilemma, as we have seen over and over again in the media. Moreover, the monetary incentive at times outweighs the athletic incentive and it’s simply relegated to chasing money, but it’s not cowardice among all of them. If anything, we gotta find a way to reach out to Asafa, and tell him to stop downgrading himself. He’s talking about quitting the sport if he feels he can’t run the times that Bolt may put down in the future. What type of mentality is that? Why run track to begin with? Powell hasn’t had the chance yet to realize his best race, and he’s already talking of puttin up the track shoes?? Asafa, stop playin and get out there and run bredren!!!!(all the way through the line that is)

    Tony, I think what we are going to see are up and coming sprinters and coaches alike who are going to heed to the call for a rise in competitveness. I think these athletes are readier than ever to challenge Bolt if they get the chance. Bolt should be an inspiration more than he is a intimidating force. Who knows, maybe I’ll challenge him….lol

  17. Natty, what you have said is quite true…not all of them {multi-sport-athletes} who chooses to do the other sport instead of tracks are cowards,{ in terms of facing Bolt} but i do think that some of them {athletes}will alters there decision because of him…and for Asafa….well, i think we all come to the same conclusion that Bolt is unbeatable right now…Bolt is the younger of the two…so Bolt will always have the advantage…so if Asafa really feels that way about quiting the sport, if he,s not up to par with Bolt, well i think there still hope for him…in terms of achieving a individual gold medal…he could switch to the 110m hurdles…. NO DISRESPECT MENT, but i really do think it would be much easier for him {Asafa Powell} to beat Robles than Bolt….and, he will still be apart of the 4x100m gold medal relay teem…and just leave Bolt to you….lol

  18. That’s not what Asafa said. You need to go past the headline and read the actual article. Asafa was asked if he thought he could beat the WR and he said he definitely thinks he could because he felt he couldn’t or doubted his ability to compete at that level he would just retire.

    That is a tremendous statement and one I am happy to hear. It means he is not planning to play second fiddle to Usain. He’s planning on going out there and beating him. This seems like a new Asafa and I am liking this new attitude of his. He also said that his training has been going really well, he feels well, and is happy that he is healthy and injury free and that as long as he remains that way, he has a good chance of breaking the record this year.

    Does that sound like someone who is afraid to compete against Bolt or to go after the WR? No, it instead sounds like someone with new confidence and a great new mentality.

  19. Tony, I didn’t provide you with false info. I read the entire article critically, and I saw what Asafa said. But it’s the underlying message I’m talking about. Sure Asafa said he thinks he can challenge it at this present moment, but yet he said he would stop running if it were out of reach. That seems a bit defeatist to me. Out of reach clearly is a subjective way of seeing something. And I’m sure Asafa’s mentality is changing as we speak, but I think he still needs to address that idea. As progressive as it may seem, he is still limiting himself. In a way, he is putting Bolt on a pedastal that he doesn’t need to be on. Asafa should go out there and train and compete like there is no limit to his potential. That is how Bolt and MIlls train, Bolt goes out there to run his best, not for records. He doesn’t set limits. He simply performs. Asafa had better run all the way through the line and stop this talk of hypotheticals….

    To analyze, when action is needed instead, is to paralyze

  20. Why am I not surprised that you are once again misrepresenting the facts. Or maybe you just didn’t understand his words.

    The guy says his training is going amazing and he plans on beating Bolt and breaking the world record and you take it as him being “defeatist”? Seriously?

    The last line says, and I quote ” Powell said Bolt’s performance motivates him to run faster. “It’s definitely a motivation because without Usain we would not know that 9.58 is possible, and now that he has shown us that it is possible, we have a target to try and top.””

    So if Bolt’s time is motivating him to perform better, that’s something you can find fault with to bash him? What “underlying message” is there? Is he saying anything that Tyson hasn’t said? But yet Asafa is the one putting Bolt on a pedastal. Please don’t read into what is not there and get off Asafa’s back.

  21. Hi Stacy. I hope u are well…

    How do you justify the statement, “I would stop competing if the WR were out of reach”? The answer is “You really cant” It’s self explanatory.

    The English language is a bummer. Ya gotta read past the rhetoric. I am not debating what was said in the article. I agree all the way. I see how you gather all of that. but don’t you think the headline in context of the article creates a clear paradox? Asafa’s message from this article is. I am motivated to challenge Bolt at all costs provided his WR is in reach. If it is out of reach, then it would make no sense to compete. It’s there. Matter fact, it wasn’t even underlying, it was explicitly stated.

    I’m glad his training is going fine. I hope he largely exceeds his expectations. But my point is that he shouldn’t see himself as second to anyone, and with that statement, that is exactly what he is doing. I know of 10.1 guys who believe they are the best simply because they believe it. And that’s all the motivation needed. Asafa’s gotta run within himself. The only person he has to race to the top is himself, not Bolt

    But I’d rather not debate about this. Take care Stacy
    Peace and love sis

    More power to Asafa!!!!

  22. Oh my goodness, are you deliberately being obtuse or what?

    You take the one line out of context and of course it sounds bad. If you bothered to read the entire article it is self explanatory. The guy pretty much says he’s after the WR this year and you announce that he is a defeatist.

    In terms of world records he IS second. In terms of fastest athletes he’s third. I know you love delusionalities, but you want him to say that he was better than Bolt when he wasn’t? How much sense would that make. He spoke the truth. A concept you should look into. Now in truth he is saying that he plans on breaking the world record this year and beating Bolt. Tyson Gay has said the EXACT SAME THING but somehow Tyson is inspiring and Asafa is defeatist.

    Of course you wouldn’t debate the point because you are wrong. If a presidential candidate was asked, do you think you are going to win? (I use this example because they always get asked this question and they all say the same thing), the candidate always says something like, of course, I wouldn’t be running for election if I didn’t think I would win. That’s not defeatist. If anything that’s cocky. Asafa has pretty much said the exact same thing. He wouldn’t be running if he didn’t think he would win or if he didn’t have the ability to break the WR. In essence he has said “bring it on I’m ready” and you want to take his statement out of context to berate him for being defeatist. How wrong can you be?

  23. BTW, the other day I read a headline that said “P Diddy’s Wife Arrested”. I was on the phone with a friend while I read the headline, and the first thing out of my mouth was “Did you know P Diddy was married?” and we went on to discuss how this secret wife was arrested etc etc. I clicked on the headline to read the story and it was not until the second paragraph that the writer bothered to say that the woman was thought to be unstable because Sean Combs was unmarried and she kept shouting she was his wife when she was being handcuffed.

    I said to my friend, you see how easy it is for rumors to get started. The author knew Diddy wasn’t married but in order to grab people’s attention, they proclaimed on untrue statement. I dont know if you read a lot of articles but this is something that is quite common in journalism. By your reasoning, Diddy must be married because it said so in the headlines and it said so explicitly. I don’t have the time to provide you with an education, but read an entire article and understand the context before limiting your reasoning ability and deciding that the attention-grabbing, hyperbolic headline is the entire (or real) story.

    In short, P Diddy isn’t married and Asafa was not being defeatist.

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