American Olympic sprint legend Carl Lewis has been hit by some hard criticism from the Caribbean Track and Field Forum after comments he made during an interview on a British website.

Lewis questioned the sudden rise to stardom of Usain Bolt, who he argued improved a bit too quickly from 10.00seconds in the 100m to a world record of 9.69seconds in just one year of running the event.

Some of the comments he made were deemed “reckless and off the mark” by Runners World editors who also thought the American was a little unkind to his fellow Americans with comments hinting that they are setting their standards for minor places after Jamaica dominated the sprint events at the Olympic Games in Beijing last summer.

Many also reminded Lewis of the foundation of Bolt, who at the tender age of 15-years-old became the youngest ever World Junior Champion – winning the event at the National Stadium in Kingston.

Is Carl Lewis still pushing for more testing on Usain Bolt?….Um his comments seems so to say very least.

…If you missed the piece Read Lewis Comments | World-Track Excerpts


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