American sprint and Long Jump legend Carl Lewis is still puzzled by the fast improvement of Jamaican sprint marvel Usain Bolt, who set the world alight with some superb sprinting.

“He (Usain Bolt) could be the greatest sprinter of all time. I don’t know.

“But I think it’s interesting how in our sport, in our times, how someone can make that sort of dramatic change. But for someone who ran 10.00 seconds and now they are talking they can run 9.4 seconds the next year, it just boggles the mind.

“I was in Osaka (for the 2007 World Championships) and I saw the 200m. I saw Tyson Gay just drill him (Bolt) and one year later he (Bolt) breaks the world record.

“Wow, that’s a huge improvement in a year. And in the 100m it’s gone from ten flat to nine seven. It’s a huge improvement.”

“We’ve dominated and then all of a sudden, one Olympics and these Jamaicans come along and run these crazy times and performances and all of a sudden everyone says now they are the fastest. It’s like everyone just lays down.

“Really, it’s ridiculous.”…READ MORE

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    1. And the crazy thing about CJ is that she has Roid Rage. Watch her actions before and after a race. Classic symptoms, and you can see she is trying hard to control those feelings

  3. I see nothing wrong with Carl Lewis questioning the Jamaicans’ sudden improvement. Jamaica is a corrupt country so you should not be surprised. Carmelita Jeter worked just as hard!

    1. Ofcourse no American has ever cheated or taken performance enhancing drugs of any kind. Americans are not currupted at all.
      As for Carl”Batty Bway” Lewis, who is he to cast asperations on anyone? Glass house pussy, glass house.
      BTW who the F88k is jeter?

    2. I can’t remember which summer Olympics it was, but the women Chinese swimmers came out of nowhere and were winning all the gold medals. The coaches said it was their diet, including special worms, that was the cause for the rapid improvement. Later it was discovered they were taking drugs and the Chinese swim program has all but vanished. Its the same with the Jamaican track team. However, if you look at his times over time, there is a steady progression.

    3. Not so long ago another jamaican name Ben Johnson had beaten Carl lewis proper. Carl Lewis here is some history for you. Houston Mctair, Steve Riddick and all the rest of the American sprinters who use to go up against Donald Quarry were all on drugs in the 70’s.So were the women, Flo, Jo and others.Merlene Ottey ran against them all. She would have had better success if it was not for the steroids you were all taking. I am an American and I am also Jamaican. When you guys cant get the easy win you cry foul just like you did against Ben. I grew up with Ben John and he did not need drugs to beat you.He was a much better runner than you.You are just trying to cause a controversy since all your drug achieved records are being erased. I garantee that there is still a least three more guys in Jamaica, if we search diligently who is even quicker than Bolt. Take a visit to the Parish of Trelawny and you will see natural training conditions that mother nature has built into this country. Kids in Jamaica are not as privilege as you were-so our legs are our school buses. You ever ran 7 miles to school every day and ran back home. That my drug suffocating friend is natural stamina. something you would not know about.

        1. Well said and straight to the point Johnathan, we are tired of being cheated…it has only come so many years too late for athletes like Merlene, Grace, etc.

      1. hahhaha are you shitting me? Ben was a better runner than Carl? Im no Carl lewis fan but Ben was a PURE STEREOID product!

        He was a cheater.

      2. JA is known to be corrupt but we are not known to resort to drugs in order to get the gold medals……we earn that shit. So, real_deal get over yourself because for all we know jetter who has a riod rage might be showing symptoms of taking drugs. As for American athletes I beg to differ. Look at Marion Jones???? Americans can’t take the heat and now they have to beef up on drugs in order to compete. Lewis on the hand is just bad mind plane and simple!!!! His own country didn’t believe in him so now as a reformed and typical American he is bitching when things don’t go according to the status quo. Also, bare in mind that Ben Johnson represented Canada for most of his running career (even though he was JA born).

    4. Jamaicans were always the best high School sprinters in the world, Bolt set the world Junior record at 15 so why is Carl Lewis who I might say is one of my all time favorite is questioning Bolt and the Jamaicans , I don’t know . Bolt has faster leg speed than Carl Jamaica dominate Pen relays every year why are you guys so shocked . The truth is we keep them home with our own coaches and we don’t allow them to be burnt out in the US .

    5. Jamaican runners have always been great since the 1940s Carl you used drugs yes I said it…braces on your teeth at 30 yrs old …and others…bolt could always run his sister never beat him remember…Chill you are running for political hmmmm good luck.

  4. P.S. Need I remind you that some JA athletes went way under 22 sec for the 200m at the Beijing games when before, they barely were at 22 sec, All I’m saying is that everyone is discovering new training techniques that make them better performers. And THAT is exciting! I like them ALL..Americans, Jamaicans, Africans etc. May the best person win. Remember, EVERYONE is innocent until proven guilty. And Stella what-ever-your-name-is…shame on you for calling Carl Lewis names; who knows what you did…

    1. Please remember also that Carl Lewis himself used to take drugs. Most of the Americans who you saw winner all the time took drugs. Not all, but most. And if u should check back, jamaicans have always been there taking second and third place. It’s just a pitty that they were prevented from winner because of cheaters from the USA. He is just bitter. a bitter old man

      1. No, Carl Lewis took over-the-counter cold medicine and was allowed to compete because the Olympic committee decided it was an innocent mistake. Any no, most Americans did not take drugs. Those that did, were caught and prohibited from competing. Check your facts.

        1. Really? You really believe that? And now you will tell me that Flo Jo really ran those times(Let’s not forget that C. Lewis ran 9.79 wind aided in Indy just minutes before Flo Jo ran her world record time, and also at that time the wind gage testing at that time was only in one spot on the track. Lets not also forget that Flo Jo retired 2 days after Ben J’s coach questioned her fast rise to stardom at the Dubin Inquiry

      2. And so why wasn’t he ever banned ? Carl has a point running from 10.00 to 9.59 in ONE year is crazy. I remember there was a lot of the same kinda talk when Carl doubted Ben , he was proved right in the end.

  5. I was shocked myself when WCB ran 21.7 for 200m when she was barely 22sec prior to. Maybe there is more to it than “yellow yam”I am not accusing anyone of anything because EVERYONE is INNOCENT until proven guilty! I like all the athletes, Americans, Jamaicans, Africans etc. BTW Stella whatever-your-name-is; shame on you for calling Carl Lewis names…who knows what you did…

  6. Mr Real Deal, I don’t know where your’re from, but you bettert cover your mouth when you’re talking because no country in this entire world is more corrupt than the United States….parading as the bastion of freedom and justice, the US has murdered more innocent people globally than any other country apart from Natzi Germany. The corrution in Jamaica is child’s play compared to what goes on in the US, so engage your mind before you put your mouth in gear!
    Your labs are working 24 hrs/day trying to come up with new performance enhancing drugs that are undetectable, so is most of Eastern Europe!


  8. Why am I not surprised about which tabloid it has appeared in BLOODY NEWS OF THE WORLD, these ppl pay huge sums of money to ppl like Carl Lewis to get their papers sold. THATS THE VERY REASON WHY THEY ARE UNDER INVESTIGATION AT THE MOMENT.


    1. No remember too that the whole 4X100 team were wearing braces along with JJK so as Carl would speculate how come so many members of USA track team were wearing braces in their late twenty’s? Still growing?

  10. Carl you are just envious. It is very credulous that as time goes on – mankind will get better at what former mankind had accomplish. You are in the past and assumingly that’s where you intend to stay – so “gwey” and leave the fastest human ever alone. In 10 or 20 years we(Jamaicans) will better Bolt’s performances – hopefully your ghost will be thrilled and accept that that is how earth evolves.

  11. what really puzzle batty man carl lewis is how the jamaicans a whip the americans on the track.did you hear about training and more training obviously that what everyone is doing. please get a life!!!!!!! your problem is your country up to this day do not reconize what you have done for them. please ask yourself that question how come!!!!! how come i am not treated like a olympian. because your are a CRAP to them.

  12. I am really sorry for Carl Lewis. As Arthur pointed out, the times of Usain Bolt have come down from he was 15 years old. Also remember he is the 200M record holder at the junior level. Carl Lewis should remember that America has produced alot of drug takers, in fact, in his time he was under the microscope as well, I remember his crying resulted in Ben Johnson’s accusation. We are still not sure if he was legit. Flo Jo who died, ran unbelievable records in the 100 and 200M, and we still are not sure if she was legit. Before you point fingers, look in the mirror. Before Bolt there was Asafa Powell. Powell used to beat Tyson Gay with ease, now Gay is running just as fast as Bolt, hmmm. How come you have not questioned Gay’s new amazing times. You cannot rule a sport forever, just accept defeat and stop crying, even though that is what you are good at. Another factor that people like Carl Lewis must remember is that racing tracks are even faster then in their time. Carl Lewis do your homework before you starting talking non-sense. Jamaica is corrupt, but name me one country in the world that is not. American athletes have seen many scandals, don’t forget Marian Jones [the poster girl] and her drug lab, that case is still going on. Even Michael Phelps, how is it that he was able to win so many races and break so many records. Reason, because he is great, just as Bolt is great, just as Jesse Owens was great. We need to stop tearing down our own. I rest my case…Jamaica to di worl’

  13. Thanks to Carl Lewis, Jamaican athletes are doing better. He complained about so many foriegn athletes going to colleges in the states to hone there skills.

    What he failed to realise, is that a lot of the athletes who went to colleges in the states got burnt out because of the amount of work they had to do for their colleges. The Jamaicans were asked to do a lot more than their US counterparts at these colleges. Sometimes going to a meet and running 100M, 200M, 400M and the relays and God forbid if they could hurdle or jump.

    Usain Bolt rise was not that meteoric. He was running fast times from he was 14yo. As a matter of fact there was one race where he came of the curve of the 200M leading Justine Gatlin and slowed up because he felt his leg cramping up. That was sheer speed. He was about 17 at the time.

    Part of the problem people like Carl Lewis will have is that they spend so much time looking at just those athletes within their country that they don’t see what is happening in the rest of the world.

    Is Carl Lewis doubting the drug testing by the American Authorites, or IOC? I wonder why?

    1. Probably because he got away with taking drugs. I am weary of him he acts as if he is so instinctive in terms of knowing which athletes are taking drugs. Probably he can’t see objectively to realize that Bolt didn’t come out of thin air and started running. He worked for it and have been running fast times since his teenage years based on what he did in VMBS Boys and Girls Companionship and other track and field events. Carl just bad mind….plain and simple.

  14. Does Flo Joe come to mind. Carl Lewis? Does he talk about the furniture people that was supporting him in Texas, when it was illegal to take money. Those were his sponsors when other athletic were going hungry. Does he know that Jamaica is 1/5 countries that have won a medal in all modern Olympic. We took the Spelling Bee and they change the rule. RUN JAMAICA RUN

  15. its sad that Carl Lewis feels this way…when numerous American sprinters have been busted throughout the years for drugs…who is he to doubt?…he should be doubting guys like Tyson Gay…where was Gay 5yrs ago?…now he talkin like he the best…Gatlin, Montgomery, Jones…great american sprinters who held records…busted for drugs…not to include some great 400runners who ran in the Michael Johnson era…in case Lewis also forgot when Bolt used to have injury problems and when he was assigned a new coach…they worked hard with Bolt and they labeled his journey operation Beijing…and look what happened…it paid off…Bolt is the best…deal with it…if Asafa never got busted or took anything i doubt Bolt is…

  16. i am a person who has been following track & field for a very long time. Who remembers the days of the “bronze queen” (merlene ottey)? i don’t hear anyone talking about that 100m finals (photo finish) with gale devers? someone tell me how long it took before they could pick a winner,when both athletes ran the same time and could not even be separated by not even the photo finish, but they awarded the race to devers right. the point is jamaicans have been knocking on the door of excellence for a very long time. their performances are no fluke!!!!! this is just their time now .if you do’nt believe me Mr . lewis just watch and see what is going to happen over the next 5-10 years with the quality of athletes jamaica will produce.lightning bolt’s performances now will look like a walk in the park.

  17. carl lewis is a true batty-man. he should stop embarrassing himself like when he sang the national anthem at a chicago bulls game. michael jordan had a good laugh, as did we!

    jamaica does use performance enhancing elements; in the form of jerk seasoning and red stripe. dats all we need ya stupid ass! now pay your respects like a true man!!

  18. Carl i think you should stop what you are doing , how many americans have failed drugs test , give the youth a chance , when it was your time no one questioned about you , everyone was happy for you , so just give the youths a chance, you had your time let them enjoy theirs.

  19. It’s really sad to hear what Carl Lewis is saying about Jamaican athletes and it is a known fact that the Americans are the primary ones who are users of “Designer” drugs (Tim, Marion, Gatlin, White etc including you). If you look in the track and field history books it is written that Jamaica is the SPRINT FACTORY of the world. Jamaicans are the agent of change.

    Jamaica is known to have the most comprehensive athletic programme in the world standing from infant schoo/kindergarden…we have our annual sports day lending straight up to Boys & Girls HS Championship (Plus Gibson, Junior, Morant Bay Relays..and all the other annual track meets). So the success of Usain and the other Jamaicans are by no way over night success. Here some facts for you Carl.

    Former 100m Men Winners
    Donovan Bailley-CANANDA (Jamaican)
    Linford Christie-BRITIAN (Jamaican)
    Ben Johnson-CANADA (Jamaican) *Don’t support his drug act…but still a great athlete

    Sanya Richards -400m USA (Jamaican)
    Sandra Farmer-Patrick -400m USA (Jamaican)
    Inga Miller -100m USA (Jamaican parentage) Father former Jamaican Olympian (Lennox Miller)
    Jermaine Mason- High Jump BRITIAN (Jamaican) Still train with Asafa and his others friends at UTECH
    Colin Jackson-110m hurdles BRITIAN (Jamaican heritage) which he acknowleadge

    The list goes on Carl…it’s in our genes-FAST TWITCH FIBRE sir…..I’m sure that your memory is not too short…because I know you’ve heard and have maybe have personally known some of these famous Jamaican household names like – Herb Mckenley, Donald Quarrie, Laing, Merlene Ottey, Bev McDonald, Juilet Cuthbert, Raymond Stewart, Winthrop Graham etc……. also the many others GREAT high school athletes, which a few may have fallen victims to US colleges track and field programmes and US culture and didn’t quit make the transition into superstardom- Rudolph Mighty, Daniel England, Raymond Nelson, Donovan Powell (Asafa’s bro), Turner sisters, Revolee Campbell, Nicole Mitchell…etc ..We’ll always love and appreciate them for the contibution they made towards the development of our track programme.

    As a Track and Field Enthusiast suggest that a special invitation should go out to Carl Lewis to attend the Annual Boys & Girls HS Championship & Gibson Relays, so that he can see real Track and field at its BEST and be blown away like Ato Boldon and all others alike.

  20. Lets not forget, that twice while Bolt was in his teens, Lamine Diack, president of the IAAF, named USAIN Lightening BOLT as the FUTURE OF SPRINTING. Carl..a go check your facts before you open your mouth and show how ignorant you are.

    And Carl, if you don’t know what IAAF means it means ‘International Association of Athletics Federation’, the ruling body of Track & Field worldwide.

    Go figure!

  21. CARL LEWIS!!! you know what, you fish guy. Flo Jo and Michael Johnson were sipping some strong formula back then. Too strong, it Killed Flo Jo’s poor little heart and made Michael retired!!! at the age of 28 years old because the IAAF got serious about cheaters. 28 years old is the prime age were most sprinters peak during there career. Leave the Jamaicans and the Caribbean athletes alone Mr Raas! and pay your damn! respect to the future of true sprinting.

  22. I fully agree with Ronnie and PC. Carl Lewis has been screaming about drug takers in the sport since the days of Ben Johnson. But lets be fair. why is it that Carl lewis is quick to call out the names of Jamaican athletes meanwhile he was quick to overlook the sudden rise Flo-Jo to stardom. Flo Jo is in my opinion, the biggest Cheat never to be caught by the IAAF or the IOC . Here is a woman that became a professional track athlete in 1979 in the 200m and 100m discipline. and only broke 11 seconds barrier twice before the 1988 olympics. she competed for 10 years most of the time posting times of well over 11 seconds, then all of a sudden she shows up at the 1988 US Olympic trials with a brand new, larger, more muscular physique and a remarkably deeper tone in her voice, as descrbed by people who knew her over the years. She then went on to lay down a physical assault on the womens 100m and 200m US and world records for the remainder of that summer. I can only imagine what went through Flo Jo’s mind as she showed up to compete at various Track and Field Meets over the 1988 summer. she hears people whispering, see’s them looking in disgust. but doesn’t know how to make it stop. To make things worse, The IAAF and IOC were so alarmed by what she and Ben Johnson did during the 1988 Olympics that they quickly announced the implementation of Random out of season drug testing. what does Flo Jo do in light of hearing that news? She Pulled a Sarah Palin. she retired (Sarah Palin announced her retirement from Political office in 2009 in Alaska to avoid the endless accusations of Political missconduct by her office while serving as Govenor of Alaska. she had some shady dealings , but thats not what this is about)
    Flo Jo went on to set A world record of 10.49 at the US Olympic Trials, that still stands today. aside from all the steroid contraversy, The USA track and field governing body, the IAAF and Mr. Carl Lewis himself stood Idly by without protest. knowing that the time recorded was obviously not legal, as the official Anemometer (wind Meter) Malfunctioned during the race and recorded a time of 0.00. After a 20 minute inconclusive debate as to what actually happened and what the actual wind reading was, Flo Jo was rewarded with a new world record. a second Anemometer at the US trials recorded the wind speed at over 5m/s. More than 2.5 times the legal limit, but was disregarded because it was not the official Anemometer. a near by Airport also recorded wind gusts of over 6m/s during the time of the US Trials. Also worthy to note. Non of the short sprint races ran on that day at the Trials were able to register legal times as a result of the enourmous wind conditions on that day. Today Flo jo is in the US track and field HOF. “what an embarrassment. this undermines the credibility of all those who claim to be speaking out in the interest of cleaning up the sport. they said nothing when Justin Gatlin and his training partner Shawn Crawford showed up at the 2004 olympics looking like the were ready to compete in the Mr. Olympia contest. the two teamed up to captured the gold and bronze in the 2004 olympic 100m finals then returned two days later to capture gold and silver in the 200m finals. they were off to the races in there careers, so to speak, untill Justin Gatling was caught for doping two years later. Shawn was lucky enough never to be caught but i’m sure he knows that people were and still are highly suspicious of him. I for one believe that it is highly unlikely that they trained together, suddenly began running blisteringly fast times together at the 2004 Us Olympic trials and one of them was a steroid taker but never shared his steroids with the other. Not very Likely. As far asI’m concerned Asafa powell would today be the rightful holder of the 2004 100m silover medal if not for these two and their cheating the system. Think they were both a part of the same steroid program. very similar to what the East Germans had in the 70’s and 80’s. they dominated the world for years in the the swimming pool and on the track, using steroids as their main weapon. it is now common knowledge that they had an extensive Steroid program. this only came to light after the numerous lawsuits filed against the East German Government and their Pharmaceutical companies by their former athletes who are today either dead or suffering from life threatening ailments as a result of their years of doping for success on the world stage. many former athletes and coaches have come clean about their extensive government endorsed use of Steroids during the 70’s and 80’s.and yet the the Iaaf still recognize their 1985 world record in the womens 4×100m relay as ligitimate. if Carl lewis wants something to protest he can protest that. Jamaican athletes are among the cleanest in the sport. a few Jamaicans have been caught for doping but all of the ones that have been caught are either jamaicans that train abroad and run for foriegn Countries, or at the very least even if they run for Jamaica, they Train abroad. Ben Johnson and Julian Dunkley for example. merlene ottey was once accused of testing positive for nandrolone (Steroid) a decade ago, but she did what Justin gatling and Marion Jones could not do. she was able to fight her accusers and prove her innocense. thats what you do when you’re sure of yourself. It was found that the testing lab made a critical error in using the equational formula used to calculate the specific gravity of Nandrolone. resulting in a faulty high reading. another Jamaican also suffered the same experience in more recent times. Steve Mullings tested positive at a IAAF sanctioned Track meet 2 years ago and was Banned for having a positive doping test. Needless to say, the Iaaf and the JAAA. re-instated him due to a mountain of errors having to do with the sample and who it actually belonged to. thats what people do when they’re sure of themselves. they fight and win. The USA is easily the biggest offenders of doping in the modern world. Over 95% of their elite MLB Baseball players have been linked to doping.Many of them pleaded the 5TH amendment in the court of law, on the issue of doping, and thats only the tip of the iceberg. doping is even more prevelent In American Football and has been since the early 70’s. their college athletics program from which all of their athetes develope into professional athletes, have no drug testing policy and yet Mr Carl has something to say about Jamaican athletes. as far as i’m concerned. Jamaican elite athletes have never needed drugs to perform. he has been dominating his peirs on the world stage since the age of 15. when he was just 160 lb, 6″4′ kid from Trelawny Jamaica. He is still the only Human being to run under 20 seconds in the 200m as a junior. he did this at the age of 17. only a handfull of elite professional athletes able to do that even at the professional level. I repeat he’ did this at 17 years old. Steroids at the age of 17? I think not. Question: If a 17 year old kid can dominate the world stage consisting of other yiouths that were at times more than 2 years his senior. why would anyone have any reason to think that he’s already maximized his potential, when he has barely even begun to train to fullfill his destiny. to Carl Lewis I have this to say. Yohan Blake, Another Jamaican Sprinter, only one year removed from high school has just become the youngest human being ever to run a legal sub10 sec 100m race before the age 20. he is just scratching the surface of his potential. the world will see him at 2009 London Grand prix today in the mens 100m, and Tomorrow in the mens 4×100m Racers Track club of Jamaica Relay team. this Kid is another freak of nature so world watch out. also watch for Dexter Lee of Hebert Morrison High School in Montego bay Trelawny. There are many many more up and commers aside from the few i’ve just mentioned but they are too many to name, Male and female. Another Question: If jamaican high schoolers so handily dominated the USA’s best High schoolers at the Penn State Relays, why wuold anyone think they can’t do the same at the Professional level. I am a Jamaican from Trelawny. I happen to know that Track and field is a way of life from Grade 1 on up. I colud go on and on but Carl lewis is not worth it.

  23. people carl is a handicap now… he gets previleged parking… blue and white… lol… even windows has stuff for him… accesibility (more like diability)… carl you an flojo and mike and marion and justin and jeremy and maurice and many others were juiced up…. we are naturally juiced up… its called clean air… water you can drink str8 from the tap and food without hormones… thats why our 12 year olds look like 12 year olds and not 20 year olds… people we were always faster stronger better… but you guys just hd the juice… right now we contemplating allowing usa to use juice cuz we ave no competition….

  24. Carl Lewis was the consummate steroid user in his time and to his credit, never got caught. Carl was a user of the ‘Mask” which kept him, Flojo and many others up to the time of Marion Jones.
    Carl Lewis, that flaming faggot, looked the other way when Marion’s man CJ got caught and nobody stateside suggested that her sudden performance spurt was due to steroids.
    Anytime a female athlete has as much muscle definition as a professional bodybuilder (FloJo, Gail, Jackie, Marion)….SHE IS ON STERIODS! The female body cannot lose subcutaneous fat and retain muscle to that level without male hormones.
    When that idiot Ben Johnson tested positive, people needed to know that Carl Lewis tested negative not steroid free. In other words he had less than the amount that would have given him a positive test.
    The only athlete that tested steroid in that race was one Raymond Stewart of Jamaica. Hope someone challenges this and pulls up the records.
    Carol Lewis, like her brother is a natural athlete but gets much more respect because she stayed natural and we all know Carl was not.
    Carl does all of us Americans a disservice when he squawks because we took over steroids from the East Germans and the Jamaicans who are just naturally fantastic sprinters, are now beating us because the regulations have tightened and the ‘mask’ no longer works.
    Look at the bright side. We wills beat the Jamaicans in swimming, Strong man competitions (they dont have much steriods if any), golf, tennis and many other sports.
    Merlene Ottey was haunted by the great steriod queens FloJo and Gail Devers. Funny how American world class athletes Gail Devers and Jackie Joyner were both allowed to legally take steroids for thier asthma.
    Lets give them the respect and admiration they deserve for producing the best sprinters the world has ever seen. Has Track and Field ever had as lovely an ambassador as Veronica Campbell-Brown?
    Crawl back under your rock and shut up Carl!

  25. Your comments were poignant,hard-hitting and stinging. The claim that Raymond Stewart tested for steriod is news to me but many pundits will be delusional and quick to say that Carl Lewis never was caught alas innocent. He has been too eager to criticise and hand down judgement on his competitors and now onto the elites of the Sprint World (no name need be mentioned has received the brunt of his tirade) Where he is concerned – judgement and justice should be meted out and his accomplishments be put under scrutiny.
    American atlethes have received the lion share of good luck and fortune through out their careers but the World has seemingly caught up.

  26. For a guy who acts like he knows the history of track, Carl Lewis clearly has only studied the history of U.S. track. The man doesn’t know that Jamaica has excelled in track for years and years. How could this man have not known that every major track event for years, the US sprinters have had to worry about the Jamaicans. Does the man not know that many of the best Canadian, British and even some US sprinters (Sanya Richards, for example) are Jamaicans. For its small population, Jamaica has always finished up there in the Olympics while relying solely on its sprinters. So Carl Lewis needs to go back to school. Sure, the US have typically beaten the Jamaicans, but the Jamaicans have been very competitive, and guess what Mr. Lewis, it came together last year for the country. Is that so amazing. Didn’t you guys go 1-2-3 in the 400 meters? I didn’t hear you talking as if this was suspect. And haven’t you run in the Penn Relays when Jamaican HS relay teams have often dominated the US teams, both men and women? I guess these kids are all on steroids, right? Carl, stop following track, and get a singing coach, real fast!

  27. in Carls mind he is the only man who has ever or will ever run fast. i’m supprized he hasn’t said Jesse Owens used steroids. Carl has no life and his only way to be recognized is to be the track and field Canseco, accuse everyone else for doing what he did.
    it’s really sad that someone who did the great things he did must try to tear down others to feel that he is SOMEBODY, IT’S REALLY REALLY SAD.

  28. As a Jamaican who migrated to Los Angels, California after high school and witnessed Flo Jo, Carl Lewis, Evelyn Asford, Jackie Kersee and the others from UCLA, Santa Monica track club just demolished the rest of the world juiced up I am very appaulded to see/hear Carl Lewis been so bitter on the vast improvement of the rest of the world in track and fioeld.
    The American thrack stars remained complacent while other nations worked harder to get better.

    Flo Jo in particular, God Bless her was from my neighbourhood in Los Angels, and I can remember when Merele Ottey used to beat her all the time, and suddenly in 1988 Fo, just became super Woman. Now Mr Lewis please explain that.

    Drugs is prominent in todays sports world due to the big money involved with sports, however I know Jamaican Atletes are respectful of sports and yes a few 10% might be tempted to cheat, however our primere athletes are ALL NATURAL. Mr Lewis stop hiding and making these off the wall statements and call a forum to tell what you know, if you really want to clean up track and field. i HONESTLY THINK THAT CARL LEWIS MISSED THE SPOT LIGHT, JEALOUS OF JAMAICA’S SUCCESS. and is a very frustrated middle age former track star seeking attention. Mr Lewis what is your current contribution to the sports of track and field. Please sit and shut up.

  29. Carl, give Usain a break. He’s all natural. He was all natural at 15 years old when he first won the world juniors, he was all natural when at 17 years old he broke the world junior record in the 200m and 400m. and at the same time became the first man to run a sub-20 sec. under the age of 20. this he did at age 17. now he is the only man to break the 9.7 barrier as well as the 9.6 barrier. and he’s still natural. Yohan Blake is also natural. as a matter of fact. no jamaican based (trained) athlete has ever tested positive for roids, to this day. and non will. Oh by the way. there is more where bolt came from and they’re not all 6’5″. Yohan blake happens to be the youngest man ever to break the 10 second barrier. i hear some people on the net asking where did this guy come from all of a sudden. well this guy also owns the fastest time ever by a 17 year old at 10.21, the fastest time ever by an 18 tear old at 10.11, and just recently the fastest time ever by a 19 yer old 9.93. this kid was clean at 17, 18 and 19 years of age. Carl put your efforts into cleaning up american athletes before you talk about jamaican athletes. the craziest thing is the only reason carl says these ridiculous things is because jamaicans run fast. no other reason. we run fast as children and we will continue to run fast as adults. go to the Penn Relays one year where American high schoolers are completely dominated by Jamaican high schoolers and then tell the world if you don’t think Jamaican High schoolers are clean. I look at carmelita jeter as a runner very much like Flo Jo. like Flo Jo, her career has hit a wall at 28 years of age and now she’s lookin more muscular than ever and running faster than ever. last year she couldn’t even make the us olympic team and all of a sudden it’s 2009 and she is now the US’s best hope for a medal in the womens 100m. Carl, is there anything suspiscious about that?.

  30. If you look at Carl Lewis’ face and head in the early 1980’s and then over the many years he dominated track and field, you will see the dramatic side effects of his own steroid usage. Steroids back in the 80’s and 90’s generally would make it’s users develop a monstrous facial demeanor — protruding cheek bones, absence of facial body fat, etc.. Just take a look at bodybuilders from that same period to see what I’m talking about. As his career has ended, and his usage subsided, Lewis’ facial demeanor has softened out to normal.

    My belief is that Lewis knows he competed dirty but was never caught. Now, his mission, or payback, is to bring a cloud of suspicion to everyone else who shines — especially those outside of the US. Also, since he now works for US track and field, he’s propped up and pushed out front to try and deflect attention away from US track and fields failings.

    Lewis needs to step back and enjoy the moment, as a track fan, as we enjoyed his moment in the Sun when he was at his peak — despite his own cheating.

    I would generally never call out another “brother” publically but I’ve reached my limits with Lewis. My statement to Lewis, “Stop speaking and clowning for the white man.” “Man up. Find your own balls and support your brothers and sisters — whatever country they represent.”

    In regards to Bolt, I’ve watched his rise on the track scene over the years since he was a teenager and it has been consistently progressive. Since the Olympics, I believe his time in the 100 is dramatically better because he has improved his ability to explode out of the blocks — which in the past was his most glaring weakness. Also, had Bolt run through the tape in Beijing, 9.58 would have already been eclipsed.

    Another factor in Bolt’s successes is his height. I cannot recall ever seeing a world class sprinter with his dimensions — especially with the leg turnover speed that he exhibits. To many he is a freak of nature. But, in the past, taller runners shyed away from and were often deterred by coaches from running the 100’s because of their awkwardness in coming out of the blocks. Bolt at 6′-5″ has shattered that limitation. As the years progress you will see more taller runners in the 100’s. And, as their turnover speeds improve, along with their naturally longer stride length, you will see 100 and 200 meter times obliterated. The day of the short, quick runner is on the wain.

    If he can stay healthy and disciplined, I predict Bolt will run below 9.5 by the next Olympics. If he would completely run through the last 10 yards of his races consistently he would be there already.

    I was born and raised in Amerikkka. The blood of Africa runs through my veins, like it does in those whose ancestors were dropped off the slave ships in the Caribbean Islands (Jamaica, Bahama, Cuba, Etc.), Europe, South America, etc., Thustly, I can find pride in all of the scattered and displaced children of our Motherland equally. I have always supported ALL of Africa’s athletes.

    Black people let’s stop tripping for we are all ONE. When we stop thinking like slaves we can give props to Bolt and Gay equally. Flo Jo and Merlene Ottey’s accomplishments equally. We can give props to our great Kenyan, Ethiopian and other African runners as well as our brothers and sisters running for Canada or Britain or Sweden equally. They are all the children of Africa. And when they come heads up against one another in the same race we cheer them both — as one would siblings or our own children. And when the events are over, we don’t count the metals just for the country we reside, we count them Africans verses the world.

    Though temporarily conquered and often divided we’re all ONE — with, as Garvey so eloquently exclaimed “ONE GOD, ONE AIM and ONE DESTINY.”

    That destiny can be a collective hell, where we occupy the lowest rungs of the social order or a Pan-African reality where we are strong, powerful, unified and competing with others at the very top in EVERY stage of endeavor – athletics, business, politics, militarism, science, culture, etc.

    “Uplift you mighty race, you can accomplish what you will.” – Marcus Garvey

  31. Guys go easy on Carl. There is not much gray matter between his ears!!! The little that make have been there have been eaten out by drugs.

  32. Awesome Post! I just got involved in this and I am trying to learn as much as possible. You know of any of places I can find more info on this? I also love your theme to.

  33. Carl lewis is just jealous because the young Jamaican did what he carl lewis took almost his entire career to do thats all. As Michael Johnson says guys like Bolt comes around every ten years and that is true, he is pure raw talent and carl lewis is just bad minded of not just the fact that Jamaicans are dominating the sprints but also of the fact that the sport has been transformed by one athlete and that has never been done by any other athlete besides Jessie Owens so carl needs to chill out or go some where with his garbage.

  34. Just me, still looking for proof that Nate defended a non-American from unjustified attacks. Still can’t find it. Things that make you go hmmm…..

  35. Stacy…..Nate soon see de post and wait fe de response…lol Gwine be quite dramatic as Keep him on the leach same way.

  36. LOL, yall are too funny. Sorry I been MIA,

    Ok Arsenio Stacy Hall, so you actually want the hypocrite myth to be dispelled.
    Awww, the love is deep. I love you sis 😀

    To tell you the truth. Carl Lewis been poppin off at the mouth since forever. Stacy, even your friend Mr. Cocky Michael Johnson thinks the guy is cocky. That’s goin some. Carl Lewis has had a chronic case of logorrhea for quite some time. He has spoken about several athletes in the past, Bolt isn’t the first. But to actually have a broadcast discussion on Bolt quite possibly being a drug taker, that just disrespectful and down right defamatory. That’s why I am so sensitive to anyone making such remarks against any athlete, no matter the country, because it has all possibility of being untrue and being just simple defamation of character. One athlete’s actions should not be the measuring tool for another athlete No matter how drastic an athelte’s improvement situation may seem(within reason of course), until there is concrete evidence, we can’t assume a thing without the strong chance of being wrong
    Carl Lewis, needs to make an official apology, if he hasn’t already.
    I know he’s on facebook, but I think he has changed the privacy settings, because I can’t find him to send him a message. I don’t even think his website is updated. But people if we are truly upset about this what this man has done, we gotta communicate it to HIM.

  37. So let me get this straight. You didn’t see the need to defend the Jamaican athletes against this attack prior to me saying something about it, because he has attacked other athletes as well? Seriously?

    So what, if myself or Minnie or Walter or Wayne, verbally attacked all the athletes, you wouldn’t have anything to say because we were just (to phrase you) “popping off at the mouth”? Give me a break!

    The only time this kind of thing OFFENDS your delicate sensibilities is when it’s the American athlete being attacked. Why were you not “SENSITIVE” about this and all the other threads on this site when it was the Jamaican athlete being called into question, before I called you out on it? Oh now you are going to take up the cause? You certainly have had a lot of time and energy fighting for the cause of Gatlin and marion jones, and they’ve actually tested positive. Somehw you didn’t have the same amount time and energy for the clean Jamaican athletes.

    Or is it that an athlete needs to be a PEDhead to get your sympathy. Cry me a river.

    Go on my yout’. Try save face now an tek up di cause a di yardis now dat mi seh someting. Because you certainly had no intention to do it before.

  38. Well that’s just it, you haven’t straightened out a thing……… My commentary here at world-track is still young, and i’m not here to declare war on any athlete or any commenter , not even the ones who I don’t agree with.
    Excuse me for not commenting how you wanted me to comment.

    With all due respect, please don’t leave me a comment until you have found it within your heart to stop accusing attacking and, and I mean that. This is not amusing anymore. BEcause you have relegated this to meaningless subjective ke ke ke, rather than sticking to the facts.

    I comment the way I need to comment. I don’t have to prove a thing to you.

    So it would be better you don’t comment, if you have nothing CONSTRUCTIVE to tell me. it’s getting on the verge of harrassment, and I KNOW you don’t feel good about what you’re doing. You’re hurting inside and you want everybody to feel your misery. Sis that’s not the way to go. It will crumble you to pieces, and for one minute, if you could turn off all the judgment. Your brother Nathaniel is speaking to you. I feel your pain, and I don’t have to be Jamaican to feel it. It’s ugly, it’s uncomfortable, it’s terrible. Whatever is troubling inside REBUKE IT. It’s dragging you down. I feel it over the internet, real talk, and it’s not positive energy..

    STacy, I am concerned because the exchange of comments we’ve had have not been pleasant from the start. And i feel like it’s not even me you’re talking to. It’s like it’s someone who has wronged who you can’t readily confront and therefore, because I voiced some thoughts that were even remotely similar to this perpetrator, I become the person that has wronged you. Forgiveness is a hard process, but it can be done.

    And like I said, I”m not here to war with anyone, and I haven’t declared war with anyone. And I will not declare war with you. Neither of us deserve to be carrying on like this; it’s pure nonsense. We can interface better than this. So until that point, it’s been nice talking to you.

    I’ll be looking forward to your first kind word ; )
    Peace and Blessings

    PS I fell in love with the philosophy behind Jamaica’s colors long time ago:
    HARDSHIPS there are, but the land is green and sun shineth. That’s a message to us all. And it’s powerful. Realize the power in that statement sis. Vibe on that

  39. OMG I am laughing so hard I almost wet myself. Actually, it has been very amusing to me from the start.

    I’ll tell you why it’s uncomfortable for you now. Because you have been caught in a tangled web of lies. You presented yourself as an equal opportunity defender of ALL athletes wrongly accused or unnecessarily picked on and I’ve been saying from the get go that you NEVER ONCE came to the defense of any of the Jamaican athletes UNTIL I pointed out that you haven’t. Never once, so who are you kidding. Only yourself.

    You were only sensitive to the issues when it dealt with Jeter, Jones, or Gatlin. Apparently the 3rd world athletes who built themselves up from poverty and became phenomenol athletes without the use of PEDs, aren’t as deserving in your eyes. And yet you are the stubborn one who can’t admit it, even though the proof is staring straight at us. Honey, that is all your problem. You apparently fell off your rope of reality and landed hard.

    And now that you have been called out and your true colors are shown, you want to play the role of victim. Sweetheart, you were right there with the name-calling and belittling, the difference is because I knew you were full of it, nothing you were going to say was ever going to affect me. The reason you’ve been affected by my comments is that I can back up everything I’ve said and you can’t.

    I know it sucks but that was your doing not mine. I’ve never strayed from the facts, you have. If you cannot deal with the repurcussions of your actions then that’s your problem, but I’m certainly not going to stop posting just because you were silly enough to make untrue statements and not expect to be rebutted. I’m having a blast. If you’re not, take your own advice and leave well enough alone. Or keep digging your hole of delusion. I’ll be right here in reality.

    I gave you the advice of keeping silent and be considered a fool, and not to open your mouth and remove the doubt, you opted to open mouth and insert foot. I guess that’s the HARDSHIP you have to deal with. Good luck with that.

  40. quick fact: every athlete that has dipped under the magical 10 sec barrier (besides Australian aboriginal Patrick Johnson and frankie fredricks ),.. has been of west african decent. That in a nutshell includes the north americans,carribeans and naturally west y wud carl lewis be so surprised that the jamaicans are a powerhouse “now”…of which they have always been…rather what i wud be asking is after the strictness of testing y is it all of a sudden the ameicans arent dominating…he shud also do his research becoz as a teenager aged 15,usain bolt was the fastest junior athlete over 200…thats including guys 3,4 years older…which is nuthing when u are 21,22 and fully developed but as a teenager its amazing…he ran world record times as a junior so naturally if he was the best ever junior…then y wud it be surprising hes the best now…isnt that just common sense…Carl Lewis is really bitter at an athlete who at a relatively early period in his career he has argueably achieved more than he did and cud go down in history as the best ever…wat a sore loser

  41. Yes That 6 ft 4 sprint Steve Williams!!
    Bolt is the evolution of the tall sprinter mastering the footwork in the first 10 meters
    Look at how Bolts body position springs him into full stride quickly! Amazing! After that Big wheel vs. Little Wheel ….Carl Lewis for 6’2 guy was also great at getting into stride quickly.
    I respect the difficulty even with my sprint range of 4.19 40 yards and 44.86 400 meters getting the feet, dexterity & relaxation that Bolt has is a joy to watch

  42. Personally, and I could care less what all you ppl are saying, I still see Bolt as under suspicion. But when it comes to Tyson Gay you cannot use him as a way to throw our suspicions back at us. Tyson gay has been running fast times but they were windaided. I am not taking anything away from Bolt but it is VERY suspicious, yes has been running amazing times when he was younger but so has alot of young athletes. If you look at alot of the huge sprint stars today none of them ran really quick times younger they actually were just fast enough running in the 10.6’s or 20.’s. Yes Bolt has had the potential at a young age looking at the stats that many of you pointed out but the huge discussion is his progression. He has been progressing very questionably. I would have been fine and not shocked if he was running 43’s in the 400 and breaking the 400/200 records vs the 200/100 but its like he really has no great history in the 100 and he goes from a 10.03 in ’07 to a 9.69 in ’08 to a 9.58 in ’09. Thats a HUGE gap in time in terms of the 100m.
    But funny enough to me which marks a HUGE question mark is in the 200 because he went from a 19.75 in ’07 to a pb of 19.30 in ’08. Thats a GIANT gap in time and regardless how many drug tests you still have to question that huge improvement in time. Not even training can make that much of a improvement in a year. guys take two years or more to make that jump.


  44. Jamaica has always had very good sprinters over the years and very few have been linked to steriods. The US sprinters have dominated the 100, 200 and 400 meters for years, many have been linked to steriods use and there is a greater pole of athletes to pull from from the US than Jamaica. Usain Bolt is the exception to the rule, majority of Jamaican athletes train, attend college and live in the USA, most never return to live in Jamaica. Despite the USA with its faults, it seems many foreign athletes seems not grateful or appreciative of the USA opening its facilities to assist them and then they compete against the very country that they train or develop their skills. Draw your own conclusion to this situation, maybe the rules and regulation need to change

  45. Flash, you’re an idiot, but even worse, you’re a biased idiot. You think that Gay’s VAST improvements are less suspicious than Bolt’s?

    Because, somehow to you, the fact that Gay set his PRs and the ARs while proclaiming an injury so intense that it forced him to sit out the 200m at the WC isn’t cause for suspicion. Perhaps he should donate his body to science, since without the aid of any “enhancements” he is able to perform MUCH better with an injury than when fully fit, which would make him either a scientific anomaly or evidence that miracles can happen. Yeah, that’s not suspicious at all…right?

    How many world records did Gay set at 15? 17? 19? Check out how many Bolt set at those ages, how many of them are still unbroken, and then ask yourself why you think it odd for him to set more at age 22 and 23. Because to you, and athletic prodigy at 15 has no chance of being a prodigy at 22? Yeah, that makes sense (insert sarcasm here).

    On a different note, in future discussions, try to remember that “alot” isn’t a word. Makes it hard for us to think you have any sense when you keep using it in your rebuttals.

  46. @Stacy…when Michael Johnson made the big jump – lowering the 200m record from 19:72 to 19:32, I bet Flash didn’t think anything wrong with that did he?

    I have said it before and I will say it again there is nothing Usain can do to prove that he is clean. There will always be bad-minded and jealous people like Flash around. All I can say to Usain is ‘watch your back’ there are people around who will set you up to destroy you, e.g. spiking your food and drink.

    1. MJ ran negative splits when he broke the 400m record. That is impossible for any human to do. Most humans running the 400m get tired and kick into their aerobic system. Not MJ

  47. PC, you are so right, but it shouldn’t be surprising. Americans only have issues with non-Americans who show big improvements, never with Americans who do the same, eg Tyson Gay, Carmelita Jeter, Michael Johnson etc. Nor have I ever heard even one of them ever question Michael Phelps’ achievements even though they occurred in the same Olympics as Bolt. Is it because Bolt wasn’t wearing a suit designed by NASA so he didn’t have the boost that Phelps got that they think he got his WRs via another method?

    But you know what I always say, either the Jamaican gene pool created the fastest man ever, or all the doubters must admit that Jamaicans are so smart and technologically/scientifically advanced that we used our 3rd world economy to create a drug that ALL the 1st world countries are too backward to detect. Either way you cut it, we are superior to them in one way or another.

  48. Lets not forget Flo-Jo either. I remember seeing her at a meet in Jamaica the year before she smashed the world record to smithereens. I remember how fat and flabby she looked then and Merlene whipped her @#*& then. I was really dumbfounded when I saw the chiseled features she had a year later. None of these “fair-minded” ‘American want to talk about that do they?

  49. You have tons of alive athletes to accuse, and you choose to talk about the deceased, lol, smh, That’s kinda messed up PC. But Flojo hasn’t had the last of it about her 1988 season, and maybe never will. Flojo had been a standout sprinter on the international scene for quite some time(at least since 79, much like Ottey) Had a 21.96 PR that won the silver medal at the 87 champs, and a 10.96 PR. 88 definitely wasn’t the first time Griffith Joyner had beaten Ottey She had beaten her at least three times that I can think of in the past, one of those times being the 200 final of the 1984 Olympics. But Flojo’s 88 breakthrough, I am convinced, will be up for debate until kingdom come. And I’m not about to opine on that. But I encourage people to look at the progression of Flojo before they make adamant judgments, because I suspect, though I may be wrong, that many don’t know much about Flojo prior to 88 other than hearsay

  50. That means that America is not the only country in the world. Other countries regardless of size, can produce quality sprinters. Mr Carl lewis, your time as come and gone with many saying you where “drugged up”, can’t blame you to feel the way you do, cause you and your team just got erased by some small island athletes (Bolt/Powell)from Jamaica.

  51. Booh, hoo, Carl Lewis: Guilt, that’s what’s getting you. We both know that you took anabolic steroids that weren’t detectable back then. Now there are no steroids that the scientific industry cannot detect yet (“I know cause I’m a sports doctor”). Athletes that dope have the unfair advantage due to money & smaller developing countries could not afford the steroids. Faster and better athletes are emerging. Mr. Bolt is at his peak right now and I hope if and when another athlete breaks his record he will be man enough to accept and congratulate greatness. That’s what a “true sportsmanship”. Michael Johnson did it, get over yourself. You were yesterday, stop whining, the best is yet to come globally, not only the U.S.

  52. I hate when people use that going from 10 flat to 9.7 argument as “proof” that Bolt is doping. For goodness sakes 2008 was his FIRST season EVER running the 100m. Of course his first race won’t be perfect. Also why is Carl surprised that Bolt broke the 200m record. The man only ran 19.93 at 17 years old. It wasn’t a matter of if but WHEN would Bolt break the 200m record. Let’s not forget that tyson gay went from 10.03 (give or take a few hundreths of a second) to 9.84 in one season. So if people want to get accuse Usain, then go ahead and accuse Tyson as well. And before anyone tries to call me biased, I’m American and my favorite sprinter is neither Gay or Bolt. It’s Asafa Powell, I’m just tired of people trying to bash Bolt. He’s been a record setter since he was a teen. Accept it haters.

  53. Look people. If you run sub-10, you are on PED’s. It’s a good rule of thumb. If you want to know who is on, look at the podium. It’s a pretty good guide. If you want to get specific, let’s talk.

  54. Eddie you said it best. Anyone who’s been following Usain’s progression would know how ridiculously fast he is. Bolt literally broke every record at the school boy level in Jamaica. He won everything he did at the junior level and as eddie pointed out 19.73 when he was seventeen. Carl Lewis only shows his ignorance when he speaks. When Bolt ran at his first WC or Olympics (don’t remember) he got whopped because of his lack of experience (e.g. running with his gold chain in his mouth in the finals) but for a teenager, reaching the final was a really big deal. As I’ve said, if you know anything about tracks you’ll know that what Usain is doing was coming like a freight train and now its here…Carl Lewis move or you’ll get run the F&*# over!!

  55. One of the most important things in life is the ability to adopt to change and to appreciate that talent is giving by god and if use the right way can be use to the glorification of god and the upliftment of us as human beings. also we as humans are quick to cast judgement on each other before even stopping to think of the innocent or guilt of the other person. in the same breath any person with the minimal of common sense will know that to exercise the above characteristics will go a long way in making ones life easier. obviously mr carl lewis does not have the minimal of common sense, he does not appreciate talent, and exceptional talent which mr bolt has, he cannot appreciate change which mr bolt has brought to the sport and his rush to judgement is typical of a person with minimal or no common sense at all. god bless you mr lewis you need is love and guidance to be a better and less bitter person.

  56. the people currently in the sport are not complaining, they all wish to emulate usaim bolt. his main adversaries congratulate him, the world celebrates him. don’t be a hater, your day has come and gone. accept it, there are great athletes in the world who are not american, surprised ?

    grow up carl lewis, look in the mirror, you can’t hide from yourself. you have lost all credibility

    accept it

  57. Carl be real. Have you ever heard of Carifta Games? You should check it out. My only hope is if my fellow Grenadian Kirani James works hard enough to be as good as Usain, Asafa and Gay, to mention a few, this drug thing is not put on him. Just as no American knew about Kirani before this 2010 and he is the fastest ever (yes in the world) 14, 15, 16, 17, and soon to be 18 year old over 400m. Plus, he’s from a smaller Island than Jamaica (Grenada to the world). The same way Usain was great at a young age. Plus in Grenada, we got no money to obtain these PEDs and Jamaica just the same. We Island people are poor. So it’s all natural. Like Usain said he like to eat yam. Grenadians eat plenty Green banana. I guess the Americans need to stop eat all the fast food. Why, don’t you look to question Gay that have muscle all in his eye ball. Face the fax Gay runs some mad times as well. How come no other a good sprinters of your time e.g. Linford Christie not acting like you. Grow up! To thing, I use to have you back when you were on top. Finally, keep in mind that Usain can run a dam good 400m as well. Big up my Caribbean Island Brothers.

  58. You Carl Lewis are an ass…. Regardless of what others used to say about you being a punk, i used to defend you and say at least respect the guy for his athletic achievements, but now i can’t believe that someone could stoop this low as to make a judgement like this of another athlete. Michael Johnson and other famous athletes have given props to Usain Bolt except for you. who the hell do you think you are? What about you? I am not one to judge
    others but i heard that you were shooting drugs back then. As i said before i used to respect you for your athletic ability, but now i realise that you are nothing but an envious and grudgeful jackass. God will always bless Usain Bolt, you i don’t know about!

  59. The sad part is that so many excuses are lighting up. Carl Lewis’s record speaks for itself. He has been an inspiration and hero to the Track and Field world ever since he was in Willingboro HS. LOL Carl on drugs…if anyone believes that, it is likely they were doing drugs when they came to that assessment (intentional typo) Bill Lewis did not raise a cheater or punk (RIP) Bill is a hero, and his son has fulfilled his legacy. Let’s face it, Carl talks a great deal, gets on peoples’ nerves and ruffles feathers but one thing that has been for sure…he has usually been right on the button with his accusations…we cannot deny that. I hope that Bolt is clean because I am a fan, and he can do great things for the sport but, don’t insult the king of Track and Field c’mon Man!

  60. Quest…boy are you out of the loop. The man admitted it. It wasn’t just that he was accused. He admitted it, on tape. What more do you need. So those “records” you want to talk about are nothing but ill-gotten gains.

    1. He admitted to to inadvertently taking a banned steroid that he got over the counter not to anabolic steroids that many other athletes took.

  61. Carl Lewis is just a hater. maybe you need to check out the Boys & Girls Champs events in Jamaica and there you will see real talent. It has the greatest level of secondary school performance in atheletics in the world for Track and Field. You HATER just dont love to see anyone else shine. have you forget that you tested positive THREE TIMES for banned substance…and your lame ass excuse was that you ingested it in herbal suppliments.

  62. Quest this just goes to show how people like you are simply damn hyprocritical. Why didn’t you say you hope that carl lewis was’nt on drugs back then,as i said before i used to respect him, but after hearing what he said about Usain Bolt,there is no difference between you and that jealous, lost in time ass…. Face it you are in denial about the drugs that he took during his time of competing. And your notion that because his dad was against drugs means that he didn’t take it is a bag of crop!! For your information he is not the king of track and field……Usain Bolt is and you can pass that on to that hater, snake, immature fool Carl Lewis!! Case close.

  63. The thing that upsets me is this guy (carl lewis) conveniently ignore all the U.S athletes who has tested positive for steroid use, never heard him comment on that fact, but instead criticize another athlete who isn’t american, that’s just a nasty lowdown dirty attitude, we as a people (black folks) share a common history regardless of what country we are competing for, we should do our best to respect each others accomplisment. All i can say is who God bless no one curse.

  64. Carl Lewis…you were my hero in your time but if i knew then that your mind was so corruot, i would’nt even waste my time watching you…what would you say about Carmelita Jeter who was struggling to come fifth in a race the other day..then about 2-3 months later she was running the second fastest time ever packing muscles like a weightlifter…and of course..behind another drug mule called Flo Jo. Have you forgotten Princess Marion Jones….Justin Gatlin…Let me tell you…American athletes dont impress me..never.
    You are like a crab in a barrel..always pulling back on the others. You were never in Usain Bolt’s class…Asafa…Yohan Blake..or even a young Dexter Lee…i hope you have a heart attack when Usain beats his own record again…i hope to come to your funeral…booooooooooooo

  65. One thing everyone is forgetting is that in the past a lot of the faster Jamaican track and field stars who would make it through college with out being burnt out were bought to run for other countries. The United States included, Sanya Richards is Jamaican (check the facts). What happen is that after winning at 15 Usain decided he would not train anywhere but Jamaica, Asafa did the same etc. The reall reason is that now that they are being trained in Jamaica the are give the priorty they need to become their best to represent the country. Usain is the most tested right now, they have been testing him forever. Even at age 15 they would show up at his door to test him. At that time he was a poor Jamaican kid whoes parents were struggling at times to find food. Think about what we say when we say things Carl do your homework how can a kid that could hardly find food fine money to pay for drugs. If you investigate the facts the year that Gay beat Usain he was new on the seen and Usain was still fighting with his parents to quite track and field after the way the Jamaicans did him for pulling up injured at Athens. He did not want to train or continue in track on top of being injuried whe has. Why don’t you check with Wallace Spearmon they have been friends for a long time competing against each other.

    After Gay beat Usain he told his mother that that guy (Gay) will not take him like that again. Gay was new on the seen. So if you need to question anyones sudden appearance question Gay’s. Check Penn Relay records Usain has been competing internationally from about age 13.

    FYI he will not even take vitamins or pain meds. If you want a U.S. Usain he has a 12 year old cousin that lives in West Palm Beach that is already cleaning up since he is born here he will more than likely run for the U.S. if he decides to pursue track and field. A biggest part of Usain gift is genes, check out the Bolt family like and you will find that the women, men and children show exceptional speed, strength and endurance.

  66. This just shows that some Jamaicans have class and some do not (calling Carl Lewis names), shame on you.
    We can all agree to disagree but keep the sports clean and competetive..
    Peace and love..

  67. I do not like Carl Lewis but the question he poses is legitimate. You really have to know what it takes to shave a tenth of a second off the 100 let alone 3 or more. Ben Johnson is watching and cursing. Something is not right.

  68. Carl,were there questions about you during your rise to fame?

    Your problem is, you just can’t stand to see a non-US athlete hugging the spotlight, more so if that athlete is from the islands…..You’re so PREJUDICE, BADMIND and GRUDGEFUL.

    Oh,by the way,I reserved my true thoughts about you here….and will erase you from my history book of icons..

  69. you jamaicans need to stop. nobody is hating on you all. most african american are very proud of you guys and girls accomplishments. im a track nut and i do remember usain running 19.93. u need to respect the old skool, carl was a helluva sprinter not to mention 4 time olympic champ in long jump. usain is the shit but remember your history juliet cuthbert, grace jackson, etc. and flo-jo was always fast, she and merlene ottey battled in college during the early 1980’s not to mention she was ncca 400 meter champ in 1983. she was feminine, beautifal and fast. she’s dead, quit berating her she has a daughter. 10.49 and 21.34 need i say more. jeremy from texas

  70. Carl Lewis, I do applaud you for one again highlighting how grudgeful and evil Americans are. Want to talk about cheater, ok Flo jo, the only reason that woman could even be in the record books is because the tech was not so good at that time to catch the bitch. 10.4 come on! Carl Lewis, just stop, because there have been more drug users from America than any where else. Mr. Lewis is better suited remembering that he is in fact a black man in a racially prejudiced country. News flash they are racist and they don’t like you. If you were a Jamaica running the times you ran, this conversation would see me defending you. Wake up people, it is possible that this guy is just good, just as how u claim Flo Jo to be good.

  71. carl lewis you should not be evnyous of the jamaicans because i went to jamaica in the summer of 2004 with my mother and jamaicans where cheering for jamaicans along with americans ass well .you should just respect that jamaicans as acheived alot thruogh hard work and they have been on the world stage for such a small island even now you could see the whole carribbean beggining to become very proficent in atlethics ,.

  72. My reswponse to real deal’s comment is this.There is corruption in every country on earth.Your insinuation of corruption in the case of Usain Bolt shows the shallowness of your knowledge of track and field.Has it ever occured to you,that in Bolt’s earlier outings prior to the olympics in China,that he was still a raw and steadily improving sprinter?Do not allow Carl Lewis and his rantings to mislead you.Carl Lewis needs to take a back seat and focus on his futile efforts to enter politics in New Jersey.Instead of casting doubts on Bolt,let me suggest,that you look at Justin Gatlin and ask yourself a question.How does Justin Gatlin manage to run the times he has been running after a four year lay off.If he can perform as he has been doing since coming off the ban,why are so many people shocked at Bolt’s performance after a nine month lay off.If as you have stated,corruption is at the root of Jamaican track and field,then let me suggest that the world governing body is damned sure not doing their job and the entire Jamaican squad is performing due to corruption.You need to ease back abit and try to apply some common sense in view of the fact that your knowledge of track and field is pitifully flawed.In no way do I suggest that Gatlin is currently corrupt,because I dont know.Innocent till proven guilty extends itself ,even into the world of sports.

  73. PLEASE. 1st it was superior training methods, then it was diet, then it was weight training. RUNNING is the the most BASIC SPORT known to HUMANS.
    How the hell do you go from 9.95 in 1960 Jim Hines to 9.58 in 21 years.
    Calvin Smith barely reduced it.

    1. You obviously know nothing of the history of Usain Bolt. I would suggest you enlighten yourself in this area as your argument is indeed exceedingly shallow.

  74. what i find puzzling is Carl Lewis’ claim about “all of a sudden these Jamaican come along.” I don’t know if he’s blind or just plain dunce. He’s forgetting that in his time he competed against Ben Johnson, Raymond Stewart, Linford Christie and later Donovan Bailey … all these runners were jamaicans even though Ray was the only one who wore jamaican colors. Carl needs to do a little research. He’ll find out that Usain Bolt is the only junior athlete to have run 19 seconds. He’ll see that Bolt was formerly a 200 and 400 runner and only picked up the 100 in recent times … Fuurthermore, if he wants to question athletes’ performances, he should look at his own countrymen and women first …. they have a long history of drug cheating. Carl was a great athlete and I actually enjoyed watching him compete. Nowadays though, he really does strike me as an idiot.

  75. This is just a simple case of bad mind.
    Carl Lewis is losing it.Did’nt Carl see the achievements of Usain as a teenager.He was well ahead of his peers then so it is only logical that as he matures that he would be something special and with time he would be miles ahead of his rivals.Remember also that Usain is quite versatile.He is the current holder of the Jamaican Junior 400 meters record.When I read what Carl has said, there is one line in a song by Admiral Bailey that comes to mind:”Bad mind a kill them”.Carl needs some toilet tissue to wipe his mouth.This might be a case of the intestinal tract working in reverse.

  76. Batty bway Carl need fi shut up him raass mouth. History tells us that 70% of drug sprint drug users are Americans. So quickly you forgot you son of a bitch. Jamaicans uses nature to get to there best. Check yuh self dutty Carl, check yuh self.

  77. Carl lewis Three times in 1988 gets caught useing. The USA covers it up and says he can compete in the Olypics. If that happen in Canada with Johnson he would have never competed in the 88 Olypics. Carl Lewis should keep his mouth shut, and look in the mirror.

  78. No Carl, you have no comment! Bigger, Stronger, Faster cameo role as “Sore Ass Loser.”

    I only saw the headline, have not read the article. Carl Lewis please defect.

  79. The biggest controversy in the history of track and field is that Carl Lewis drugs was not able to beat Ben Johnson and he awarded the gold.Now where is Carl Lewis the king who was never crowned in his own country.Bitter,bitter,bitter….wow how the table can turn..Carl you first have to learn your national anthem in the country were you born…it’s a shame.Carl let me enlighten you about something of Jamaican culture….we don’t like needles in our body not even at the hospital…listen to this…the yam n coco,dashene n pumpkin,the good jelly coconut,irish moss n roots n the good sensimellia….Carl Lewis be careful because the poison you take you be meddling the same vomit….watch your speech.

    1. Please check your facts, who was on the rostrum receiving a BRONZE medal in LA84 when Carl was receiving his GOLD ??????

  80. the hardest set of peopel to hold a conversation with are jamaicans lawd god they know everything an there country is still in a mess they know it all

  81. carl u r soo cocky up your ass .u r one lucky bitch thanks to the cover-up in the pass..u r the biggest cheater..ask ben johnson he will remind you

  82. Bolt is right on pace. he has been running fast since he has been a teen. anyone who knows about human development that a boy does not become a man until about 23 and a mans athletic peek is between 25 and 35. so I’m looking forward to see what he does in the next 10 years. it is probably going to be ridiculous.

  83. When Carl voiced his suspicions about Ben way back in 85/6 , many said he was jealous ’cause Ben was beating him regularly. He was proved right in the end. Bolt’s times are a HUGE leap from his immediate past times. Time will tell. And to all those claiming so confidently Carl took steroids, can you stand in a court of law and swear he took them ? which steroid was he ever tested positive for ? I only know of the over the counter steroids that we all take like histamines which he took n was cleared for. Anyone know any anabolic steroid Carl ever took ?

  84. what jamaicans must say is thank god for USA cause most of there athletes go to college in that land of milk and honey and many others

  85. i want to suggest that some action be taken so that a task force be sent to jamaica immediately to check on their athletes it seems as though nothing is being done too much sprinters for a small island need to pressure iaaf into some action jamaica is drug infested in all ways

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    ωhich i am goіng to сonvey in univеrsity.

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