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Darren Campbell believes Gay will beat Bolt if he runs just the 200m

By Glen Andrews and Gary Smith, World-Track Steve Cram believes Asafa Powell has run himself out of the title race with another poor performance Friday.

By Glen Andrews and Gary Smith, World-Track

Steve Cram believes Asafa Powell has run himself out of the title race with another poor performance Friday.

LONDON — Former Great Britain sprinter Darren Campbell believes Tyson Gay will beat Usain Bolt at the World Championships in Berlin, if the American runs just the 200 metres.

tysongaySpeaking to BBC Five Live on Saturday, Campbell said Bolt is definitely the man to beat in the 100m, but feels Gay, who is confident he can defend his titles in Berlin, will be a bag of problems over the half-lap.

"I predict Bolt wins the 100m in the low 9.7s ahead of Gay," the former Olympic 200m medallist said. "The 200m will be closer [though].

"Gay may not actually run the 100m and if he only runs the 200m then I think he will beat Bolt."

Meanwhile, both Campbell and fellow BBC Sports analyst companion Steve Cram wrote off former 100m world record holder Asafa Powell chances of troubling the top two sprint kings over the 100m.

In fact, Campbell is yet to be convinced that Powell can even win a bronze medal come Berlin, after the Jamaican disappointing sixth place finish behind Bolt in the 100m in London on Friday.

"I’m sitting on the fence for bronze because I don’t think it will be one of the usual suspects," Campbell said.

Cram in the meantime, added that Powell’s performance on Friday did him no justice, as he failed to deliver the confident sub-9.80 seconds performance he promised the day before.

boltpalaceAfter getting out to a slow start in Friday’s final, Bolt quickly made up grounds on the field before shutting things down at the 60-metres mark to record an easy win in 9.91, running into a strong headwind.
Surprisingly Powell, after getting out well, fainted to sixth in 10.26, this after running 10.19 in the heats.

"Asafa Powell’s the one who keeps writing himself out of the equation," Cram explained. "He should be good, should be better and should be quicker, but every time he comes up against Bolt he just seems to wilt away."

"Bolt should win the Worlds though. The weather could play its part. It won’t be like Beijing and if it’s warm then we could be looking at a 9.7. A new record may just depend on Bolt and what he fancies."

Gay is the defending champion in the 100m and 200m, as well as a gold medallist in the 4x100m from the last championships in Osaka in 2007, while Bolt is the Olympic champion and world record holder over those events, after dominating the track in Beijing last year.

"I felt going into Beijing that Gay could win but he was unfortunate with his injury. All we want is Gay and Bolt getting it on in the 100m, 200m and relay [in Berlin]."

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23 thoughts on “Darren Campbell believes Gay will beat Bolt if he runs just the 200m”

  1. I am amazed by all these experts. Bolt ran 4 rounds and produced a record in the 4th round of the 100 at the Olympics. He then ran 4 rounds in the 200 and again produced a record in the 4th round of the 200! when has Tyson Gay produced a record run after 2 or more rounds of any race? He is so lightly raced this year that it’s no wonder he got hurt trying to run faster than his body will allow, and sending statements!! Tyson is good, but accept that he is not in Usain’s league anymore. The bar has been raised out of his reach! HK.

  2. tyson gay is a big coward, hes running scared of usain bolt, complaining how hes hurt, how can you be hurt and run a 200 metres in 20.00 flat? now they are going after the jamaican runners trying to say they are cheaters, so many of the american runners have used drugs and the results have been covered up. their gold medals and world records are still standing, its pretty unfair, but now we have a genuine superstar from the caribbean and they cant deal with it. tyson gay cannot beat bolt at any distance on any type of track in any kind of weather.

  3. 100m or not…Gay cannot beat Bolt…simple as that…now Gay making up excuses that he hurt…either way it doesn’t matter…WR breaker or not Bolt will prevail and in fine fashion

  4. If Tyson Gay is healthy he stands a better chance of beating Bolt over the 100m more than the 200m. Bolt has a problem with his starts in the 100m & if Tyson gets a very good start & Bolt gets a bad start Tyson could hold him off. However there is no way he could hold him off in the 200m. Bolt will have too much ground to catch up even if he gets a bad start. I think Tyson pushed his body too hard to beat bolt & that is why he got injured last year & this year. Bolt only trains 3 hours a day. Tyson trains about 6-8 hours a day. He is a little guy in comparison to Usain so he needs to tone it down

  5. All i hear about is talks about injuries. All of a sudden Gay as injuries when the world series is right around the corner. I smell a chicken…Tyson is afraid to go up against Bolt. I don’t care what event they run; Tyson cannot beat Bolt. People face it Tyson is worn out now, he’s like a old tire on a truck.

  6. I dont think tyson is hurt. He just does not look it. This could be a media stunt. This always happen before a campionship but the question is will it work. Bolt should win as long there isn’t anymore media or other draw backs.

  7. With the form that bolt is in, it will definitely take a world record time to beat him at either the 100m or 200m. Gay needs to stop complaining about injuries and just go out and give it his best.

  8. well i like usain bolt and all, but i think ill go with history on this one. if gay is healthy, then he’ll walk away with at least one gold medal. i like how everyone is one bolt’s jock when reality is that he has only beaten gay ONCE in his career. gay is a better 200m runner. out of 5 races, gay would win 3. now in the 100 usain is the man as long as his start is halfway decent. if the weather is right, then e will see a new record. i think asafa is also going to join gay and bolt on the podium.

  9. thats bull 200 is bolts pet event he would have a better chance at 100 as a matter of fact he has no chance of beating bolt now

  10. obviously mr campbell has not been following up track and field for while or he would have never made that comment

  11. lol you gonna bring up Tyson being a better 200m man lmao, when usain owns the world record, and you wanna bring up 07 like that has any significance now lol just accept Usains gonna win double gold or triple gold

  12. I have know Usain for 12yrs and I am telling you this. Tyson Gay top speed max at 100m (9.68) Usain Bolt Can easily run (9.54) if Challenged. Same with the 200M Tyson max spped is (19.35) Usain Bolt (19.28)
    Tyson is at his peek Usain Still have another 5 yrs to reach his peek. Tyson is a hard worker but Bolt is a Natural.
    Tyson needs the perfect start and has to be out 10-15meters a head in order to win.

  13. First of all, Tyson Gay has no reason to be scared. You win some you lose some but, you survive to race again. If he loses WHO CARES??????? To be quite honest Asafa Powell just might win. All this hype about Tyson and Bolt ALONE and leaving out Asafa is NOT smart. Look at the races. He shuts down literally. It looks like he is ready to me. SO WATCH OUT! People just jump on the band wagon. When somebody on top all of sudden you switch out on who you were formally for. Look at Jamaica. No one cares about Asafa NOW but, when he was on top they was all on his sack. Let’s not jump on band wagons because ONE person WILL NOT stay on top that long. Check track and fields history.

  14. To K. G

    You are so right. New WR today in Berlin > 9,58!!!! < and gay was running

    If Bolt needs to run faster, he push the button ( like NOS ) hahaha


    Greetings from Germany

  15. you all have too much pride!!! bolt yes he`s is the best but gay put in alot of work also it`s seem to me that the jamaicans been down so long that when they are on top they start trash talking! but one thing gay has that bolt do not is a humble spirit from god! i will take that over 9.58 anyday!!!!!!tyson keep your head up dude! bolt great race…you all be blessed

  16. Don

    We were held down by dopers for many years. Now that the track is level and the dopers have all been revealed we are finally taking our place where we rightfully belong. Ask poor Merlene Ottey, Raymond Stewart and many others who suffered at the hands (feet) of dopers. I won’t say where they came form

    Mek nuff noise Jamaicans…a fiwi time now. Usain, Asafa, Shelly Ann, Kerron, Melaine, Veronica, Shericka to the worl!! Big Up Jamaica.!!

    Free at last, free of dopers at last, thank God almighty we (Jamaican sprinters) are free of dopers at last!!!

  17. i have one question for the writer of the above article. Darren campbell, are you stupid? In what lifetime can Tyson gay beat Bolt? I fully agree with Pc’s comment. Jamaican athletes will shine brighter and brighter as the Dopers Exit the sport. there are still a few of them left but they are not comfortable. they’ll soon be all gone.

  18. well pc i have to respect what you said as truth i feel every country, that`s runs track have this issue to deal with.but still in all well said….but don`t count gay out! like i will never count powell out…anyboby can be beat on any given day.i really like bolt but i guess all the showing off get`s to me but not to the point that i down his spirit but after the race i seen a side of gay he looked really upset…..lol you all be blessed!

  19. Don

    Just for the records I am a great fan of Tyson Gay, Sanya Richards, Lauren Williams former sprint queen Evelyn Ashford and some great US sprinter


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