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Golden Gala Time Table

The time table for the Golden Gala – IAAF Golden League Meeting in Rome, Italy on Friday, 10 July.

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Time Event M-W Event Category Event M-W Event Category
16.15 Gathering          
16.30 12 x 200 M-W Palio Regione      
19.15 12 x 200 M-W FINALE              Palio Regione PV W G.L. Premium
19.30 100 (heat 1 ) W G.L. Premium      
19.37 100 (heat 2 ) W G.L. Premium      
19.44 100 (heat 1 ) M G.L. Premium JT M G.L. Classic
19.52 100 (heat 2 ) M G.L. Premium      
20.05 400 M G.L. Premium HJ W G.L. Classic
20.14 1,500 W Promotional      
20.22 5,000 M G.L. Premium      
20.43 100h W G.L. Classic      
20.53 110h M G.L. Classic LJ M Promotional
21.03 100 (final) M G.L. Premium      
21.13 100 (final) W G.L. Premium      
21.23 800 W Promotional      
21.33 800 M Promotional      
21.43 400 W G.L. Classic      
21.53 1,500 M Promotional      
22.05 3.000 steeple W Promotional      
22.20 400h W Promotional      
22.30 400h M Promotional      

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