By Steve Campbell, World-Track

MONACO – Despite aching from a sore groin problem, American world champion Tyson Gay is keen on taking on Asafa Powell in the 100 metres at the DN Galan in Stockholm on Friday.

Gay_rome1"Something really unexpected would have to happen (for Gay not to compete)," his agent Mark Wetmore told Reuters. "He really wants to run Stockholm."

Gay, who clocked 20.00seconds dead to win the 200m at the London Grand Prix on Saturday, is currently nursing a groin injury that threatens the defense of his world championships sprint double in Berlin next month.

The American plans to continue his preparation in Germany after his race in Stockholm, as he gears up for the well anticipated clash between himself and Jamaica’s world record holder and Olympic champion Usain Bolt.

Wetmore said Gay is eager to push himself to be ready for the worlds, as "he knows he is not going to be at the fitness level he wants to be if he rests between now and then."

After his win on Saturday Gay immediately went to physio tent  for treatment, where he revealed he was feeling uncomfortable.

"My groin has been tight on me, I’m trying to take a little Advil (painkillers) to run through the pain. I’ve got to be tough about it. I don’t feel it when I run, it’s after."

His aim his race away all the pain, but one cannot help but to think that he is doing more harm than good to himself.

At last year’s meeting, Powell rocketed from the blocks to beat Bolt prior to Olympics and win on Friday would certainly to world of good to the former world record holder who is being slowly written off for a medal in Berlin

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  1. gay is keen to race powell because he knows powell is not the runner he once was, his form has been sporadic, but if powell was running 9.7 ‘s i doubt he would want to race him. powell is not his problem , his problem is 6 ft 5 in tall.

  2. Haha…Walter, you hit the nail on the head..Why is he keen to meet Powell? He and Powell are both pretending as if they are injured it seems. Everytime he is to face Bolt he is injured or something. Asafa is the same drama. Thank God for Bolt, without him athletics would be very boring and ordinary..These guys need to stop playing games and run so that the fans can enjoy the sport…I can’t wait to see what the excuses will be at the WC…..

  3. I don’t know the reason for Tyson not racing Bolt, it might be a multiple of reasons so I won’t speculate or prejudge. I think Tyson Gay is capable but I don’t think he is going to beat Bolt. I might be a bit bias because Bolt is my country man but in trying to be objective I look at the times tyson runs and the effect it had on his body as against times run by Bolt and way Bolt’s body responds after. Based on this theory, there is no way I see Tyson and Bolt running close to their best and Tyson winning both races. If Tyson runs the 100m at 9.75 or lower he wont recover for any other race. Bolt on the other hand proves he can in Beijing. I don’t see Tyson winning the 100m by any stretch of the imagination. moving from 9.84 to 9.77 to 9.70 is a bit too much to expect from an athlete with a fully matured mind and body. the 200m might be Tyson Gay best chance. Here again, if Both run the 100m he will have expended as much energy as Bolt and Bolt is easily a superior 400m runner so his recovery will not be superior to Bolt. Based on this analysis, my opinion is, psychology is the only way Tyson Gay will have a chance to beat Bolt. Otherwise, with all other things remain the same, Bolt will win both sprint races at the World Championship.

  4. daynefex: idk if i truly agree with you. Have you stopped to think that maybe he is truly hurt and knows that the competitive side of him is going to make him run as hard as he possibly can against usain bolt and further ruin his chances? As a sprinter you know your body better than anyone and if you know that you are a competitor (as gay is) then you may want to rest your body for the big prize. Ok, yes, everyone wants to see the Gay/Bolt match up but people the bigger prize is not beating Bolt, its walking away with that gold around his neck. H’es tryn to save himself for the big show down which i bet he is gone show up and show out. Quit being such a hater and let these men get down to work….

    wakter fitzpatrick: I definatley agree that bolt has gotten all in powells head…too bad, cause he could be the second one to challenge bolt

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