KINGSTON – (Sporting Action) — A Jamaican media outlet on Friday reported that the five national sprinters who failed drug tests at the trials last month could escape with only public warnings.

According to local radio station Radio Jamaica, "the illegal substance might be a "B" classified drug which could mean only a public warning instead of a ban for the suspected athletes."

Dr. Herb Elliott, a member of the Jamaica Anti-Doping Commission (JADCO) confirmed that the takings were nothing major.

"I can assure you it wasn’t any major stuff," Elliott said. "Some of the athletes have been informed," he said, adding that all would have to be informed before any names can be disclosed – although an Italian newspaper already published five names

He also said: "It’s a finding showing that there is something. It is for us now to find out (what) and also analyse it."

The names of the athletes involved are yet to be released by the Jamaican Amateur Athletic Association (JAAA), although it is understood that four were male and one was female.

Reports said, two were members of the men’s 4×100 relay team, two in the men’s 4×400 relay and the woman was a 4×100 relay runner.

The news of the tests – confirmed by Dr. Herb Elliott, a member of the Jamaica Anti-Doping Commission (JADCO) and the sport’s governing body, the IAAF, left many saddened, but none more daunted than the world record holder Usain Bolt, who believes the positive testing is a backward step for athletics.

"It’s sad for the sport because the sport was getting on so well. This is probably a step backwards because people start questioning everybody, especially from Jamaica."

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