Bressanone/Brixen – On Tuesday evening, a day before the start of the competition in the 6th IAAF World Youth Championships, Traves Smikle of Jamaica admitted to being “a bit concerned” with the distances his opponents had thrown in the discus.

However the 17-year-old Jamaican went out and threw his personal best of 57.28m on his first effort without even taking off his sweat pants to be the sixth best qualifier through to the finals later today.

Flashing a bright smile after one throw, he said he was happy with his morning’s effort, “I threw my personal best on one throw and I am happy,” he said…..READ MORE

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  1. I must first say that Traves Smikle is one talented , humble and very focused fellow. With all the talent you got in the world great guidance does make a whole lot of difference and Traves could never ask for more when in the hands of Mr. Julian Robinson. One of the finest coaches you will ever come across in this life time. By the grace of God , Mr Robinson’s great guidance , Traves’ will power to go above and beyond and ever flowing support from friends / team mates / school mates and family members he will continue to do well. Not only that, he will show Jamaica and the rest of the world that our throwers are able to do just as good as those on the world’s stage. He will raise a few eyebrows, initiate many conversations among sports analysts and hopefully allow them to have an appreciation for not just Track events, and every field event with the exception of throws. Congrats Traves!, and thanks for setting the pace for us throwers in Jamaica. Nuff love going out to you Sir Smikle.

  2. Feeling proud to be close friends with this remarkable young man! :-). Ask Traves
    ” when it gonna be your time to shine” and he will tell you it’s already happening. Love you Traves and Mr. Robinson as for you coach got to love ya for the great work you have been doing with the guys at Calabar!

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