By Symone Goss, World-Track

STOCKHOLM — World Champion Tyson Gay showed no signs of the groin injury he sustained earlier this month, when he blasted away from a strong field to win the men’s 100m in a wind-aided 9.79(+2.6m/s) seconds at the DN Galan Super Grand Prix in Stockholm Friday.

gaydngalaThe performance was a big moral boost for the American who was hoping for a good time in his final competitive race before defending his sprint titles in Berlin next month.

Gay’s fellow countryman Darvis Patton finished second in 9.95seconds with Asafa Powell, after being overtaken by Gay evidently slowed down and finished third in 9.98.

Gay leads the world with a 9.77 seconds American record and personal record, but his main rival Usain Bolt of Jamaica has been equally impressive with his 9.79 seasonal best.

"The race felt good, and my finish was good," said Gay. "It was good, considering I haven’t really trained recently.

"I’m kind of glad to win. They pushed me that fast. I’m satisfied with the win.

"I really don’t have a problem running in the cold. I think it was a good run. My groin is a little bit sore, but I didn’t feel any pain during the race."

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  1. Congrats to Tyson, but again the wind (a tropical storm) is pushing him to a fast time. I am glad he is running fast times with a groin injury, so that in the Berlin final he’ll have no excuses when he is beaten by Usain. I personally like Tyson especially since he not cocky like the typical US sprinter and he seems to be a hard worker. Furthermore he is the training partner of my favourite female sprinter of all time, the ever gracious, polite and warm Veronica Campbell-Brown and that put him in good company. What a splendid ambassador she is for Jamaica.

  2. PC, there is nothing wrong with a cocky sprinter! lol If it weren’t for Usain Bolt, and Yohan and their silly cockiness, I would be totally bored! The cocky stuff is fun! Lighten up!

  3. PC, I couldn’t have said it any better myself; glad to see that Tyson is doing well even if he is being blown by gale force winds. What the heck is up with Asafa? I know he has been injured, but it’s no excuse for his always seemingly surrendering whenever he is about to be beaten. He has to practice running through the finish line, otherwise he will repeat this come Berlin. His run today was so reminiscent of 2007 World Champs. Asafa, we still love you, but please do us and yourself a favor, be a professional and finish the race even if you are not winning and in control.

  4. Asafa has always done this even when he was on top! I’ve never understood his never running thru the finish. It’s like a bad habit that his coach was never able to correct!

  5. I could not claim to be a track and field fan, as I usually only get excited about the Olympics and the World Championships, but in recent times, with Usain Bolt, Tyson Gay and Asafa Powell, it is really entertaining. It’s fun to listen to comments from the fans. I’d have to agree with Mickey that the “cockiness” of athletes makes the sport even more fun. I am blown away by Bolt and I can’t wait to see the match-up in the finals. People love to predict outcomes, and I always wonder when we will realize that what makes life SO VERY INTERESTING is that NO ONE can tell the future. I expect Bolt to win, but that’s ONLY an expectation. One thing for sure, whoever wins, we are in for an exciting race.

  6. Just to let you guys understand, the cockiness I am speaking of is not like that of Bolt’s light hearted fun, I am speaking of arrogance and disrespect for other like what happened too frequently in the past.

  7. it’s going to some exciting races and i think tyson is not going to walk away empty handed. i like gay over 200m better, but for some reason i think he is going to take the 100m. whether you guys want to believe it or not, bolt’s conditioning is not at the level it was last year headed to Beijing. gay suffered that injury and the show was pretty much handed to bolt. you all seem to write tyson gay as if he’s not going to bring the heat. i hear everyone saying that gay can only win if. i think te winner will be chosen at the start of both races.

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