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Norwegian Isabella Pederson described her 100m hurdles gold medal achievement at the 6th IAAF World Youth Championships in here in Bressanone as ‘beyond her wildest dreams’.

“Amazing, it’s unbelievable,” were the first words uttered by Pederson when asked how it feels to be Norway’s first gold medalist at this level.

“I knew I would have a good time when I came here, but gold medal, I never dream about it,” she added.

In the final, Pedersen, who recovered from a slow start, took control midway in the race to take victory in 13.23.

United States’ pair Kori Carter (13.26) and Bridgette Owens (13.39), both in personal best efforts, trailed Pedersen for second and third, respectively.

Pedersen said she was not worried about the start she got, as “I don’t normally have a good start”.

However, according to her “since year, I became better over the last hurdles, so when I reached mid-way the race, I said to myself, ‘you can do it … ohh my God, i’m doing it … I’m doing it … yeah,” she added while saying it was then “I had some relieve”.

Pederson, after her semi-finals run of 13.20, a world youth leading time, went into the final as favourite, but said she was very cautious.

“I knew I was not done, because its hurdles, anything can happen, you can miss the last hurdle, just like the Olympic Games,” she said while making reference to American Lolo Jones, who fell over the final hurdle.

“So now I can celebrate … I am going to eat and drink, not alcohol … and get a long night sleep,” she said.

Pederson now turns her attention to the long jump, which starts on Saturday.

“I have long jump on Saturday, and maybe I can get to the final there,” added Pedersen, who said she has been doing track & field since a tender age of 11.

After World Youth, Pedersen, a Bergen born, but now lives in Oslo where she attends school, will start preparation for the European Under-23 Championships.

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