Based on the latest All-Athletics World Rankings (11.08.2009) the medal distribution by countries at the World Championships is predicted as follows:

United States (USA)25
Russia (RUS)18
Kenya (KEN)13
Jamaica (JAM)12
Ethiopia (ETH)9
Cuba (CUB)6
Germany (GER)5
Australia (AUS)4
Great Britain & NI (GBR)4
Poland (POL)4
Bahamas (BAH)3
Belarus (BLR)3
Norway (NOR)3
Czech Republic (CZE)2
France (FRA)2
Portugal (POR)2
Sudan (SUD)2
Antigua & Barbuda (ANT)1
Bahrain (BRN)1
Brazil (BRA)1
Canada (CAN)1
Croatia (CRO)1
Eritrea (ERI)1
Estonia (EST)1
Finland (FIN)1
Hungary (HUN)1
Italy (ITA)1
Japan (JPN)1
Latvia (LAT)1
Lithuania (LTU)1
Morocco (MAR)1
New Zealand (NZL)1
Panama (PAN)1
Romania (ROU)1
Slovak Republic (SVK)1
Slovenia (SLO)1
Spain (ESP)1
South Africa (RSA)1
Uganda (UGA)1
Ukraine (UKR)1
Trinidad & Tobago (TRI)1

Remark: participants information as at 12 August

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