Bolt itching to hit the Berlin track

By Susan Porter, World-Track

bolt_pumashoesBERLIN — Usain Bolt is enthusiastic about stepping on the track and race again, something that could drive fear into his opponents, seeing that he rarely expressed such a feeling.

"I just want to run, I’m just itching to," Bolt said, speaking to international journalists gathered at Berlin’s sprawling Caribbean style Yaam Club on the city’s east end.

"I’ve been training hard, I’ve put the work in and I’m fully fit. I’m confident, but not too confident. I can’t wait."

The 22-year-old triple Olympic champion starts his march towards the possibility of winning another three gold medals at a major championships on Saturday with the first round of the men’s 100 metres dash.

His record breaking performances inside the Bird’s Nest Olympic Stadium last season was phenomenal, and while not predicting another show of such, the Jamaican has not ruled out the prospects either.

“You never know with me what it’s going to be,” he said. “Last year nobody knew what the World record time was going to be. You never know what’s possible. I just want to run. I just want to go out there.”

The much anticipated showdown between Bolt and reigning world champion Tyson Gay in the 100m and 200m in Berlin, is set to highlight the championships and like Gay, Bolt too is eager to show the world what he’s got.

"I’m ready and I’ve got some new stuff," said the Jamaican, holding up and pointing to his footwear. "I don’t really enjoy all this stuff but I know it comes with being a champion so I try to be cool with it.

"I’m looking forward to the showdown with Tyson Gay, especially after last season," he said, noting that he is just sees it as another race.

“It’s a race, a competition, but it’s not a fight. I don’t take it personally, it’s all business for me. So I’m going out there to just compete.”

The show will going on

Bolt’s pre-race clowning has propelled him to the top of the fans’ list and he said he would continue to stay active before his events because he already knows what is responsibilities are.

"I know what I’m out there for, the time to get focused is when the starter says ‘get set’," he said.

"The crowd is fun and it’s also fun to see some of the guys at the line. They are really tense but there are no worries for me, I’ve done it hundreds of times."

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