Ever had one of those feelings you can’t shake?

You know, one that haunts you. One that makes your heart beat faster, causing mini-anxiety attacks, in which you can feel yourself no longer breathing normally because of the apprehension that’s been built up inside of you.

Like waiting for the news to come back from the doctor on whether or not what you have is terminal. Or that feeling of knowing one day your spouse is going to find out you’ve been unfaithful. Or knowing that one day the men wearing windbreakers (DEA, FBI, CIA, etc.) are going to come knocking at your door and it’s all over.

You know, that feeling of total emptiness. Do you know that feeling?

When he crossed the line and that 9.58 flashed on my screen, I had that feeling. It was as if my body came to life and experienced death at the very same moment. You see, I love Usain Bolt. Love him the same way Boston loves Papi and Cleveland loves LeBron; the same way Skip Bayless loves Oklahoma and the media loves Parcells…Read More

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