By Miranda Mitchell, World-Track

shellyannBERLIN — Jamaican Shelly Ann Fraser added the World title to her Olympic crown when she produced the third fastest time ever of 10.73 seconds to claim the women’s 100 metres title in Berlin on Monday.

Blasting away from the field like she did in Beijing at the sound of the gun, Fraser managed to hold off the charging Kerron Stewart, who dipped in for second with a personal best equalling of 10.75secs.

"I knew that if I want to do the best race, I have to work on my start," Fraser said. "The victory is no surprise for me and the time of 10.73s neither.

"If you look at the time of the semi-final, it was clear that the final was going to be even faster. I left all the world behind me down there on the track. I wanted to win and made a perfect start and then executed well.

"I owe everything to my coach [Stephen Francis], sometimes I wish I could just hug him."

Silver medallist Stewart, who was also the silver medal winner behind Fraser in Beijing a summer ago, was happy with her overall performance, although she was disappointed at not winning the gold.

"I am satisfied with the silver medal. This is not what I wanted, but I gave everything I had," she said.

"I am happy to be part of this great race with incredible times. My time will come. I will have to work on my start. I am amazed, this was a great race with an amazing time for me and Shelly-Ann. And I got a medal, so I am not disappointed."

American champion Carmelita Jeter finished third once again, at a distant 10.90secs, with defending champion Veronica Campbell-Brown coming home fourth, at 10.95secs.

The Jamaicans field four athletes in the deciding race, with the next four finallists coming from USA and Bahamas.

Fraser gold medal run came a day after compatriot Usain Bolt crushed a world-class field to win the men’s race in a world record of 9.58 seconds.

The performance puts her beside Christine Arron of France, with only Florence Griffith-Joyner (10.49) and Marion Jones (10.65) have run faster.

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  1. world dominance by jamaica , this is a new beginning in track and field no more america rules the world, surely they cant be too pleased with this, its enough to drive carl lewis to drink.

  2. I don’t think it’s a new beginning. I just think the playing field is level (due to the hard stance on performance enhancement). I strongly believe that Debbie Ferguson (Bahamas) and Merlene Ottey (dub bronze queen from Jamaica) should have been world #1s back in the day when they had to compete with the likes of Flo Jo.
    Track and Field is a normal part of Jamaicans everyday life…it’s nothing new. If you look at the history of Penn relays, you will see that the jamaican athletes have always been dominant. However, when they become professionals they have have a difficult time winning because others are on drugs.

    Tyson Gay and Sanya Richards are the graceful and classy athletes on the US teams. I support them 100%.

  3. Well said Elizabeth!! But we go further back than Penn…to the 1948 Olympics with Wint, McKenley, Rhoden, Laing et all. And if Norman Washington Manley’s track career wasn’t interrupted by World War 1 and studies at Oxford University afterward, he probable would have won a medal, either in Long Jump or the 100m or both.

  4. Excellent race. Congratulations to Shelly Ann Fraser, Kerron Stewart, and Carmelita Jeter. I love it!

    “Africans Unite”

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