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Gay withdraws from 200m, but wants to run 4×100 relay

By Glen Andrews, World-Track BERLIN — Defending champion Tyson Gay withdrew from competing in the men’s 200 metres a day after inflicting more injury to

By Glen Andrews, World-Track

BERLIN — Defending champion Tyson Gay withdrew from competing in the men’s 200 metres a day after inflicting more injury to his groin during the 100m at the World Championships in Berlin.

Instead of fighting with the rounds, which would set up another showdown with arch rival Usain Bolt, the American has decided to focus on preparing for the sprint relay.

"Rather than risk further injury, I’ve decided that I will not compete in tomorrow’s first round of the 200m," Gay said Monday night.

"I would like to be a part of Team USA’s 4x100m and believe this decision will give me the best chance to be ready for the relay. I want to help our relay as best I can."

Gay blocked the pain from his groin to run a stunning national record of 9.71 seconds to finish second behind a majestic world record 9.58seconds performance by Jamaican Bolt over the 100m on Sunday.

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6 thoughts on “Gay withdraws from 200m, but wants to run 4×100 relay”

  1. I am really sorry that you won’t be there Tyson, to erase any further doubt about who is the quickest man alive. Usain should never be allowed to have a ‘stroll through the park’. But I can understand your caution Tyson, for further damage to your body could shorten your excellent career, and we don’t want that to happen, because there will be other opportunities to test Usain.

    Wish you well, you are a great warrior.

  2. Smart move by Tyson. He has already proven to us his true capabilities in the 100m. 4 more rounds of running the more demanding 200m would render him useless for a while which is not something we want to see. I’ll gladly take that and wait for the relays. Although I think the Jamaicans would crush the Americans here on paper, You never know what can happen.

  3. Tyson smart move save it for the relays if you can. As a former track athlete it burns me up because you have it you are right there to pass this guy. That was one of the best races I saw tyson run and he has the tools to get the job done. I look forward to many more matches between the top track athletes USA track will get back to dominance.

  4. The man is scared but I understand. I will do the same thing. Even Powell is injured from trying to catch the Bolt. You are a big man Tyson and I will try to rest and come back stronger. I know you can do it. Just forget about the Bolt knowing that you cannot catch him.
    Take Micheal Johnson advice and run for the Silver.
    You are great but God decided that you are sharing the stage with the greatest! Sorry! 🙁

  5. my question is this how can a man be injured an run a 9.71 american record? i have a problem understanding his injury. my next question to the readers is this , does anyone think there are still possible loopholes in the current drug testing proceedure? not accusing anyone of anything here just simply curious

  6. Tyson is a sore loser and can run no faster to beat Bolt, and he was just lucky Asafa had an injury or it would be 1,2. Jamaicans show their true power in sprinting, recognize and stop making excuses for poor sportsmen!!


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