By Steve Campbell, World-Track

BERLIN — Tyson Gay has managed to block and tolerate the pain of a groin trouble, but it looks like the pain killers are not helping anymore.

The American won a silver medal with a sizzling 9.71 seconds in Berlin on Sunday, but that result saw him causing further problems to his groin. He has decided to seek medical instructions before deciding whether to defend his world 200m title.

Gay has only one day to recover before the heats for the event which starts on Tuesday

"My groin wasn’t that good. In the final (100m) I just blocked everything out and gave it my all because there wasn’t much left," said Gay.

"That is how I went during the 100m rounds. I am going to talk to the doctors and see what they say as it’s giving me some pain right now and I need to see how it goes tonight."

The 27-year-old who won the sprint double and added another gold in the 4x100m in Osaka in 2007, said he gave his all on Sunday and had no excuses for his crushing defeat to Bolt, who sliced 0.11secs off his own previous world record — setting the new mark at a stunning 9.58secs.

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  1. I hope Tyson hasn’t damaged himself too much after performing with such guts yesterday. I am glad he didn’t offer any excuse for his defeat. It would have been difficulty for anyone to have defeated Usain yesterday. I hope he can run in the 200m although I prefer if he did not if it means he could suffer serious injury to himself.

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