BERLIN — The Jamaican team management asked the athletics’ governing body to withdraw six athletes, including former 100-metres world-record holder Asafa Powell and two Olympic gold medalists, from the world championships entry list Wednesday, following a training camp attendance dispute.

IAAF secretary general Pierre Weiss said the request was made early Wednesday, but didn’t disclose a reason. The Jamaican athletics federation has been in a dispute with several athletes from the MVP Track Club, which is been coached by Stephen Francis.

Olympic 100m champion Shelly-Ann Fraser, 400 hurdles Olympic gold medalist Melaine Walker, hurdler Brigitte Foster-Hylton, 400m runners Shericka Williams and Kaliese Spence are the other athletes, reportedly involved

Jamaican Amateur Athletic Association president Howard Aris, this week warned the stars that they could miss the championships unless they appear at a six-day camp in Nurembur.

Jamaican officials attending the IAAF congress declined to immediately comment.

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  1. I really don’t see why JAAA trying 2prevent their own country from having success at the Championships? they need 2give the 5athletes a break!…i can bet that there is couple Americans in that committee associating with this point less decision!

  2. This is getting ugly….Too many egos involved here….The athletes will suffer and the nation will look bad as well….I hope they still get to run….One can only wonder what frame of mind they will be in if they do participate.

  3. It’s not about the winning of medals it is principle, They have a training camp they need to put their egos aside for the country. How will they prepair for the 4x100m if they are late, the same thing happen at the last year and the women drop the batton. MVP is not bigger than Jamaica, all the Americans are together why can’t we. Poor management by MVP

  4. I agree with Wayne 100%. The management of the MVP is also very disrespectful and has no regards for the JAAA and by extention Jamaica. The know that the general public would want to bash the JAAA for not allowing the top athletes to run thats why they send the low profile athletes to the camp. Powell & company also need to know that they are the ones who will get hurt in all of this, so to come out and say that he was not aware that the camp was mandatory is such a blatant …….. as it is clearly stated in section 2 of the selection criteria on the entry form that all athletes signed.

  5. Winning is great it reinforces the position that Jamaica holds worldwide in the track and field word, so let’s go back to principle and respect. If you are representing an entity then you should respect that entity , not be disrespectful.

    These athlete can run for someone else if they choose to not follow the rules, there are many that will come after them. The JAA grapes are not that sour….

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