is reporting that the five Jamaican athletes who returned positive tests at the National Championships in June are being threatened.

The athletes, who were reported as four males and one female, are scheduled to have their cases heard by a panel today, but the location has been kept under tight security in an attempt to keep the athletes safe.

On the heels of what is expected to be another dominating performances from the Jamaican sprinters like the one they accomplished at the Olympic Games in Beijing last summer, the news broke that five athletes failed drug tests.

The athletes’ names were not revealed by Jamaican officials, but reports circulating in the various media Outlets from Jamaica are pointing to Yohan Blake and Marvin Anderson, sprint training partners of Usain Bolt, as well as 400m runners Allodin Fothergill and Lansford Spence, with the lone female being 100m runner Sheri-Ann Brooks….Read Article

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  1. This is crazy! to threaten the life of an athlete. Sometimes people do the wrong thing or take the wrong advice from people and make a grave mistake. I think Dawin Chambers has been forgiven by the public more than all the athletes that used performance suppliments. Why don’t we forgive everyone the same way?
    It’s good to know that God Dosen’t keep throwing up in our face all the wrong that we have done.

  2. Is this true? I haven’t heard this reported anywhere in the news media in Jamaica, nor has anyone called me to say that they have!! Is someone trying to further sully Jamaica’s name? I know folks may be upset, but threats? I would be surprised if this is true and if it is, I don’t think it is from die hard track fans….I am not talking about the wagonnists either!!

  3. PC, actually it appears to be true. Gammon, the Chairman of the disciplinary committee for JADCO stated such. The location of the hearing has been made private as a result. We all know that we love our track and field in Jamaica, and cheating in the sport of any kind wouldn’t be tolerated; we also have a certain element of our society who only know to turn to violence. Sadly, these athletes may not be guilty of anything; someone in JADCO who leaked this information prematurely, and Jamaica Observer with their inflammatory headlines with pictures of syringes are to blame. The manner in which this case has been handled by JADCO is appalling; it clearly shows they are not ready for primetime. I hope these athletes get a fair hearing, and secure good attorneys to sue Jamaica Observer’s raass.

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