It took Shelly-Ann Fraser just 10.73 seconds to add the World 100m title to her Olympic crown in Berlin last night at the 12th IAAF World Championships in Athletics.

Some two hours later she was still bouncing through the mixed zone speaking to every journalist who cared to push a microphone in front of her excited eyes and glinting grin – laughing, hopping, twirling, clapping and damn near dancing like the barefooted Caribbean schoolgirl from Waterhouse, St Andrew, she once was.

It was there, some 50km north of the Jamaican capital, Kingston – where the future world-beating sprinter was born – that the 10-year-old Fraser won her first medals running for kicks at the George Headley Primary School games. Remembered by her classmates as jovial and fun to be around, she is still what you might call “happy go-lucky”…..Read More

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