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boltusain1BERLIN — American reigning World sprint double champion Tyson Gay says Usain Bolt deserves to be respected for his outstanding accomplishments on the tracks thus far.

Bolt destroyed all his competition on his way to winning three gold medals with three world records at the Olympic Games in Beijing, last summer, something no one has ever managed to do at the same Games.

"I give respect where respect is due," said Gay. "Usain Bolt deserves respect. What he does on the track is stuff that other people can’t do.

"And that right there motivates me to train harder, be the best I can be and reach goals that no one else has done before."

In what was his first full season running the 100 metres last year, Bolt broke the world record twice – with the current mark stands at 9.69 seconds, a performance that easily landed him the Olympic title in the Bird’s Nest.

The Jamaican, 22, also blasted to three times faster than 9.80secs and four time quicker than 9.90secs. He was also untouched in the 200, after sizzling to the world record of 19.30secs to win by a mile.

After being out powered by Bolt in a world record race in Reebok, Gay went back and did his home work and was right on the mark to challenge the Jamaican in Beijing, before he was struck down by an injured hamstring and failed to make the final.

And after watching Bolt easing done some 15-metres to land the Olympic crown, the American admits that it was disappointing to have to watch from the sides.

"It was very frustrating what happened in Beijing. I guess it took a little time for me to get over it. But I understand. There’s a time for everything and last year wasn’t mine.

"I feel pretty good and I feel confident. My training has been going well, my times, my finish is there, I just have to stay focussed and stick to my goal – and that’s to win in Berlin.

"I didn’t really recognise what Usain had done in the 100m in Beijing until I saw the replay. That was so exciting."

The pair has been running toe-to-toe this year, with Gay slightly ahead with his world leading marks of 9.77 and 19.58 – compared to Bolt’s 9.79 and 19.59.

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  1. if i were usain bolt i would not be paying too much attention to the praise of tyson gay, maybe he wants to get into the head of bolt or just trying to learn from him, dont trust these americans they will do anything to get to the top as we are beginning to find out, money talks and they have plenty of that. having a great sprinter like usain bolt from jamaica ,who trains and lives in jamaica is a huge problem one which i can assure you they are working on trying to come up with a game plan to dethrone him. usain will just be himself and go out there and kick some behind.

  2. Hi Walter you are so true, The Father (Yah) said , cursed be the man that trust in man. Blessed is the man that trust in the Father, and whose hope the Father is. (Jeremiah 17:5,7) One Love, SHALOM ALECHEM (peace to you Mr Bolt)

  3. Ok, ok. Stop the HATE. Americans have ruled in track and field for years BROTHAS. Stop acting like you don’t know. Usain, Sir Usain Bolt, that is…is special. Regardless of what country he derives. I am happy for the competitive flavor the Jamaicans have brought to Track and Field. I can’t wait to see USA vs. Jamaica in 4 x 100 and 4 x 400. It should be a great match up. At least we know Asafa can’t beat Tyson. But, at this point in the game, NO PERSON is ready for the Lightning Bolt. I am a true American but I see it live and clear. Usain will dominate the 100 and 200 unless he gets injured. God forbid, we pray. I am a true American but like Jesse Owens and Michael Johnson and Carl Lewis and so many other Americans…we will we back. Please enjoy it while it lasts!!!

  4. Michael

    As we say in Jamaica ‘every dawg hav him day and ever puss him 4 o’clock.’

    Life goes in ebb and flow.

  5. PC, right back at ‘cha!!! Be careful with the boomerangs. You are so happy to have a champion like Usain Bolt and now you finally get to “floss”. Truly, I do understand. However, one ________ don’t stop no show!!! Jump, shout, scream it all about…but America will reign supreme again in the 100 meter and 200 meter sooner than you might think. No one can run fast forever…unless you are being chased by a Siberian tiger.

  6. Yes that might be true, but that person will never be as good as usain and possibly also never break any of the world records that he has set. Plus being that all these jamaican sprinters are currently young, its going to be a good while b4 america will be able to take over again and who knows maybe they never will, u never know what/who else jamaica will have in store for the future.

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