It was an enduring image: Usain Bolt, centre stage, at the Jamaican team press conference in Beijing, while squeezed to one side were his female Olympic gold medal winning team-mates. A thousand camera flashes illuminated the triple world record holder’s grin as the women were comprehensively ignored.

Pursing their lips, Shelly-Ann Fraser, Veronica Campbell-Brown and Melaine Walker had been here before. Yes, Bolt’s achievements were extraordinary, but for the female athletes the dynamics were all too familiar.

So why are women so routinely consigned to the bottom of the page? When she was finally given the microphone, Campbell-Brown bravely broached the issue. "It’s a touchy subject, but if I should be honest, I really believe men get more attention in this sport. It’s based on the fact that the world record in the 100m and 200m for men is reachable."….Read More

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