The drive from Kingston to Usain Bolt’s village, Sherwood Content, usually takes three and a half hours as the road winds across the hilly interior of Jamaica. But with Bolt at the wheel the journey takes half the time – the fastest man in the world speeding over the potholes to earn himself the nickname "lead foot".

Fast cars, dark glasses and dancing in nightclubs may give the impression that 22-year-old Bolt is a natural city slicker, but the triple Olympic gold medallist was raised in Trelawny Parish, in a village as primitive as they come.

With no street lights and limited running water, walking through Sherwood Content is like going back in time, where old men ride donkeys, children gather at the village tap to fill buckets of water and everybody waves at passing cars.

Frowning at the poor state of the roads, an elderly woman dressed in Sunday best offers up a prayer….Read More

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