With the highly anticipated IAAF World Championships only a few weeks away, World Track and Field Web Site has put together a group with our own predictions based on who we believe have the strongest chances of winning medals in Berlin, Germany.

Breaking things down into groups will make it a little more interesting for you our viewers, as you will be able to interact more on specific distances and field events. Today it’s all about the hurdles. Hopefully you will join in with your very own scoops – maybe there is something to learn that was missed.

Men – 110m hurdles
Dayron Robles (CUB)
Terrence Trammell (USA)
David Payne (USA)

Medal Dark-horses: Dwight Thomas (JAM) and Ryan Brathwaite (BAR)

World-Track Dig: I think the bronze medal contest will be closer than we all think and wouldn’t be surprised if the speed of Thomas pushes him this feat.

Women – 100m hurdles
Sally McLellan (AUS)
Dawn Harper (USA)
Priscilla Lopes-Schliep (CAN)

Medal Dark-horse: Brigitte Foster-Hylton (JAM)

World-Track Dig: What a race this one is shape in out to be. I think the powerhouse star of Sally give her a slight edge.

Men – 400m hurdles
Bershawn Jackson (USA)
Isa Phillips (JAM)
Kerron Clement (USA)

Medal Dark-horse: L.J. van Zyl (RSA), Danny McFarlane (JAM) and Angelo Taylor (USA)

World-Track Dig: I seriously doubt there will be a sweep in Berlin. Concentration and proper race tactic will be the deciding factor. There are so many race winners here

Women – 400m hurdles
Lashinda Demus (USA)
Melaine Walker (JAM
Sheena Tosta (USA)

Medal Dark-horse: Josanne Lucas (T&T) and Anna Jesien (POL)

World-Track Dig: Demus has proven she is the clear favourite. Walker just isn’t in that same Beijing form.


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