KINGSTON – Usain Bolt is the highest ever-paid track & field professional, this according to the athlete’s agent Ricky Simms.

Simms while admitting Bolt is not making as much as he should, mainly because of the financial crisis, warned that track & field athletes earning should not be compared to those of footballers, golfers, Formula One, and tennis professionals.

“They are sports that traditionally have a lot of money in them.”

“I think Usain is now earning much more than any other track & field athlete has done in the past,” he explained….Read More

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  1. the truth will come out i must agree with mitch because Jeter’s suppliers will be demanding Usain a star an him work hard fi everyting weh im have so —

  2. Haters haters haters<——directed at Mitch…finally the US pharmacy has been closed and the truth has come out that Jamaica (affectionately called Jamdung) has for years been churning out the world's greatest sprinters and now they (US) want to discredit our legitimacy as the world's smallest but greatest track and field superstars factory…eat yuh heart out Mitch JA!!!!! forever

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