The idea of my dad or any of his cabbie mates not knowing who the best heavyweight boxer in Britain was would have been, well, it just wouldn’t have happened.

When it comes to certain topics, drivers of black cabs are social barometers, canaries down the mine, except angrier. And when cabbies have stopped chirping about boxing, you know the sport must be in trouble. So when my cabbie the other night announced that he didn’t know who David Haye was, I was understandably shocked, to the extent that my cabbie felt the need to apologise.

Now, before anyone gets upset, this isn’t another "boxing’s on its last legs" blog. Everyone apart from Don King will tell you the sport’s not as popular as it used to be, we’ve accepted it, there’s no point going on about it. This blog is more about hope. The hope that somewhere out there is boxing’s Usain Bolt…..Read More

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