KINGSTON — The four Jamaican athletes who were left off the nation’s team to the World Championships last month have admitted to using a banned substance.

The sprinters who identified as Yohan Blake, Marvin Anderson, Lansford Spence and Allodin Fothergill, earlier this week admitted to taking a banned stimulant before Jamaica’s National Championships in June.

They appeared on Wednesday before an appeals tribunal assembled by Jamaica’s Sports Ministry.

Tribunal chairman Ransford Langrin said on Friday the runners face a ban of up two years. A sentencing hearing was set for Sept. 14.

Attorney Lincoln Eatmon said his clients acknowledged guilt to avoid a "lengthy, expensive battle."

A disciplinary panel had initially cleared them, but that ruling was appealed by the Jamaica Anti-Doping Commission.

Two of the athletes, Blake and Anderson are training partners of world and Olympic sprint champion Usain Bolt who also owns the world records in the sprints.

Bolt, has, however, never failed a drug test.

Meanwhile, Commonwealth Games 100m champion Sheri-Ann Brooks was on Thursday cleared by the tribunal because her backup sample was tested without her knowledge.

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  1. Pleading guilty is probably a great move for the four athletes. althought it may appear as thought they are pleading guilty of being cheaters , thats clearly not what this is. they are only pleading guilty to having ingested an illegal substance. cheating on the other hand is a willful and pre-meditative act. I think they will not recieve the maximum two year ban, but in light of the circumstances, will recieve a much lighter 6 months ban if there is such a thing, or a public warning. Pleading guilty is a great win for the prosecuting party because if such a thing were to return in the future, concerning any of these four athletes, they will have no leg to stand on.

  2. I disagree they should not have pleaded guilty. What is to gain by this plea. All it does is tell the the world they are drug cheaters… They probley would have gotten a light sentence anyway seeing the fact that the drug was not banned by WADA. and they were cleared by JAAC. Thy would have come out looking better this way…But maby trhey are facts I am not aware of as to why thir lawyers reached this decision. If so someone explain.

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