By Gary Smith, World-Track

SHANGHAI, China —–

Tyson Gay lowered his own American record to 9.69seconds (+2.0m/s) on his way to destroying a solid field to win the men’s 100 metres at Sunday’s Shanghai IAAF Golden Grand Prix.

After Asafa Powell false started in his effort to get away from the field early, Gay settled down once again and showed the world-class he is.

Getting out to a metre and a half to Powell at the start, the American powered by his Jamaican rival to lower his national record from the previous 9.71seconds he clocked to finish behind Usain Bolt in that world record 9.58seconds race in Berlin in August.

Seeing that he was no match again for Gay in another brilliant outing from the American, Powell eased down to almost a jog in the last four steps of the race to take second in 9.85secs. American Darvis Patton was third in 9.89, with Jamaica’s Nesta Carter returning to form with a personal best of 9.91 for fourth.

The run of Gay on Sunday does not look like a man who is being bothered by a groin injury, but if he, then the world could see a tough battle between himself and Bolt come next season when he is at full strength.

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  1. I just have 2 questions to ask my true track n field fans “Who in their right mind believed this guy TYSON GAY?” When he said he was nursing a groin injury, and who still believes him now? I know that people’s opinions are based merely on their allegiance\patriotism rather than their honest judgment. But, if you are 1 out of the many people that agrees that he (T. GAY) is really injured. What you are saying indirectly is that TYSON GAY is the 1st man in history to run sub 10secs in the 100m on 1 leg much less 9.69sec. Let me remind you for those of us who suffers from selective memory…OBADELE THOMSON ran 9.69 in 1996 with a +5.7 wind at high altitude; best legal time 9.87 ran in 1998 …TYSON GAY ran 9.68 in 2008 with a +4.1 wind; best legal time in that same year 9.77… USAIN BOLT ran 9.69 2008 with +/- 0.0 wind; best legal time in that year 9.72. WHAT I AM SAYING IS THAT ONLY 1 MAN HAS EVER RAN A SUB 9.70 LEGALLY, AND 2 OTHER MEN HAS DONE IT WITH WIND ASSISTANCE. ALL 3 OF THEM WERE IN TIP TOP SHAPE WHEN THEY PAST THIS MILESTONE. So who the hell, in their right mind is going to believe TYSON GAY when he says that he is nursing a groin injury.

  2. I ran track in my days and I know injuries and it Gay is having groin injury like he is saying then you would not have been running, let alone be running so fast

  3. I dont think Usain Bolt has anything to worry about. Tyson Gay is not carrying any injury and the ppl around him should be ashame to keep promoting it. I love Gay I think he is a cool guy, but you cannot do speed work in training and come and so fast if you are that injured. Like the previous commentor said. I am not buying it either.

  4. Groin Injury my ass! I bet if Bolt was going to run he would withdraw, darn coward acting like he is always sick. He can fool who he wishes but it is clear to me nothing is wrong with him.

    Do u all see how Carmelita Jeter’s time has improved from 10.85 to 10.67 in no time? hmmmm. smells fishy…..

  5. I wont try to speculate about Jeter, but my question is… if Tyson Gay was really injured, would he be so mad after losing to Bolt at the World Championships? This reported groin injury by Gay is now becoming boring

  6. I agree with my fellow freiend dee T GAY is a great pretender. Well GAY u have a lot of beating 2 get ,how long u can act this things out. plz stand up a be a man and face the truth u know u can beat BOLT so stop acting a movies.

  7. Come on people the times are a head of us. Let us look back a little. When Asafa had all the best times but never made it as a global Champion the excuses have been coming from 2004 till now! Now Same script but the character and conditions ,Tyson has been erased as Global Champion, that reality is not yet accepted,the excuses,the excuses, the excuses. The groin has been played out and run out now.Gay and Powell suffers from the same thing ONLY thing Powell’s case is more acute than Gay’s hence Tyson has the edge over Powell!

  8. There are 2 types of groin Injuries, high and low. You don’t know what type of medication Tyson Guy could be shooting in that area to deaden the pain. I coach Track and I had a sprinter that had a high groin sprang which is around the stomach line and not between the legs. With either one of these injuries, you don’t have the explosive start of coming out of the blocks unless you have some type of strong medican to deaden the pain. Some of you guy’s seem worried about Bolt getting beat or Tyson Gay being on drugs or as you say, he wasn’t never hurt. I will say this, I believe that bolt will lower the 100 and 200 meter record next year but Tyson Gay is not going anywhere. Tyson Gay is a warrior! he is going to continue to apply pressure on Bolt in every race.

  9. Sorry to offend you Mickey, I respect you as a man. You are the guy that played football at Tennessee. I know you know what time it is and you just want everyone to enjoy the sport without all the mouth about who will beat who.

  10. Tyson gay Is Nursing a groin Injury, what People are overlooking is the fact that Tyson gays injury Primaily affets his ability to run the curve. because groin musles while they are helpful in pullin the thigh forward, this muscle group primarily function as adductor muscles. it is unclear exactly what muscle in the groin, since it is a group of muscles. what this means is that Gay is more likely to be bothered by running the 200m Sprint, due to the curve. that is where the groin muscle would be more effective. As for Asafa. he is clearly not at 100 percent. this has been his worst year since 200 in terms of times and victories. this is also the first time in his career as a pro, that he has failed to run a PB. that is a sure sign that Powell has been seriously hampered by his injury. the great thing is that he has gotten better and better as the season wore on. that is very incouraging for anyone that is a fan of Asafa, a fan of good competition or a fan of Track & Field. I’m personally not the least bit worried about Asafa. Barring injury, I’m sure he will also better his PB next year and run 9.6 sec. As for Mickey. why are you such a hot head. people are sharing their opinions but who cares if someone has a different opinion than you do. It’s one of the things I Love most about this world. people can have different thinking and not be the least bit offended by each other. so what if some people don’t think Tyson gay is injured. based on the way he is running can you blame them. i think that every track and field athletes run injured to some degree all the time. that doesn’t mean that it is bound to affect their performance. I personally thought that Bolt Gay and Powell had a lot more in them after seeing their performances in Berlin. Powell had a groin problem suffered in the semi’s as well an ankle that was less than 100%. Tyson had his Groin issue, and Bolt, well Bolt is Bolt. I think Tyson gay had it right when at the end of berlin he said the world should look to see 9.7’s run a lot more frequently now. As a Track fan I’m excited. Congratulations to Tyson Gay.

  11. tyson gan is not injured,that was an excuse so that if bolt hammered him at berlin pple will believe that he is not 100 percent fit,no man can run such time with an injury ,especially looking at the fact that he does not run relaxed,there is no any man in this planet who can beat usain bolt.powell and gay are tallented bt not to bolts level,powell can ran fast times provided he dont jock at the last meters.

  12. Mike: I wasn’t offended man, and Waynef, i’m not a F*ckin”hot head,ok??!!!!!! lol You are right, everyone has the right to their opinion and the comments gives people a way to express their thoughts, and I actually enjoy reading some of them. but jeez, people use these comments as a way to be mean and negative especially towards AMERICAN’S!!! But i guess, It’s the same at some of the American sites I’ve recently visited, they say horrible, ugly racist things about the Jamaican’s!

  13. Tyson Gay may have a groin issue, but judging from his running in Berlin to Shanghai, I personnally do not believe it. If he is taking Novacain or Cortizone shots before each race as previously mentioned, and seeing the gruelling expressions on his face during the race, I think he would be in a lot of pain after the medicine wears off that maybe he could not walk.
    Funny thing, I can remember the last time Tyson and Bolt met before Berlin, it was at the Reebok Grand Prix 2008 in NYC, he claimed then, to have a groin injury. Hmmmmm….Needless to say Bolt ran the World record 9.72 secs. My advice to Tyson would be, if you are injured don’t run because no one wants to hear that you are not sound when you take a lane on the track and line up to run for BIG BUCKS.
    As for Jeter…..10.64 secs. brilliant time but…….I guess some people are peaking as the season ends. $$$$

  14. i questioned tyson gay’s injury way back when he had just run a 20 flat 200 metres, i also posed this question, “are there any loopholes in the current drug testing proceedure? not accusing tyson of anything , but i find it very strange this guy was injured last year before the olympic games and did not reach the finals. that was a true injury, because we saw him go \down in pain at the u. s trials in the 200 metres. this year every time i see him hes runnning hard and going flat out. what kind of phantom groin injury is that? after he finished 2nd to bolt in the 100 metres in the world championship, he pulled out of the 200 metres because of the injury, because he couldnt run the turn, baloney, he didnt want to take another butt kicking from bolt and probably others in the 200 metres because he was tired after four gruelling rounds of the 100 metres. he just recently ran a 200 metres race. i dont believe this guy, i dont trust him either, thats just my opinion, if he will lie about an injury what else might he do? time will tell. carmelita jeter couldnt win a race in the pre world games , finished 3rd in the 100 metres, now all of a sudden shes running 10. 64. after the games, she has never run anything close to this before, so again i am asking the question , are we to believe these times? we shall see.

  15. Well injury or no injury give Tyson Gay props he never gives up like asafa he tries his best always; he is a real man and i know he will go faster next year it will be glorious to see the world record going lower if we find bolt at the same level he is enjoying TIME IS THE MASTER.

  16. It’s cool Mikey, I know you are not that type of guy, I know that you don’t mean any harm to anyone. As you said, there are to many negitive and mean things said about both Jamacain and american athletes that should not be said. Everyone is pulling for their country to win. You love your country and I love mine. Im not angry to see the Jamacan team do good. I have older friends that are in their late 60’s. They told me that the Jamacains rule the track a few years ago. I use to love watching Bert Camron run the 400 meters when I was very young. I didn’t even know he was from Jamaca. It didn’t matter to me where he was from then or now. Bert Carmon is still one of my all time greats! Hey Mikey, you remember your conversation about Bolt and powell, you said if they had been in america, they would be in another sport. What do you think about the starting QB from Ohio State. 6’6 235 pounds, runs a 4.34 forty.

  17. Mike, That kid from OSU is awesome! Whenever I saw Vince Young play at the university of Texas, I thought to myself, why isn’t that creature running track!!!!??? When I see Bolt and Powell I see football players!!! Thank God they are running track.

  18. It’s Obvious that all of the short Sprint races this weekend benefited from a strong Positive wind. Even Nesta Carter recorded a PB while comin’ off his injury. VC also had her season’s best in the womens 100m. While I am impress with all the times. I think given the wind conditions, Powell had a better race to end the season last year when he ran 9.72 and eased up slightly at the finish line. Gay himself was in my opinion more impressive in berlin 2009, where the wind was a more modest 0.9m/s. i don’t think there were any surprises in Shanghai. regarless of how writers and sports anylists hype these Stories. I imagine that with a 2.0 m/s wind, both Tyson and Asafa can go low 9.6’s if healthy. Bolt can definately get into the 9.4’s with a 2.0m/sec wind. Another great Race by Gay but the reality is that the greatest improvement was the wind conditions.

  19. I won’t question Tyson’s injury but all I know is that the next two years at least we will be seeing great times, great races and close competitions in the men 100m and probably the 200m. On the women side it’s a bit different, Shelly-ann, Jeter and kerron Stewart should have some close ones. I’m just concerned that as Jeter go on the other side of thirty if she can recover in the rounds to be of any significance in the coming World Championship much less the Olympics. I guess by then young athletes from some somewhere will be there to make it as competitive as the women 100m hurdles.

  20. Thank you all for settling down. Your comments are right on and make for good reading. Everyone has a right to defend their country, but slinging MUD is not necessary.
    With all the good times posted by these athletes as the season comes to an end, I am salivating for what’s in store for next year. I know this won’t happen, but I am hoping everyone is in good heatlh. This way we can see good competition and good times.
    Back in the day I was a “Magic Johnson” fan and I use to loved to see those Boston Celtics vs LA Lakers championship matchups. One thing I always hoped is for both teams to be at full strength when they meet. I did not want to hear of any injury as an excuse. When it comes to any form of athletics injury has always been a factor.
    So, to all T&F fans heres to a healthy season next year and keep posting positive comments.

  21. Hey Mickey, Yaadman, I live in norther California in the South Sacramento area. All Sports down here in the Elk Grove school district may be cut 1 million dollars or more. I see a lot of things that are not right when it comes to track and field. You guys in Jamaca are so blessed to have a great track and field program going on in a small country like Jamaca. If it wasn’t for the USATF assocation in america, track and field would be dead in america. They are trying to kill the sport over here. Most of the cities in the united states are building big parks for soccer, baseball, Volley ball, golf, tennis, but nothing for track and field. I see a change coming in a few years. If the united states don’t begin to help track and field in our country, I see a lot of the american athletes running for other countries!

  22. Mike, I feel your grief regarding your perception of the T&F situation in the USA. But let’s face facts. There is still more funding in the USA and also in Britain for their athletes than in most countries around the World. I don’t think the USA like what’s going on in the sprint events right now. Jamaica has the “Fastest Man in the World” (FMITW), a title the USA owned at will. The president of the USATF have issued a proposal/challenge for two T&F meets with Jamaica. One in the USA and one in Jamaica. You see how crazy this thing can get. Many people take T&F to heart and they are bent out of proportion when they are not on top.
    My thing is this……every year athletes all around the World run the European and North American circuits, so you can have your showdown at any time at any meet. It is not necessary to put any extra pressure on these athletes.
    Remember when Donavon Bailey was dubbed the (FMITW) after he won the 100 meters in Atlanta. Many sports personnel had a problem with it. Someone came up with the idea that Michael Johnson should be the (FMITW). So, Donavon Bailey was challenged to a 150 meter race with Michael Johnson. To make it attractive cash was the incentive. Bailey won the race after Michael pulled up. It wasn’t much of a race. These are the things that can happen when you push these athletes.
    I know that nobody likes to lose. But, in sporting events whether team or individual there are going to be winners and losers. Hopefully when you win or lose you do it with grace.
    You have to tip your cap to the other person/team sometimes.
    I am a T&F fan, when I watch I want to see good competition.

  23. It is the JOB of USATF to help promote the business and American athletes of T&F in this country. American is a big market with big potential, I think it takes more than money, it takes SMARTS. Look at the failures of Soccer and women’s basketball in America, lot of money spent and still no one is interested! I think the USA vs Jamaican meet sounds like a good idea to me. There are alot of Jamaican fans who live in America who would love to see the Jamaican team compete. What will be even more interesting is what the country of Jamaica can do to capitilize on Jamaica’s current success.

  24. Tyson gays injury is as good as a fantom injury, if he has an injury at all. It certainly does not affects his running. then again, Tyson has never claimed that his injury bothers him when he runs. he’s often made it clear that he doesn’t feel it when he runs. it’s only sore afterwards.

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