PHILADELPHIA — Ryan Hall outdueled three Kenyan runners on Sunday to become the first American-born runner to win the Philadelphia Distance Run since 1986.

The top-ranked U.S. marathoner broke away from Sammy Ndereba, Benjamin Limo and Valentine Orare with about a mile to go in the 13.1-mile race and hit the finish line in 1 hour, 1 minute, 52 seconds.

The California-based Hall fell short of breaking his American record of 59:43, but said it was a good tuneup for the New York City Marathon on Nov. 1.

Catherine Ndereba, the sister of Sammy Ndereba, won her seventh women’s title but first since 2002. She finished in 1:09.43 to beat compatriot Irene Limika by 3 seconds.


1. Ryan Hall, Mammoth Lakes, Calif., 1:01:52; 2. Samuel Ndereba, Kenya, 1:01:56; 3. Benjamin Limo, Kenya, 1:02:01; 4. Valentine Orare, Kenya, 1:02:22; 5. Mike Sayenko, Washington, 1:05:04; 6. Josh Cox, Mammoth Lakes, Calif., 1:05:09; 7. Andrew Dumm, Washington, 1:05.41; 8. Lee Troop, Australia, 1:05:42; 9. Joel Mwaura, Waldorf, Md., 1:05:47; 10. Mike McKeeman, Pa., 1:05:59.


1. Catherine Ndereba, Kenya, 1:09:43; 2. Irene Limika, Kenya, 1:09:46; 3. Neriah Asiba, Kenya, 1:10:26; 4. Derartu Tulu, Ethiopia, 1:10:33; 5. Hellen Kimutai, Kenya, 1:10:43; 6. Evelyn Lagat, Kenya, 1:12:25; 7. Karolina Jarzynska, Poland, 1:12:27; 8. Kirsten Fryburg, Colorado, 1:13:52; 9. Samia Akbah, Washington, 1:14:06; 10. Kate Handville, Rio Grande, N.J., 1:14:41.


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