Sarah Graham, 40, writes in the about her own life as an intersex woman.

My heart goes out to Caster Semenya, few can imagine what it feels like to have your whole world turned upside-down – as hers has been.Like Caster I had absolutely no idea that I was intersexed – nor did any of my partners. But my doctor and gynaecologists did know the truth about my body.

I was lied to – and my parents were too. This wasn’t a one-off. It was standard policy (until the mid-1990s) to hide the truth about all intersex conditions like mine….Read More

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  1. Actually, those who have this condition and who are LEFT ALONE until puberty, emerge as fully functioning males with a surgery done in adulthood. They can often go on to father children.

    There is a famous skiier to whom this happened. He didn’t find out til he was 19 that he had the same condition Caster does. He is now a grandfather.

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