By Gary Smith, World-Track

jeterTHESSALONIKI, Greece —

American Carmelita Jeter showed that she really did have an off day at the World Championships in Berlin when she clocked a magnificent 10.67seconds in a slight headwind to win the women’s 100m at the World Athletics Final here on Sunday.

Jeter, who has won every single race since losing to the Jamaicans in Berlin, finished with a super closing metres to overtake the rocket starting Shelly Ann Fraser, the woman who beat her for the world title last month.

The American might not have won the world title, but she proved that she is indeed the female sprint of the summer over this event, as she moved to number three on the all-time list.

"I couldn’t believe the time. It didn’t feel that fast but I will take it," said Jeter.

"It might be touchable now," she said. "I didn’t even know I would come out and do that time today but with a little bit more work under my belt I should go a lot faster."

Only Americans Florence Griffith Joyner, the world record holder in the evnt and the disgraced Marion Jones has gone faster .

Fraser was a distant second in 10.89secs with Stewart taking third in 10.90. Bahamian Chandra Sturrup finished fourth in 11.17, just ahead of Jamaican Sherone Simpson, at 11.20.

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  1. why are they still recognizing the time posted by marion jones? are we to believe that a person who was caught cheating and sent to jail did run a legitimate 9.65? its time for the authorities to wipe that off the books. the number one spot is highly questionable , but its hard to disprove.

  2. There is more to the Marion Jones story that what people know and why she pleading guilty for steriod use. Marion got caught up in other things that would have cost her big time in prision. So in order for her to not do big time, she did what ever she had to do in order for her not to be thrown to the lions in prison.
    Marion has 2 kids and a husband now. It’s time for people to leave her along, there are many other sprinters that were caught cheating also and they were not all american sprinters but their names and results were never posted. When money is involed, a lot people will do anything for it. Did Marion cheat? Know one knows the real stroy but god and he will judge her in the end.

  3. I don’t know about Jeter having an off day. With her age, being 29 doesn’t help in her recovery 2hrs after running the semi-finals. As one gets older the recovery of one body takes a longer time. Expecting to break the world record when she reaches 30 years of age is expecting a lot, I think. If she does, all I can say is that she is a medical marvel and her coach should be considered in the same league as Clive Hart. people might think I am insinuating something, I am not. I am not questioning her, all I am saying is that she will be one of those once in a life time individual with a great genetic make up. Like that of the few who lived until 120 plus years.

  4. Jeter in my opinion is showing herself to have a career very similar to that of Flo-Jo. they both ran their entire career, never having dipped below 11 seconds more than once or twice at most, then all of a sudden, 29 is the magic age where they start running blisteringly fast times. Jeter attributes these fast times to the fact that she switched coaches, but i think there is more to it than that. Long before berlin world championships, since the Penn Relays, then Adidas classic and Finaly at the Nike Prefontaine, I was noticing that Jeter packed on Significantly more muscle mass. all you have to do is look back to just one year ago, when Jeter failed to make the American Olympic team. She looked Much different phisically. now it is a year later and she lays down the fastest time in the last 10 years or so. reminds me of 2004 when Justin Gatlin and Shawn Crawford showed up at the US Olympic trials lookin like body builders. a year later Gatlin was caught for cheating. I’m a little suspiscious also because she trains in almost total obscurity. asafa, Bolt, Tyson Gay, Shelly-ann Fraser all train with a whole crew of other top name athletes that they train with. when people have things to hide they do it very private. who are Jeters current Training partners. and who is John Smith. this guy is supposed to be the man behind her fast times. he must be a great coach, but hardly known at all. HHMMMM!


  6. Mickey Please elaborate. I’m Very familair with the names you mentioned. i have my opinions about them too but some sore thumbs obviously stick out more than others Mickey.

  7. no-one Can ever say for certian wether or not a person is a drug cheat until the secret is uncovered. what i’m saying is compare her form this year to last year’s, where she all of a sudden started running these consistently fast times, you can see that she has made a huge leap in a short amount of time. she made a switch in coaching, seemingly for no other reason than the fact that she felt as though her career had hit a wall, flo-jo made a coaching change late in her career too. To the man she married and and look what happened after. as for Maurice Green and Ato Boldon, I Stand by my statement. Maurice and ato were over almost a decade ago. Where was john Smith on the international scene since. not to mention ato and maurice. I cannot say wether they were dirty or clean but I doubt they were clean.
    Like what happened with Flo-jo, the women on the circuit have been making references all year about Jeter’s new muscular look. Jeter has been workin out four to six hours a day, six days a week, for the last 10 years. I refuse to beleive that all she did was change a few exercises here and there, or step up her intensity. I Refuses to believe that she has now found a coach that now can get her to work harder than other athletes. if so, why does this coach not have more athletes competing on the circuit. have you ever asked yourself these questions. tyson Gay has a number of different runners from his camp representing regularly on the circuit, so does usain, and so does Asafa. If all she did was switch coaches and step up the intensity, then the old Jeter, or her old coach weren’t trying. I rather, beleive that at age 28, Jeter has come to the realization that the curtains are soon about to close on her career, so she is taking more drastic measures.
    90 percent of elite basesball players were found to have tested positive for steroids, or confessed in front of a grand jury to having taken the stuff. thier is not a person in the world that you could have asked, “are you sayin so and so is cheating?” and they give you a definitive answer. and before you say that i’m bashing Americans. I will say that I do not feel the same way about Tyson Gay, allyson Felix, Wallace Spearmon or the vast Majority of American and other international athletes. furthermore, I am being far more outspoken than I like to be, Considering the fact that I can’t prove anything. but based on what i see, that is my suspicion. I could be wrong about Carmelita. Carmelita could be one of those rare Gems that come along once or twice in a lifetime. all i’m saying is why did it take soo long for her to show her potency. I look forward to your response.

  8. Wanynef, I just get so bored with all these acusations, debates and American bashing from the carribean fans! Are Jamaican’s above doing anything illegal? (haha) I really don’t think so. There are growing suspicion’s about Bolt, Blake and Baily, but I, like most Americans could care less and certainly not worth it to start throwing accusation at people without proof. We actually like USAIN BOLT! I’m not a big anti-PED fan, hey if Yohan Blake felt he needed to do something to get better I actually applaud him no big deal to me. I honestly believe they should legalize most PED’s anyway. You are intitled to your opinion, but until you have actual proof, I think you suspicions are pointless. Enjoy the performance of Carmelita the way we enjoyed BOLT!

  9. Mickey, Mickey. See thats where we are very different. if you know the facts, you would know that there were five different athletes from 4 different clubs found to have ingested the same substance. a substance not known by anyone including the iaaf to be illegal at the time, because it was not illegal at the time. three of the athletes actually train in the USA. anyway that is another issue. i don’t think PED’s Should be legalized because as a Medical professional, I know that people will not be able to use them safely with or without supervision. eventually they will develop tolerances for PED’s then begin to use them in conjunction with other PED’s, use more than the recommended amounts and so on, Michael Jackson for example [god bless his soul]. As long as drugs are illegal athletes should respect the rules and stop cheating just because they think the other guys are cheating. or in some way getting an unfair advantage. as for your questions about wether jamaicans are doing anything illegal? check out The way our high schoolers represent on the international stage. at the Penn Relays for example. are our high schoolers cheating too. they represent every bit as well as our pro’s, even better. you are right about my qiuckness to lay accusations without proof. I do this just for argument and in no way am I anti-american. many of the people that I most admire in life Happen to be American. As for suspiscions about Bolt and other Jamaicans. Bolt has been Dominating His peers since the age of 15, and has never stopped. Bolt has never been known to lose a race to anyone his age or younger, since he’s been competing. so at what point do you or the “Bolt suspicios” ones think he decided that he might need some Pharmaceutical help?. when anyone can name one Jamaican Trained Athlete to be caught for Doping, then they can use the Term “growing suspiscion” their is just not a drug culture in Jamaica. I could understand if our athletes were absent from the world stage as juniors, then suddenly apear and start winning overnight. thats just not the case. oh and by the way, contrary to what some people might believe, Jamaican athletes are tested more frequently per individual than any others all over the world. its true, check it.

  10. LOL…. WAYNEF, I see you are way more passionate than I and i’m sure you are very happy for your country men! Me, I’m just an American fan who likes track and field! I’m certainly not interested in all the particulars of drug use, the why and why not’s, the so-called facts, the JAAF, the so-called non existant drug culture in Jamaica, Jamaica vs USA etc… I don’t believe it and I’m bored already! As long as everyone keeps running fast, I’m happy!!!! I can’t myself sucking my teeth and go into some long winded anti-jamaican rant concerning Jamaican track and field athletes. The comments on these sites are so mean spirited and everyone is a f*cking know it all, but I guess that’s what some sports fans do. I get the sense the athletes themselves are better behaved, friendly and supportive of each other regardless of what country they are from!

  11. my Interest level in track and field is no different than that of a person who watches soccer, NBA basketball, football, MLB baseball or any other sport. I love all of those sports and I debate with my friends about them regularly. some of our topics of discussion do include who we think is clean or Dirty. We never ever get upset during our debates because to be frank with you, we have lives away from that. I must say that in the last few years I have personally Grossly under estimated the amount of drug users in all sports. I don’t feel that the comments were mean spirited when i was Under-estimating the extent of drug use in sports at all. so why should i be considered mean spirited because I Choose to exercise logic and not to be naive. I don’t mean to Step on any toes. but The climate and culture of sports is what it is. no-one can deny that. we can all sit around and be politically correct and respectful to people all we want. but we’d only be foolin ourselves. I would rather not fool myself. Their is no such the only “know it all” that I know of is GOD. he gave us our minds and free will to use. and not to have others use it for us. therefore i refuse to pretend that drug cheats are a thing of the past wether I can Prove it or not. No, I am not ready to convict anyone. Even thought I am suspicious Of Jeter, I still would give her benefit of the doubt and say she is clean, even if my heart says she is not. but if i had to say anyone was a cheat, my strongest suspicions would go to her. Sorry if I hurt your feelins man. you keep sayin things like “could care less” and not interested in the particulars”. appearantly you are interested just enought to respond to these blogs. your even “passionate enough” to suggestively use the F-word. I would also like to say that I’ve never viewed any of this as Jamaica Versus USA because if i would be the first to denounce the credibility of Jamaican athletes if it were found that there is actually a drug culture in jamaican athletics. I would Still be every bit as proud of my Country because we are not defined by Track and Field, Reggae Music, Tourism, or any of the other things that Jamaica has to offer the world. I was a huge Ben Johnson fan as i was a Carl Lewis fan during their rivalry. I know Ben Johnson personally. but even Ben knows that he has no crediobility among Jamaicans. many of them beleive him to be among the worst that Jamaica has to offer and so do I.

  12. LOL… I can’t get past the sheer size of this response!! lol no disrespect, but I will skip reading your response and politely to opt out of this conversation for lack of interest on my part. Enjoy your day dude!!!

  13. Mickey, I sense too like Waynef that you are lying to yourself about the whole drug-cheating issue. I see now that as Americans we are condolescent to drug cheating if it means winning against the non-American who is winning. Track does not belong to America. Just like you say leave Marion Jones alone, lets leave all the other athletes alone. Why do WE always have to mention Jamaica vs US rivalry? Our TV commentators always do this and cause these ugly debates among us. Let’s not call it rivalry and just use “biggest competitors” when referring to the other athletes. It sounds less bitter. It is true that Jeter pumped up to 10.64 allof a sudden. Prior her personal best was only 10.86 for months and years. Last week she did 10.67 only after running one of her personal bests again at 10.8 just one week prior. This week she has beaten that unbelievable time of 10.67 to clock10.64. It’s good for her that she is raising the bar, but at what cost ? Don’t forget how much we knocked Bolt when he clocked 9.69, even Carl Lewis hollered out that IAAF/IOC needs to test Bolt. Bolt was relatively healthy as well. Now an injured Tyson Gay has clocked that same 9.69? Do we really believe that at this level of competition an injured man can run at world record time? Do we honestly believe that as Americans, esp. Americans who claim to be aficionados of Track ? At the same time I’m not accusing any of them of cheating but how unbelievable and we Americans are so proud now. No “doping” suspicious attacks are being launched their way like they did when it was Jamaica’s Bolt who was a health man when he did ran that time. Correct, those attacks are not necessary. Let the official testing catch them, not what we think or what we want. Americans let’s stop attacking Jamaicans and Jamaicans not attacking Americans. Peace!

  14. Wanynef, try doing at least a LITTLE research for yourself!

    “and who is John Smith. this guy is supposed to be the man behind her fast times. he must be a great coach, but hardly known at all. HHMMMM!”

    John Walton Smith is a former American athlete, who competed in the sprints for UCLA during his colligiate career. He is best known for winning the men’s 400 metres event at the 1971 Pan American Games.

    Smith was the AAU 440y champion in 1970-1971, breaking the world record with 44.5 for 440y at the 1971 meet. He also won the NCAAs in 1971-1972, running for UCLA. Smith was world-ranked #1 in 1971 and was the likely favorite for the 1972 Summer Olympics in the 400 metres. He made the final but an injured hamstring caused him to pull up on the first curve of the final. He has since became a well-known sprint coach, training Maurice Greene and Ato Boldon amongst others.

    Yeah, hardly you…seems everyone else who has clue has heard of him. So you can take you steriods innuendo and shove them back up your vaccuous ass, ok battyboi?

  15. Broadjumper please learn to recognize sarcasm when you stumble upon it. I know that my responses tend to be a bit lengthy but if you took the time to read before you inject yourself into this debate you would see that i’m fully aware that John smith does have a track record. my point again is that for the caliber of coach that he is supposed to be, he does not have an entourage of athletes on the international scene compared to Tyson Gay coach, John drummond, who coaches runners from all over the world, with numerous Olympic and world titles to their credit. Asafa’s coach that has had several olympic and world title athletes to his credit, including at least 7 gold medals 1 silver and 1 bronze at the 2009 world championships alone. not to mention numerous world records to his credit. Usain Bolt’s coach Glen Mills has also had many world class athletes over the years from various countries. he has never dissappeared from the scene. It just strikes me that a man of john Smith’s talent should be more visibly represented internationally in terms of athletes. he should probably even have athletes from all over the world representing under his tutelage. but no. he has this one super athlete and the rest don’t really cut the mustard. thats strange. as for Ato And Maurice 2 best friends. they remind me of crawford and Gatlin, I’m sure you remember them. Gatlin, the last american Olympic champion that tested positive for roids in 2004. …swore up and down that he would fight to the death to prove his innocense he and his coach even tried to cook up some story about some dissgruntled massage therapist that rubbed him down with Steroid cream without his (Gatlin’s) knowledge. In the end Gatlin’ His Coach and 10 of his teamates served ban’s for steroid use. many of them never ever tested positive for the stuff. they were ratted out by their own. so i see why Jeter’s coach chooses to have 1 super athlete at a time, if you want me to spell it out for you. Ato and Maurice Green were fast 10 years ago. where has John Smith been since? please tell me, cause i need to know. Hope you enjoy reading.

  16. Mr. Smith I believe that Carmelita Jeter is the best female sprinter of our time and may truly be the best ever. But didn’t Evelyn Ashford finish second behind Florence Griffith Joyner in 1988 in 10.60 Seconds????? Please correct me if I’m wrong. Thank You. Rafael.

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