The Shanghai Golden Grand Prix committee officially announced that famous Jamaican athlete and former world record holder Asafa Powell and his American rival Tyson Gay will compete at the Shanghai Stadium on 20 September.

The rivalry of the two super stars sets the stage for what is expected to be one of the most heated races at the competition, marking another Shanghai Golden Grand Prix highlight since the announcement of Liu Xiang’s return.

In the latest 2009 International Association of Athletics Federations world rankings, Usain Bolt, who won three gold medals at the Athletics World Championship in Berlin is ranked No.1, US runner Gay and Ethiopian long-distance running super star Becquerel are ranked No.2, and former men’s 100-meter world record holder Powell is No.4.

The event committee has been making its best efforts to invite the three fastest sprint super stars in the world to compete together in the last year of the competition. Unfortunately, although Gay and Powell have confirmed they will compete, Bolt had to withdraw from his Asian trip due to physical exhaustion.

Although it won’t be possible to see the three super stars competing in the 100 meter race at Shanghai Stadium

together, fans will be able to see Powell and Gay continuing their close rivalry this season. The last time they clashed was at last week’s IAAF World Athletics Final in Greece, when Gay same from behind to edged Powell on the line with a 9.88seconds performance.

The meeting will also see Liu Xiang’s comeback, as well as 6 champions and 8 runners-up from the Berlin Athletic World Championships and 8 2008 Beijing Olympic Games gold medal winners.

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