Powell surprised to break Greene's sub-10secs record so soon

By Gary Smith, World-Track

AsafapowellKINGSTON ―

Asafa Powell, who this season became the record holder for the most sub-10 seconds performances, says he was surprised to have reached the mark so quickly.

The Jamaican former 100 metres world record holder took six years to run 60 sub-10 seconds times — bettering the previous record of 52, set by American Maurice Greene in eight years — between 1997 and 2004.

"He (Maurice Greene) took a number of years to do it and I did it in less, so I never thought I would get there so quick," Powell told the Jamaica Observer on his arrival from South Korea, at the weekend.

The two-time world championships bronze medallist, clocked 12 times faster than 10 seconds this season, just three off his best of 15, accomplished last year.

Powell said despite finishing the year as the third best sprinter behind countryman Usain Bolt and American Tyson Gay, who both raised the bar this season with personal bests, he was very thankful.

The 2006 Commonwealth Games champion clocked 9.84seconds to take third in Berlin behind the towering Bolt, who set a world record of 9.58secs for gold and Gay, who sizzled in at 9.71secs.

He explained: "I have to be thankful because actually I thought I wasn’t even going to compete this year because of all the injuries.

"[But] I managed to go to the World Championships and go to all these other competitions and manage to be competitive with Usain (Bolt) and Tyson (Gay), so I’m still satisfied."

Powell, however, insists that come next season he will be a tougher contender and will not lose as many races like he did this term.

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  1. Althiough suffering from nagging injuries all season, Asafa Powell rarely missed a meet. His coach had him running meet after meet on one ankle. If you can remember it started at this year’s Penn Relays when reports said that Asafa had an ankle injury. Needless to say he showed up on the track to run the anchor leg of the America vs The World 4×100 meters relay and pulled up pitifully after he received the baton.
    Powell and his coach Steve Francis have got to realiise the fans pay good money to see the athletes perform, so if the athletes are injured, do not short-change the fans. It is best to let the athletes sit it out until they are healed, because it leaves a bad taste in the fans mouths.
    I do not know how much time Asafa has off before he gets back to training camp, but all I know from watching him run this season, is that he needs a lot of rest.
    I fail to see how he lost so much race to Tyson Gay when Gay was reported to have a strained groin???????. It was downright ridiculous.

    Asafa was once the World record holder before he was dethroned by Bolt. I would like to see him get back to that kind of form.

  2. Hail up Yaardman, there is a season for everything. no one can win everytime.Regardless of who win, Asafa will always be our favourite athlete. The big question ‘is Tyson Gay strained Groin for real? with such a serious injury he can finish with such fast time at the end of the track and Field season when everyone else is tired and cannot wait to go home. Hope he keep his game going for how every long it keep him happy, continued peace within himslef. Loooking forward to seeing Asafa on the track next season. Peace and unity to all. One Love

  3. Come on Yaardman. We all know Tyson Gay isn’t really injured. The man just ran 3 races in one week but yet purports to be so injured that he needs surgery? Please.

  4. I agree with Mickey, even though Asafa Powell is injured, he has to make a living. How many of us have gone to work sick because we have bills to pay? It’s basically the same principle being applied here. Even though Asafa wasn’t a 100 percent, he still had to show up for work and give it his 2nd best.

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