By Gary Smith, World-Track

Ramil GuliyevThese days whenever a youngster runs exceptionally well the first thing they do is compare themselves to Usain Bolt.

But do they know that a man such as he is rare and may never circle around again on this planet?

There is no doubt that a number of talented young sprinters are hitting the circuit, with the latest comparing themselves to the seemingly matchless Jamaican super star being Azerbaijan star Ramil Guliyev.

Guliyev, a finallist in the 200 metres at the IAAF World Championships has shown great talent while racing against the big boys in Berlin, last month and he is buzzing with confidence.

So confident he is, the teenager believes he is right on track for big improvements and is also ready to throw down the gauntlet to Bolt, the man who left him in his dust in a world record race last month.

"If you look at the results of Bolt when he was 19, there isn’t much difference between him and me," Guliyev, who owns personal bests of 10.08 for the 100m and 20.04 for the 200m, said on

Guliyev’s 200m performance makes him second best on the Junior all-time list behind Bolt’s record of 19.93seconds and he feels the World record holder is beatable.

"Well, maybe he was just a little faster, but I don’t think Bolt is invincible," said the man who among the leading candidates for the 2009 European Athlete of the Year Award.

"He’s obviously a strong athlete who has achieved tremendous things but he’s not supernatural. Even his 100m world record of 9.58, it’s a very tough mark to beat but it’s still obtainable eventually."

Bolt set world records of 9.58secs for the 100m and 19.19secs for the 200m when adding the world sprint double title to the crowns he won at the Olympic Games in Beijing last summer.

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  1. Is this guy smoking something? I thought he would be saying that he can beat Tyson Gay or Asafa Powell. But to say that he can beat Bolt, wow, he must really be high on something. He has ran good times, but he is not in the same league as Bolt. You may run good as a junior, but can you transform into a super athlete like Bolt, it seems quite doubtful. First of all, he doesn’t have the coach that Bolt has or the conditions that Bolt has endured. You have to have the overall package to come close to Bolt. Maybe he should aim at Gay or Powell for now, and then go after Bolt..In any case, you won’t beat Bolt, not in his lifetime…

  2. Well i dont know about this guy; but for sure someone will beat bolt in his liftime just not discovered; it is to come and WOW what day its going to be. No man is invinsible. GET THAT DUMMIES

  3. Hey at least the kid has confidence I am jamaican and i know that he can be beated; just will take time just as bolt came up and started whooping the others someone is coming to crack his backside

  4. I glad someone else believes that bolt is not inviscible!. There was a chat guy name Mickey who played football at Tennessee in the 1980’s from Jamaica.He talked like he had a lot of sense. America has people in football that will come to the sport of track and field. It’s just amatter of time. Have you seen or heard of the QB from Ohio state, Terrell Pryor? 6’6 235 pounds, run a 4.34 forty! as I said before, its just a matter of time. Records are meant to be broken!

  5. As you know, I’m from the USA. but do you know who my favorite sprinter was in the 70’s? Bert Cameron! I know that Jamaica had other good sprinter but I loved watching Bert cameron run the 400 . He is one of my all time great.

  6. Just for historical accuracy, there have been 3 white looking 200m runners under 20 seconds. Marcin Urbas (Poland, 19.98sec), Konstadinos Kederis (Greece, 19.85sec), and (a guy with a Milan tag should have got this) Pietro Mennea (Italy, 19.72sec) who held the World Record from 1979 until Michael Johnson broke it in 1996. Guliyev shouldn’t have too much trouble joining that group if he stays motivated and healthy, he is a smooth, composed looking runner. A Bolt beater though? You have to set goals…


  8. some athletes are gud as juniors and run good times bt when they become seniors ,they find it difficult to transform their junior class,u look at guys like darrell brown from trinidad ,that guy was fast as a junior to the extend of beating seniors in paris 03 (world champs) bt now where is he,that have faded away,guys athletics is not an easy thing,thats why powell was once the fastest man on earth bt he dont have a world title,bt guliyev is talented.

  9. This guy has guts but I think he should follow the mold of Tyson Gay, talk with confidence but be humble. It’s easier to climb that way and the fall, if there is any, will be a lot softer. It’s nice to hear other guys have goals to be the best. What’s the sense of competing if winning is not your choice? White, black, purple, grey or green, his colour doesn’t matter, it’s for him to show improvement within the next two to three years; Start beating the Daniel Bailey and the Yohan Blakes who are a little older than him, then I will give him serious consideration.

  10. Dear All,

    Critics – best way to improve persons weak points…
    I Know him(Ramil) personally, and all what can say about him is thet he is really very strong person, and I believe that he will do his best to get in same league as Bolt.
    Just imagine, he is the only white man who run and change 10second.
    and he is only 19…
    jeffm says:
    That’s not fare enough…

  11. Rustam, perhaps both you and Ramil are smoking something. You would have to be to think he can compare himself to Bolt. Does he think that just because he’s the top sprinter in a country that produces no good runners he thinks he earns the right to compare? He hasn’t even run under 10s in the 100m or 20s in the 200m.

    Here’s a clue. Yohan Blake is his age and has already run 9.93 in the 100m. Alonso Edwards is also 19 and he has run well under 20s in the 200m and got his silver medal at an international championship. All Ramil did was qualify for the final. He didn’t even come close to Alonso in the very same event and they’re the same age. If he wants to make comparisons, he needs to start with Yohan and Edwards. When he can beat them, then he can work his way up through Mike Rogers, Patten, Chambers, Burns, Dix, Bailey, Carter, Martina, etc, and then he would still have to prove himself against Powell and Gay.

    I’m glad you’re happy that he’s a fast white man, but once we bring in the other colors of the rainbow, he’s no threat to anyone, especially Bolt. Fooliyev is right.

  12. to be quite honest until i read this post i did not who this guy was i then made a special note of his name and the next time when the local channel aired the final i made a special effort to see who he was. what about the other competitors he can challenge first before going the peak what about strapping spearman (one of my favourites apart from my jamaicans of course), not repeating what you say stacy but what about the guys in his age group and believe me i think after these boys and girls championships we are going to see an emergence of other sprinters boy him chest high sah and by the way he is no peitra menna

  13. Stacy your analysis is spot on. Guliyev clearly has a good PR manager who knows that at the mention of Usain BOLT the world stops to look ans listen. So by making such at ludicrous claim at this stage he gets the attention he craves. And isn;t there a youngster from Grenada who some are already comparing with Bolt?

  14. Thanks PC. I had intended to write that exact same point, but I didn’t want to have too long a tirade since, as you can tell, this issue really bugs me.

    After the Dwain Chambers “Project Bolt” fiasco, it seems as if every Tom, Dick, or Harry with the faintest whif of talent keeps trying to associate themselves with Bolt so that they can get some free publicity as it really did work for Chambers. What is funny is that people like Rustam actually believe the hype which is why I take exception to these sorts of media whores. A few months ago they were calling a horse the next Usain Bolt. Enough. I get it. It puts their name out there and every time someone googles Usain, they get articles about these jokers instead. I get it, but I find it despicable. If they were any good, they wouldn’t have to try to compare to him because they wouldn’t have to. Alonso Edwards is faster than Usain was at the same age and you don’t see him trying to compare himself to Bolt…because he doesn’t have to. Ramil needs to get a clue.

  15. people still don,t seems to realised, that all these athletes who are being compared to Usain Bolt….are athletes that are just…good…very good…and possibly would be great..if and only if, Bolt was not around….Usain Bolt is none of the above description…Usain Bolt is…Exceptional…Phenomenal….and Unprecedented….never in the history of professional track and field you had an athlete before or after Bolt… who has broken two individual world record twice, at the two biggest international meets…you never had an athlete before or after Bolt… who has being involve in three world record in one track and field meet….so you see dummies…IT,S JUST NOT FAIR 2 COMPARE these regular athletes {i call them NORM, short for NORMAL] to such Phenomenal…for until these norms start to achieved in “THE BOLT LIKE MANNER” they won,t be any comparison…so in that case…they all just gonna continue to vie for King Bolt foot stool position. by the way…you-all know the sports name CURLING ?…the US team is doing quite good..and who knows..maybe one day one of those athlete { if you can call them that } will get a chance to be compare to Usain Bolt!!!

  16. Tony, I spent 15 min watching curling trying to figure out what it was all about and came to the conclusion that hopscotch is more of a sport than curling. It’s not a sport but a game for the unskilled and unathletic. It would take shear desperation to call them athletes and compare them to Bolt, so I say that it will take about one more Olympic defeat for the comparisons to begin. LOL.

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