publishes yearly Competition Rankings in 12 categories.

Which are the Top 10 competitions of the 21st century?

The rankings are based on the Competition Scores that come from three main factors: the results achieved during the competition (Result Score); the level of the participating athletes (World Rankings position, OG and WCH medals, WR) regardless of their actual performances in the given competition (Promotion Score); World Records in the competition (WR).

These are the Top 10 competitions of the 21st century in the category of ’Multi-day competitions’:
Competition Competition Score
1. Beijing Olympic Games (2008) 192,803
2. Athens Olympic Games (2004) 191,785
3. Osaka World Championships (2007) 191,194
4. Berlin World Championships (2009) 191,109
5. Helsinki World Championships (2005) 190,375
6. Paris-St-Denis World Championships (2003) 190,128
7. Edmonton World Championships (2001) 189,244
8. Stuttgart World Athletics Final (2006) 187,855
9. Monaco World Athletics Final (2005) 187,704
10. Monaco World Athletics Final (2003) 185,172

Interesting to note that if only the Result Scores and the WR scores were considered then Berlin would be the best with 176,159 points, just ahead of Beijing (176,153). The third would be Athens (175,275), followed by Paris-St-Denis (174,478) and Osaka (174,264).

The reason of Berlin’s relatively lower ‘Promotion Score’ is that quite many top athletes did not take part for different reasons.
To name just a few of those absent: Tirunesh Dibaba, Irina Mikitenko, Haile Gebrselassie, Samuel Wanjiru, Xiang Liu, Bryan Clay, Constantina Dita-Tomescu, Paula Radcliffe, Yevgeniy Lukyanenko, Sileshi Sihine, Hyleas Fountain, Mara Yamauchi, Andrey Silnov, Catherine Ndereba, Jana Pittman-Rawlinson, Yuliya Pechonkina, Koji Murofushi, etc.

Thessaloniki World Athletics Final is just outside the Top 10 with 185,142 points.

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