Tyson Gay thinking twice about surgery

KAWASAKI–Coming off the second-fastest 100 meters in history, Tyson Gay is having second thoughts about undergoing surgery on his sore left groin after the season.

Gay, in Japan for today’s Super Track and Field Meet at Todoroki Stadium, said at a press conference Tuesday that winning in 9.69 seconds in Shanghai on Saturday has made him reconsider his medical schedule.

“About the surgery situation, when I crossed the finish and seen the time, I had second thoughts about getting surgery because I can run with the pain, it’s just annoying,” Gay said.

“When I go home and get looked at, I think I’m going to get a second opinion and just see what the best situation is for me.”

Gay, the triple gold medalist at the 2007 world championships in Osaka, has been plagued by the injury this season, but still managed to finish second at the IAAF world championships in Berlin in a career-best and U.S. record 9.71. …..Read More

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  1. OOOOH MYYY GODDDDD! This guy and his camp deserve an Oscar or maybe an Emmy for the biggest phantom injury in Track n Field history.

    – And that plot thickens…..
    – This is bullshit…
    – Please stop! You’re making it too obvious…
    – 9.69 on Sunday then 10.13 Wednesday…it doesn’t fit.

    – Why would any professional athlete – better yet! Why would a coach allow his “injured” athlete to sign on to participate in a race just 3 days after his “injured groin” just took him to speeds only 3 men in history has ever seen wind aided or not, When he is already schedule to compete 2 days later?

    – This is mind boggling; let me get this right 3 races in 5 days not even High School T&F athlete schedule races back to back, and we all know that HS T&F is non stop running. Let’s not forget about lay over and travel time.


    Last but not least! Who remembers what team GAY said when he pulled out of the 200m in Berlin?

    Mid August
    “I did my best the best way I could. I’ve been you all this year that it’s possible to run this fast. I did my best. I still know I have a lot more left in the tank. My groin is barely hanging on. In the final I just tried to block everything down and give it my all because there wasn’t that much left. (On the 200) I’m going to talk to doctors and everything. It’s at a pain right now and we’ll see how it goes tonight.”

    “I’m looking forward to Brussels on Friday and maybe one more race and then I’ll have surgery,” said Gay, who clocked the third-fastest time in history behind Bolt in the German capital.

    “I feel grateful for my second place in Berlin. I ran a great time – it just was not fast enough. I was running on one leg, so once I have surgery I will be running faster.”

    “It’s trying to hold up, man”

    “The groin is too sore,” his agent Mark Wetmore said.

    “Rather than risk further injury, I’ve decided that I will not compete in tomorrow’s first round of the 200m,” Gay said Monday night.(courtesy of USATF)

    I can go on and on and on – thanks to the World Wide Web
    Think about it trackies it just does not fit.

  2. james lee i have been saying the same thing that you just wrote months ago, my reason was last year he was injured before the olympic games and failed to reach the final, but that injury was real because he went down in pain on the track in the 200 metres u.s trials. this year everytime he says hes injured he runs a faster time his next race. he pulled out of the 200 metres because he was tired and didnt want to take another beating from bolt, but he claimed he was injured again. i hjust feel this guy is on some juice. the u. s wants to rule track and field forever, especially that coveted world’s fastest human, its like the first man in space, money talks and bs walks if you get my drift, we could go back to carl lewis who swore he was clean, kept pointing fingers at ben johnson when he was also juiced, to other guys like maurice greene, tim montgomery michael johnson and others. they made an example of trevor graham the jamaican coach but nothing came up in the trial about the drugs michael heredia was supplying to maurice greene and others in john smith’s camp. money rules the world but it must be very frustrating that this guy from a little island named jamaica is dominating world sprinting and grabbing all the attention. i hope usain bolt will rule for a long time to come, sports should be for proving who is the best without the help of any type of drugs. i am against cheating by any one from any country, just let the best man win is what we all want to see.

  3. Yes, and we know Jamaica is CLEAN. lol A third world country full of con men, thiefs, killers, liars and drug addicts and they attempt to be model citizens. Yes, right. lol

  4. You guys are right. This is total crap. Even Jeter’s performance smells funny. All season Gay has been hiding from Bolt. When Bolt annihilated him in the 100M at the Worlds,he decides not to run the 200M. It all about money. These guys make me sick in my stomach with their lying. I just hope Bolt will stay focused and continue to discipline Gay. There will be no hiding in 2010, too much money at stake in the Diamond League….

  5. I hate to add credence to the comment Mitch made…, but, Jamaica has just under 3 million people and except for the City Kingston, Jamaica’s crime rate (con men, drug pushers, killers etc) is actually less than most heavily populated places in North America. Consequently, it is not fair to generalize like that. I am sure you would not say most people from Toronto, Detroit, Chicago or New York are criminals etc. Most Jamaicans are decent law abiding, hard working people. Unfortunately, the “bad ones” make the most publicity just like how you are able to read all the bad news on the front page of your typical news paper.

  6. Well America has thieves, killers, the most drug addicts and way more messed up individuals than what a little country like Jamaica has…I,m not from Jamaica but its a shame to read some of the most degrading things that some of you people are writing. America has over 307 million people ,find two good sprinters to compete and stop all the crap. I give credit to all who has the gift to compete at the highest level so stop comparing Jamaica to America interms of crime and drugs because your great America is where it all begun..

  7. Mitch
    you are the typical American. Pull down and overthrow everyone and everything that stands in your way of world domination. Likkle Jamaica is beating the s..t out of you all. So what’s the reaction…lets destroy their name and smear their characters.

    I thought that Obama would have made a difference to you guys and taught you a new way to coexist.

  8. Since I was the 1st person to comment on this article let me just clarify some facts here;

    – I am an American who grew up in NYC and now lives in South Florida,
    – I don’t remember telling any one my nationality
    – So why are we fighting about JAMAICA Vs. USA, leave that for PENN RELAYS
    – Although I am an American that doesn’t mean that I am going to allow my patriotism cloud my judgement.
    – My argument isn’t about whether or not USAIN BOLT IS CLEAN
    – It’s about the BULLSHIT USATF keeps on feeding us with their ANDROID ATHLETES

  9. Mitch I could use some strong words in response to your comment, however, I won’t. Jamaicans are great, loving and warm people. Based on your comments its appear that you have never been to Jamaica, you should go visit sometime, I think you will enjoy your visit.

    Sweet Sweet Jamaica nah left yah.

  10. I always thought gay was up to something and now this just deepens my thoughts. As for carmelita jones if you don’t think she is on something you must be mad!! I guess the mexican drugs world periodicly. Next the us athletes will be giving interviews in spainish to their new masters

  11. Too much bickering over this Country, that Country, who is good, who is bad. This is not baseball in the USA where you play amongst yourselves and call it the “WORLD” series.
    That is why I am against any kind of one on one challenge meet between Jamaica and the USA track teams as proposed by the president of the USATF.
    I have American friends who despise World Cup Soccer because of the violence. I tell them this only happens because the matches are Country vs Country. More intensive that way. If you are that brave enough to go to the stadium to see a soccer game, a word to the wise ” make sure you are in the area of the team you are rooting for or you will be dealt with”.
    While reading the posted comments I can feel the venom spewing from one to the other. It is not necessary to go to those heights, because we are just discussing T&F prowess which is a Global interaction every year. There has to be a gauge to see how the cards are stacked.
    I said in the beginning I did not believe Tyson Gay had a groin injury. This was just judging from his perfomance in Berlin. I have never seen anyone run like that……9.71 secs…..then 9.69secs. + wind……. claiming to have a groin injury. Now he is reconsidering surgery all together. How can you have surgery on something you never had….ehh Tyson.
    Maybe is was a mild strain that was overblown. I can believe that.

    Jeter peaked at the end of the season….. good timing ehh.
    Bahamas have two ladies Ferguson & Sturrup still running (left overs from the golden girls fame) ……late twenties & early thirties………….I have not seen them missed a meet this year…………these ladies are strong.
    Jamaican hurdler Foster-Hylton early thirties won from Berlin and have not lost since…………….unbelievable

    These are just a few things that make you say ……Hm-m-m-m-m-m-m-m.

  12. Yaadman

    Foster-Hylton has not improved her PB for a long time. That’s the difference between her and Jeter. Maybe just maybe she too was suffering from the juicers and now that the playing field is level she has come to the fore as she righlty should have been.

  13. Why you guys keep accusing athletes of taking drugs, if there is no proof, all you have is speculation and so called logics. With no proof, this sums up to b… s… and nothing more. Enjoy track for what it is, like any other sport whether, cricket, baseball, football (US) and football ( the rest of the world). Until we know for sure, reserve your opinion to meaningful things. Enjoy the athletes perfomance and give them a break. All who are accusing are hypocrites, when it come to their country men or women who hasn’t tested positive as yet, they give them undying support. Be careful, point a finger and one will be pointed back at you.

  14. Janice, “white man’s country as a slave”????? do u know for a fact that mitch is a Black American? do you somehow think you are better because you are Jamaican? hmmmmm DIVIDE AND CONQUER!!!!!

  15. It is very important to get this surgery since there will always be talk that the “groin ” is injured when Bolt, Asafa, and or Blake beats Tyson. I am all for repiring that area so that there will be no excuse.

  16. bolt is the fastest human been we wil ever see,gay will have stories until he retire from track and field,next year he will stil say groin injury when bolt hammer him,why dont he made a surgery for the injury to heal permanently.

  17. James Lee has a Valid point. I too was a believer of the notion that Gay was injured. He fooled us all. Many of us didn’t even realize that we’ve been had. He fooled us, but he didn’t exactly lye to us. Tyson has never actually said he had a muscle or ligament rupture or tear, at least not to my recollection. He cleverly kept mentioning “soreness and pain in his groin, then he began to mention Surgery. The mere mention of surgery became very suggestive to my Psyche’. I think the whole deal was for guys like Bolt and Asafa to begibn to take him lightly, and theirfore let down their guard. It may have affected Asafa in some way but definately not Bolt. Asafa Is a smart man, as are most athletes. he listen’s to his body and will not risk injury to try and prove that he can beat a guy.
    I think that If Asafa Comes back fit next year, we will not see Tyson Gay trying to Race him as often. Tyson gay likes to go after wounded Prey, then claim injury to himself just to save face.

  18. my exact sentiments waynef he was using the injury as a ruse to distract bolt & asafa but bolt a dogheart him never listen 2 that psychological bullshit 2 let his guard down. gay is a bully & a coward asafa was his beating stick for this season but bolt buss him shut & make him piss himself when he has 2 face him.

  19. Janice Mickey is Mitch’s b*i*t*c*h! Are you forgetting who you are talking to … there are a ton of them there.
    Please stop inviting people to visit Jamaica, we have enough A H*o*l*e*s already we don’t need American ones too! If you are going to invite someone invite a person you are friends with and know.

    Remember back in the days when all you heard about was Jamaican gangs who are destroying beautiful America! Now what do you have? Mexicans taking over killing innocent AA and all that happens is AA just sit and cry and complain.

    Hey Mitch speaking of biggest theives have you ever heard of Madoff? Probably not because he is not Jamaican.

  20. Why Mickey, so you can have your turn you little fag*t? I’m not surprised you know a thing are two about ridin d*cks Mick. did you learn that from your mommy or daddy?, a-hole.

  21. Mitch you are obviosly not very intelligent.Consider this,how can a poor third world country like Jamaica produce performance enhancing drugs your mighty USA and other superpowers are unable to detect. You and your kind need to think (IF YOU ARE CAPABLE) before you show your ingnorance in public.

  22. Maurice, Don’t be so naive to think that even a poor, third world country like Jamaica isn’t capable of getting their hands on even the best of drugs or anything else that is available to any modern society! This is not to say the jamaican’s are doping, but any intelligent person who is honest and not blinded by nationalism would certainly know these things!!!!

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