By Huram Hung, World-Track

SHANGHAI, China —–

In-form Carmelita Jeter send another strong warning to her challengers for next season with another gallant run after the World Championships disappointments in Berlin.

Coming up against a solid field here, Jeter rocketed from the blocks and then opened up a huge lead with every stride to win the women’s 100 metres dash in a fabulous 10.64 seconds at the Shanghai IAAF Golden Grand Prix on Sunday.

The American, who last weekend hammered a strong field that included Jamaica’s Olympic and World Champion Shelly Ann Fraser to win the World Athletics Final in Greece, hit another gear on Sunday to lower her world-leading best from Sunday’s previous 10.67secs.

"I am working hard but I still have a lot of work to do to challenge the world record," Jeter said after the race.

No one came close the speed and strength of Jeter on Sunday and even though Jamaica’s Veronica Campbell-Brown kicked late to finish with a seasonal best of 10.89secs, the power of Jeter in the last 30m was simply on matched today.

Bahamian Chandra Sturrup took third in 11.03.

Jeter finished third at the world championships in Berlin last month but said she just had an off day.

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  1. Jeter just clocked 10.64. Really ? What a quick time increase for her and Gay all of a sudden. America it seems we just want to be no. 1 even if we have to cheat. I’m not impressed by any of these athletes, really.

  2. All of a sudden Jeter is running these fast times. Hmmmm. something sure does smell fishy. What’s hidden will soon come to light… all in good time. I never admire overnight progress,

  3. Shelly ann Fraser said something the other day that was real smart. She trains to peak only for the big races, and she won those big races when it was all on the line. Shelly said her training was for her to peak twice this year, not 3-6 times for the year. Someone from the USA cheating is out of the question. You know the rules over here, it;s 2-4 years not running, not 3 months regardless of what it was.

  4. As Eaton a friend of mine said, “if you have no proof have you ahve is speculation and opinion, which is all b.s.”. If evertime an athlete does something great on the track, the doping accusation is thrown out, why bother to watch then? Regardless of how incredible the time, have patience, enjoy it for what it is. It’s entertainment, nothing else, just don’t allow your kids, if you have any, to look at athletes or any public figure to pattern their life on.

  5. Hey knowledgableabouttrack, sorry to burst your bubble but that is not entirely true. Jeter best time in 2007 was 11.02 in a -0.2m/s wind. her best time in 2008 was 10.97 in +0.70m/seconds wind. folks that is not an Improvement. in my eyes. it may be a confidence booster for some. if we take the last five years on the other hand. she did drop from an 11.56 in 2004 where she was no where close to making the olympic team to 11.48 in 2006. thats hardly an improvement to from 2004 to 2006. aside from 2009, her best year was actually 2007 where she made the US team to Osake and placed 3rd. in the 100m finals. and 3rd. at the US Trials. she she also had more wins in 2007 than she did in 2008 where she came nowhere close to making the US 100m or 200m olympic teams. so to respond to your coment, hell NO! she has not been improving over the last 2 years. from 2004 to 2007 there is improvement from 11.56 to about 11.0 seconds in 2007. she had a less fruitful year in 2008 before leaping all the way from about number 12 in the world based on times to #1 in just one year. it’s possible that she just outworked everyone else in the last year. Maybe she is more gifted than the rest. Some of us just want to reserve the right to be skeptics, based on her age and passed performances among other things.

  6. Waynef,

    I am neither an American or Jamaican, but a very proud Nigerian.. However, why cant you leave the bursting of drug cheats to the right agencies and stop speculating and peddling crap about results and time you are not in a position to authenticate?

    While the Jamaicans ladies were ruling the world it was good, now that it is Jeter, it is unpalatable. Grow up and let us all celebrate the winners.jut like we all did USAIN BOLT, unless you have issues with USAIN’s unprecedented improvement over the last two years, which the whole world loves and respect. In the same vein, appreciate hard work, unless you have concrete evidence and proofs.

  7. Well said Sugar!! To all the haters; grow up or shut up! It’s entirely possible that any athlete be it Jamaican, American or otherwise is cheating but let’s assume innocence until the guilt is proven. Otherwise, what’s the point of even following the sport? FYI, Gay, Felix and Richards are being tested rigourously – sometimes twice on the same day. If they are cheating then the truth will out eventually. Until that happens, let’s give these incredible athletes the respect they deserve.

  8. Hi Sugar, To answer your question. I and everyone else do leave the Busting of cheats to the right agencies. no disrespect, but you are probably not a serious sports fan. i was once a huge fan of american footbal. drug cheats spoiled it for me and many others that liked football. same with baseball and Track. it is clearly some peoples perogitive to sit on the sidlines and have an opinion but not express it. that is not me. I won’t mention any names but A cousin of mine from Jamaica placed second in the finals of the hundred meters final in the world championships some od years ago. a few weeks later the first place athlete tested positive for roids. the gold medal was subsequently taken from the first place athlete and given to my cousin over a year after the trial and conviction of the cheater. my cousin accepted the medal in the mail but it was easy to tell that for him, it was not the same as having your day, on the big Stage. please excuse me when I express my Skeptisism. for me it’s kinda like seeing the same movie over and over again but this time you hope for an alternate ending but don’t really count on it happening. I am not bieng mean spirited about this. I just like to take advantage of this forum that is provided to us on this site for the sole purpose of expressing our thoughts. you must know that when you chose to read peoples thoughts you will hear opinions that you don’t necessarily agree with. I love Track and It pisses me off the amount of drug cheats that have robbed innocent athletes of their shine. I don’t care wether they are Jamaicans, americans, Nigerians or Marsians. I reserve the right to be skeptical at times thats all.

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